Keeping Updated on your Lists using Tweetlist

There are a large handful of Twitter clients in the iOS App Store. Both iPad and iPhone users have a wide variety to choose from, and we are seeing new applications enter the store each month.

Tweetlist is another such client with a pretty big twist: you can quickly flip through all of your different Twitter lists from a single easy-to-use interface. Let’s take a look after the break.

Getting Started

When you search for Tweetlist you’ll notice they have both a free and Pro version of the application. If you just want to try it out for a while, there’s no harm in grabbing the free model. It does come with iAd placements which are removed in the pro version.

When you first startup the app you’ll be asked to authenticate a new account. Tweetlist can pull from your native iOS Twitter account details, or you can use OAuth to connect a new profile. As with many previous brands, Tweetlist does allow you to connect multiple different accounts under the application.

TweetList splash screen and accounts list

TweetList splash screen and accounts list

This is the main view where you would manage each account and switch between them. Using the top Edit and Plus links you can quickly remove or add new accounts. This is such an important feature in my mind that I could never use an app without optional accounts. It’s practically pointless these days to build a Twitter client which restricts you to only a single account login.

Viewing your Lists

After authenticating your account, it should redirect you into the main home screen. This is like any other Twitter client where you have a stream of recent tweets from all the people you follow. The second tab button is labeled TweetLists, and contains a surprising user interface implementation.

Twitter streams and tweets listing

Twitter streams and tweets listing

At the bottom of this window you’ll notice a small bar of disc icons. Each of these represents a list you follow which you can swipe to on the right or left side. This functionality is very similar to the iPhone home screen where you can swipe through your icons. The title bar displays the list name which may be cut off in some instances.

If you follow another user’s list, then their username appears before the list name. Often times you’ll be swiping through lists unsure of which one you’re currently looking at. To get more details you can tap the top right arrow icon and select About List. This will open another view with details like the full name, description, number of people listed and number of people following the list.

Twitter Smashing Network list details

Twitter Smashing Network list details

It’s also possible from this screen to unfollow a list entirely and remove it from your account. Or, if you want to share the list with your followers, just tap the bottom right Share button to generate a new tweet.

More Common Features

Aside from the lists view, there are other typical Twitter features which you can access as well. Mentions and Direct Messages can be found in the tab bar and will display the small red badge icon with a number count. In the More tab you have access to edit special account details.

common features @mentions, direct messages

common features @mentions, direct messages

There are a ton of unique options to select from that you may find useful. There is the typical search feature and you have access to all of the trending hashtags based on your location. Some other options include:

  • Editing Tweet Drafts
  • Account Favorites
  • Retweeted by Me
  • Retweets of Me
  • Mute Filters

The mute filters work exceptionally well for a Twitter client focused around lists. You have the option of blocking specific users to tweet you or even follow your account. You can also mute specific Twitter clients or hashtags from appearing in your Home timeline.

Composing a Tweet

As like any standard client, you have a number of tools to use when writing a new tweet. You can quickly insert an @ or # symbol without switching between keyboards. Alternatively, you can insert usernames from a list of your most popular contacts on Twitter.

Composing a new tweet

Composing a new tweet

TweetList has functionality for quickly shortening URLs and including extra metadata into your posts. This can include geo-location tagging and also photos from your camera or library. If you listen to music on your device then you can also tweet Now Playing from a track in your music library. All of these features are not unique to TweetList, but the implementation is fantastic and just builds upon the already fantastic interface.

When viewing tweets in a list you can tap & hold to bring up additional options. The new context menu includes buttons for a quick reply, retweet and direct message. Again, there is nothing groundbreaking in this set of features, but the app behaves exactly as you would expect it to and it’s very easy to pickup and start using it right away.


I wouldn’t claim TweetList as my favorite Twitter client for iOS, but it does have control over a unique niche. Members who frequently use lists will love the extensible features and will likely upgrade to the pro version. But even if you aren’t totally sold give the free version a shot and see how you like it. You may be surprised to find yourself using the Twitter lists feature after all.


TweetList is an advanced Twitter client for iPhone and iPad. You can quickly view tweets from lists you follow and organize them through multiple accounts.