You’re Looking Good With Facetune

I love photo apps, but it’s no secret that most of my pictures are of cats. Cats don’t feel shame, and if they look a little tubby or a little tired in a shot, well, let’s face it, they’re always tubby and tired. Cats couldn’t care less what they look like. People do care, though, and if you’re not naturally photogenic, you may have developed a recent photo-phobia following the growing omnipresence of cameras.

If you can never seem to get just the right shot of yourself, Facetune may be able to help. More than a collection of filters, this photo app actually allows you to edit out those little things about yourself that no one else really notices but you can’t help but hate in photographs. Can a tiny app really make that much of a difference, though? We’ll try it out!

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Put Your Face On

The camera icon in the top left will import your photo or take a selfie right in Facetune. Once you’ve got your image, all of Facetune’s tools will appear at the bottom of the screen. These aren’t your normal photo editing tools, though, and while some are recognizable from other photo apps, others may be brand new.

And this is when things start getting crazy. Tap the Whiten icon; it’s the one that looks like a toothbrush, so I bet you can figure out what it does. This tool makes those pearly whites look a little more pearly, and you can use it other places to brighten up your image, too. No matter how clean and sparkly your teeth are, if you’re in the back with a shadow on your face, you can end up with some dingy teeth in the final shot, so this one’s great.

It may seem weird at first, but I can smooth out my forehead or whiten my teeth.

It may seem weird at first, but I can smooth out my forehead or whiten my teeth.

The Smooth tool, the one that looks like a raindrop, is going to give you that magazine model-like skin. Seriously, this one’s a miracle. It will take your freckled, age-worn face and make you look fresh as a newborn baby. If you’re like me and things are a bit more desperate, you can try the Smoother tool. When you’ve finally gone too far with the smoothing tools and removed all traces of expression from your face, use the eraser to bring back that look of humanity.

Use Reshape to create a new chin for yourself or adjust the length of your nose. It’s like plastic surgery in an app. You can grab just a single feature and gently shift it around or distort your entire face. Seriously, though, if you choose your targets wisely with the Reshape tool, you can adjust those little things about yourself that you hate to see brought into sharp relief in photos without anybody really noticing you changed anything. Reshape works great if you got caught at a bad angle and now your nose is the size of your leg, because you can actually do something about it.

I made my face strangely small, but you can use Facetune for the forces of good, too.

I made my face strangely small, but you can use Facetune for the forces of good, too.

Patch will probably be familiar if you’ve ever done any kind of desktop image editing. Just choose a bit of your face to copy and cover up another bit of your face — great for blemishes. Tones is similar, in that you create a sort of paintbrush out of a section of the image, allowing you to copy the look and texture of the selection.

More Cool Tools

There are some standard tools, too. If someone unadvisedly took your picture with the flash and you’ve now got hideous demon red eye, Facetune will get rid of it. It has a crop tool, too, because you always need a crop tool. You’ll even find a great tool for defocusing sections of your picture. Rather than leaving a big circle in focus and the rest in a soft glow though, you’ll paint the blur on with a brush.

There are some extra tools that will be more familiar.

There are some extra tools that will be more familiar.

No photo app is complete without filters, and Facetune’s got them. You’ll add the filter and adjust the lighting separately though, allowing you to adjust the filter’s intensity. There are some funky lenses and borders to play around with, too.

Every photo app needs filters, and these are pretty great.

Every photo app needs filters, and these are pretty great.

Final Thoughts

I went into Facetune not expecting much. I didn’t think it could deliver on its promise to make my photos really look as good as they said. I figured all of the sample photos in the App Store had been edited by people who knew what they were doing, and as I clearly don’t, I’d never get those same results. Facetune was incredibly easy, though. Just a few swipes, and I was able to make photos of me and my friends look ten times better — but don’t tell them I said that!

My other reservation was that using Facetune made me feel incredibly vain. It’s bad enough taking and posting selfies on Facebook or Twitter, and it didn’t feel right to be buffing up a picture of myself when I don’t actually look like that. I got over it quickly, though, when I saw how good the image looked coming out of Facetune. I’m also just not very photogenic, and what I see in an iPhone picture isn’t what I see in the mirror, Facetune or not. Running it through Facetune just helps me to feel more comfortable taking pictures of myself and sharing them with friends, something my friends would really like me to do more, anyway.

Facetune turned out to be incredibly easy to use, and while there may be some underlying narcissism in using an app like this, that’s alright. Sometimes, it’s okay to be pretty or want to be prettier, and Facetune really makes that a whole lot easier. If you have any anxiety about taking and sharing photos of yourself, Facetune can help with that, and if you just need to touch up that zit, Facetune has you covered.


Neat app for editing photos of yourself and looking your best.