Wood Camera: Fantastic Photo Editing on iOS

It’s difficult to deny that the iPhone, and smartphones in general, have changed the world of photography. Gone are the days of needing to own a point-and-shoot camera to be able to take decent pictures whilst out and about, because most of us have a great camera built into our phone. Furthermore, the App Store is now home to hundreds, if not thousands of apps dedicated to helping you get the most out of your smartphone camera, giving you quick and easy ways to edit, improve and share your photos.

Wood Camera is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing photo editing app market, and it shines. Let’s go more in depth after the jump.

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In a Nutshell

Wood Camera isn’t different from anything we’ve seen before; you take or import a photo, then you can crop it, adjust it, apply various artsy filters on top, adjust said filters via brightness/contrast/saturation sliders, whack a crinkled/dusty texture over the top, then save to your camera roll or send it directly to apps such as Instagram. The difference with Wood Camera though, is how well it’s all presented and tied together. It presents a clean and easy UI, and packs in lots of powerful features.

Getting Started

When you first open the app, you have the choice between importing a photo, taking a photo then and there, or (and here’s a cool one) pasting a photo in from the clipboard. If you choose to take a photo, you can live-view any of the included filters before snapping the shot, which is always a plus. The filters are fairly typical of what you’d expect, but there are a lot of them, and once you add that in with the ability to adjust things like brightness and contrast afterwards, there are almost endless possibilities.

The UI is clean, and you can live-view filters whilst shooting.

The UI is clean, and you can live-view filters whilst shooting.

The process of editing your photos is handled by six buttons across the bottom, each representing a different function such as crop, filter, texture and so on. You’ll almost always go through them, left to right, making the adjustments you like, and once you hit the end, tapping the ‘Done’ button to save your changes. It’s a great little step-by-step process that makes things that much easier to navigate.

Presentation & Performance

What really makes Wood Camera stand out, is not so much its feature set. All its features can be found in loads of other apps already on the market. It’s more the way that the features are presented to you, and how the UI makes it incredibly easy to navigate, control and use all of them.

There are lots of iOS style sliders, dot indicators to tell you you can swipe for more options, and an excellent linear step-by-step process to editing the photos that’s incredibly easy to follow, ensuring you don’t miss out on options you may otherwise not know are there. This is something that I’ve not seen in other photo editing apps. They all seem to chuck features at you from every direction, you end up not finding half of them and the whole experience ends up lackluster. Wood Camera nails the balance of features and ease-of-use perfectly.

I'm certainly no photographer, but this app can make you feel a lot more like one.

I’m certainly no photographer, but this app can make you feel a lot more like one.

With a great UI, can sometimes come slouchy performance. Luckily, the performance of this app was outstanding on my iPhone 5. Even with me switching between filters every second, upping brightness levels, lowering saturation levels and adding textures, every option I chose was instantly reflected on my photo. This could partly be down to the iPhone’s hardware, but I’ve certainly used photo editing apps on this same device that have pretty much slowed to a halt as soon as I chucked anything at them.

Other Features

Aside from the photo editing part, the app offers a little more. There is a nice list of sharing options, that include saving directly to your camera roll, sending to Instagram (which I imagine is used 99% of the time), and even sending to Dropbox and other apps installed on your device. These all work as expected, and tie the app up nicely.

The app has a small options menu too, with toggles for geotagging, the ability to automatically have all the photos you snap with the app save to your camera roll, and a few other things. It all adds up to create an extremely well-rounded app that covers all bases.

The wealth of sharing options included is very welcome.

The wealth of sharing options included is very welcome.


For an app that does so much, so well, I couldn’t recommend enough spending the $1.99 the developer asks for. It’s one of those apps that feels incredibly premium — everything from the subtle wood-textured background used in the lightbox where your photos are presented, to the fluid performace and easy-to-use features, this app screams quality. It’s easily worth a much higher asking price.


Wood Camera stands out as a photo editing app that packs in a massive amount of features, with a brilliant, easy-to-use UI that is hard to beat. The asking price is an incredibly good value, and I struggle to think of anyone even remotely interested in taking photos with their iPhone that wouldn’t be impressed with this app. It’s that brilliant.


One of the best photo editing apps available in the App Store, at a price that more than justifies its offerings.