Discover the Latest News with Digg

Social news is still a new idea in the realm of social media. Digg itself only launched into popularity back in 2005. Currently it has lost a lot of attention over to the social news community Reddit, but there are still many loyal diggers cascading down the front page. Along with the attentive v4 redesign we’ve also seen a new iOS app launch.

This release still includes most of the functionality you would expect from Digg. It’s easy to log in and start voting on stories, both popular and trending. Unfortunately, we have also lost a lot of content such as mobile user profiles. So is it worth the download?

Getting Started

The home page view features the most popular stories currently on Digg’s front page. The functionality is similar to any RSS feed where you can pull down to refresh. The design is snappy and fits a certain mold similar to the v4 layout. Many of the same colors(including vote badges) have been ported over to mobile.

I really enjoy how pleasantly the story listings display. Each row contains a vote count and a comment count, and usually a story thumbnail to go along with it as well. The scrolling is elegant and works without a hitch.

Simple Digg frontpage views

Simple Digg frontpage views

If you tap on the comment icon you go to a new display with more information. Video and images will show up in a larger format, and you can also read the description in full. If you pan down a bit you’ll run into the comments area. These are all loaded dynamically and auto-sorted by digg count. You can also quickly add into the conversation from the small comment field at the bottom.

Sorting Through News

Back on the front page let’s take a quick look at both the toolbar buttons. On the right side you’ll see one labeled Trending. This button actually behaves as a scroll wheel where you select which type of stories should be displayed. Your options are Most Recent, Trending, Top in 24 Hours, 7 Days and 30 days. Notice this will apply to any view with a story listing. So even though right now we’re on the front page, it’s just as easy to switch over to a new category screen. Tap on the left button labeled Newsrooms to open another list view.

The two default options — Top News and Newswire — are used to differentiate popular and upcoming submissions. Newswire is full of what your friends are digging at the moment, while Top News is sitewide and will feature the same stories for everyone. Additionally, you can select from a large set of categories which have been renamed to Newsrooms.

Digging into Newsrooms

With the new setup under Digg, the development team has created a unique type of story management system. Newsrooms can be followed by Digg users and feature all related submissions. Some popular examples include Technology, Science, Entertainment and Politics.

In the display settings you are given some creative thumbnail images to distinguish between your options. There are many ideas for upcoming newsrooms as well, so the ability to expand is phenomenal. And since newsrooms are controlled by followers, it’s ultimately the Digg community who votes up popular stories.

Digging into classic newsrooms

Digging into classic newsrooms

Simply tapping on a newsroom will reset your main view window to limit only those type of submissions. You can determine which newsroom is active from the light blue bar directly underneath the top menu. You are also given the option to unfollow this newsroom at any time.

Front page newswire stories

Front page newswire stories

Some Downsides

Unfortunately the app doesn’t allow you to access or edit your profile settings. Although this is understandable considering all of the changes the site itself has gone through, it doesn’t bode well for the reputation of their mobile app and puts a strain on its userbase.

Additionally, you have no options for submitting links via iPhone, which is certainly a huge part of the digging experience. It’s very sad to see user submissions missing, but I expect to see it appended in a future update. It’s a feature many of us can’t live without.

Trending comments area

Trending comments area

For what it’s worth, the app really does function well. It allows users to log in and start voting right away on stories both upcoming and popular. You can also browse through the story links all without leaving the application — no need for Mobile Safari! Comments are also really important, and these behave perfectly on iOS.

There is absolutely room for improvement, but for now, this release of Digg’s official app has offered all of the basics in site functionality right from your iPhone. I enjoy the aesthetics and their choice of color scheme, plus the menu and navigation system is very easy to work with.


If you have ever been a fan of social news then Digg is something you want to get into. The community is fantastic and although it has fallen off the tracks slightly, diggers are still pushing forward. I really like what they’ve done with the mobile app and things can only improve from here on out.


Digg lets you share the most popular social news on the Internet. Their mobile app is quick to load and boasts considerable features.