Birdhouse: Your Twitter Notepad

Services like Favstar.FM, Tweeteorites, and (the now defunct) Farvd, brought about a new dimension to using Twitter. The drive to get favorited. Now, I’m going to break something to you. You know those hilarious guys you follow, cranking out one-liners all day long? This is going to be shocking, but most of those tweets aren’t off the top of their head.

The raw material needs to be revised, perfected, and crafted into the perfect message. Let me introduce you to Birdhouse – a notepad for your not-quite-ready tweets!

The Basics Of Birdhouse

As you first open up Birdhouse, you’ll notice how simple the interface is. This certainly isn’t a full-featured Twitter client, resembling something more akin to a basic notepad or task list application. When launching it for the first time, you’re presented with a friendly prompt:

First Impressions

First Impressions

Yes, we should. I’ll write a tweet. Now, back in the drafts list, that guilt message is gone, replaced with a list of all your yet to be published tweets. By default, this list is sorted by date modified, but if you hit the little star at the bottom, it will sort them by rating.



Tapping on a tweet will let you edit its prose, along with various other details. At the bottom of the window is a control with three segments:

  1. The star control lets you set the rating out of five stars.
  2. The second with the clock lets you see when the tweet was created, and when it was last modified.
  3. The last control lets you change which account the tweet will be published to.


Now, the tweet has been perfected and we’re ready to send it off to our thousands and thousands of followers. Success. Now just sit back and relax. Your hard work is over, just watch as those fav’s come rolling in!

Now, that’s the basic workflow of Birdhouse, but the developer has added other features that really make Birdhouse shine.

Email Backups

Are you one of those people who is crazy about backups? Multiple external hard drives being rotated every other day, an offsite backup, and your most important files on CDs?

Well, you’re in luck, as Birdhouse has you covered. The app lets you email you a list of all your in progress jewels of prose to yourself, so you’re not reliant on storing them solely within the application.

Email Backup

Email Backup


Imagine this frightful scenario: You jot down a quick thought in your Birdhouse. It’s nowhere near ready for the discerning eyes of the internet. That night you head over to your brother’s house for dinner. It’s been a long day, and you are tired. Your little niece is there, she wants your iPhone.

You give in and hand the phone over. Somehow, she gets in to your Birdhouse! That devious little child publishes your imperfect tweet! Oh, the humanity. Your stomach turns in nausea as you imagine all the followers you are going to lose after this.

But fear not, Birdhouse has you covered, because it has a good memory. Every single one of your published tweets are stored in the History pane, right next to Drafts. Viewing a tweet here is almost exactly the same as creating and editing one. The only difference is all the fields are locked.

There is one thing you can do, however, and it’s the solution to the problem created by your niece. Called “Unpublish”, it removes your tweet from Twitter, out of your followers timelines, and puts it back in your Drafts list. Problem solved – only a few followers lost.




If you tweet, but more importantly, if you put a little more effort into your tweets, you will love Birdhouse. The interface is intuitive and the application is stable; it never crashed once. Give Birdhouse a spin, I’m sure you’ll love it.

If you’re not sold yet, I would recommend watching this promo video. It’s a great way to get a feel for what Birdhouse is all about.


Birdhouse is a central place to write draft tweets, edit and rate them, and publish them when ready. If you're immediately filled with a sense of regret, you can "Unpublish" at the tap of a button.