Viddy: Shoot, Beautify and Share Your Videos

Creating video high quality video is getting easier and easier all the time. Especially with that fancy new iPhone you’ve got. You’re taking video snippets all the time, but what do you do with them? It’d be great if you could add a little “cool” to them and share with your friends wouldn’t it?

Enter Viddy, the Instagram for video.

Design and Interface

The interface of Viddy is dark with grey, white and blue tones. It really feels like a video application to me. The core features are accessed via buttons on the bottom with the primary feature of creating and sharing video (Share) a little larger and centered on the menu. Other functionality appears as needed, such as back and next buttons, as we’ve grown to expect from iPhone applications.

Viddy design and function

Viddy design and function

Navigating around the application felt natural. It felt like things were where they needed to be. With the exception of a random bug here and there I thought the overall experience of using the application was excellent. Simple, functional and attractive.


The basic function of Viddy is to share fifteen second videos. That sounds pretty basic, and it is, but what is different about Viddy than other video sharing applications is that you’re able to quickly add some style to each video before you share. Creating the videos is simple and browsing the work of others is pretty straight forward as well. It’s reminiscent of a photo sharing application such as Instagram. You’ll see a stream of the what is currently being shared. We’ll take a closer look at each portin of the application.


The Feed is the video discovery portion of the application. You’ll see videos listed with a large preview of the video along with other info such as the creator, location, title and the time that it was uploaded. You’ll also see some options to interact with it such as liking the video, commenting on it, tagging it, or marking it as inappropriate.

It can be filtered into three categories. The Following filter will display only videos from those individuals you are following. It isn’t necessary to follow others, but can be a nice way to segment out a group of friends to pay closer attention to. The other two filters are Popular and Trending. I don’t see a ton of difference between these two right now. To be honest, it’s not totally evident what would qualify a video to be on this list, but I’m guessing they are essentially the most watched videos. Viddy is a fairly new application, so suspect that is why you don’t find much different between the Popular and Trending categories at this time.

Views from the feed

Views from the feed

Casually browsing videos is very easy. Searching for and finding anything specific is not, but I doubt that this would be the platform for anything where that would be needed anyway. That said, being able to segment out your friends or those that you’re following is good enough to create a little separation for those that you’re likely to be more interested in.

Tapping on the video preview will play the video. They are a maximum of fifteen seconds long and you’ll be taken back to the video list upon completion. As is common with watching videos on an iPhone the controls will be hidden after a few seconds and the video will extend to full screen and orientate depending on how you’re holding the phone. With the videos being so short the process of browsing, loading, watching, and repeating is quite quick. Viddy handles the casual browser very well.


This is the section where all of your favorite videos, as established by you marking them as liked while browsing, are stored. There’s a little lapse in terminology there, but that is how it works. All of your favorites will display as thumbnails in a grid format. Tapping on one will open it up and you’ll be able to watch the video again, comment on it, tag it or even unlike it if you so choose.



Getting around the Faves is very simple. Tap on a thumbnail, watch the video and go back to the thumbnails. Not a whole lot to this area, but it is a useful feature nonetheless. Being able to make videos that you want to remember is nice. With an application like this, where searching is difficult, if not impossible, a feature like this is a must.


The Activity section will show you a feed of your recent activity. The functionality is pretty basic here as the only activity that is actually recorded is when you like a video or upload one of your own. I personally didn’t find this section all that useful. It could be nice to refer to in some situations I’m sure, but I just never found myself using it.

Activity feed view

Activity feed view


As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the Profle area of the site houses all of the information about you. You’ll see the image you’ve picked for yourself along with the number of followers you have and the number of those you are following. Each of those is tappable and will take you to a list of those particular Viddy users. You’ll also see the videos you’ve uploaded listed. The application settings are also accessed via this section as well.

Activity feed view

Activity feed view

Create and Share

Browsing and viewing other’s video is reasonably enjoyable, but the real fun of this application comes with creating your own video. The Share button is prominent amongst the other buttons. After pressing the button you’ll be presented with two options. You can either go and grab some video from your video library or you can go to the camera to create the video right in app.


Selecting the camera option will being up the familiar video camera interface. It functions just like you would expect with the exception that you’ll only be able to record fifteen seconds of video as that is the limit for uploading.

After the recording completes you’ll be able to preview it and trim if you’d like. Then either chose to retake or use that video and move forward to do some customizations. The process of recording and trimming the video is very simple and quick to do. There are no frills at all, but with what this application is designed to do that is just fine and actually welcomed.

Shoot and edit video

Shoot and edit video


Once you’ve decided upon your video, you can move on to do a little customization before sharing with the world. You’ll see a preview of your video with a handful of different effects that you’re able to add to your video. Tapping on one will show a still shot preview on your video. Pressing the play button will actually generate the video with your chosen effect.

Video effects

Video effects

With the visual effect also comes some audio. The audio you generated with your video and the effect video volume can be adjusted by sliders at the bottom of this screen. The audio is set with the particular effect, which can be a bit frustrating at times, but the the idea of being able to quickly add a cool effect and some decent music to your video is what is really great so it is an understandable restriction.

It does take about thirty seconds or so for a full fifteen second video to render with your chosen effect and that will take a little getting used to. It certainly isn’t slow, but it isn’t the blazing fast preview we’re used to with similar applications that work with photos instead of video.

After you’ve decided on the effect (if any) you want to add you can move on and share your artistic creation. You can add some meta data to the video and then chose to share with Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (Foursquare and Tumblr coming soon evidently). If you want to do this you will need to configure the necessary services. After you’ve input the necessary info you’re able to upload the video. Sharing is a huge part of Viddy and the process to do so on not only Viddy but several other platforms is very quick and easy to do.


Sharing video via a mobile device can be a bit challenging. It’s something that a lot of us would like to do, but we don’t because it can be kind of time consuming and a bit of a pain overall. Viddy has made the process of sharing video you’ve taken on you iPhone about as fun as I think is possible at this time.

Viddy, you could say, is really like the Instagram for video and I think that is a fair comparison and probably one that the developers certainly had in mind. Dealing with video is going to be more time consuming, there is no way around that, but Viddy does a nice job of placing restrictions and functionality int he right places to create a nice balance. While it’s not quite as quick as sharing a funky photo on Instagram it gets pretty darn close.

Viddy is new and there are some bugs in this version, but I didn’t have much trouble at all. It’s a free app and will only improve as more people use it and as new versions are released. If you enjoy shooting and sharing video I’d say it is definitely worth a try.


Capture, beautify, and share videos taken on your iPhone.