Is That a Project in Your Pocket? Meet JIRA Connect

If your business uses JIRA, no doubt you’ve been in a situation where you know a JIRA task exists for a particular task but you can’t quite put your hands on it. Or, maybe you’ve been without your laptop and desperately needed to update or manage an important JIRA task.

Surprisingly, there’s no official JIRA app for mobile, and JIRA Connect is designed to fill this gap. JIRA Connect is a third-party application that puts JIRA tasks at your fingertips no matter where you are. JIRA Connect is ideal for those that can’t or don’t want to use laptops in meetings but want to be able to recall a specific JIRA task at a seconds notice.

Or, if you’re constantly on the move and need to keep an eye on the latest JIRA tasks your team is working on, JIRA Connect provides a convenient way to manage JIRA tasks on your mobile device. JIRA Connect is not simply a web version of JIRA. It uses JIRA’s REST API which plugs straight into JIRA and requires virtually no configuration although it only works with Atlassian JIRA 5.0 and above (earlier versions of JIRA are not supported due to their lack of REST API support).

Plugging in

In order to install JIRA Connect on your iPhone however, you must first ensure that Mobility for JIRA is installed on your version of JIRA. This allows JIRA Connect to plug into JIRA. To do this, you must log in as a JIRA administrator, click on the settings cog in the Menu Bar and select “Add-Ons”. Search for “mobile” add-ons and then you can install a free trial of Mobile for JIRA, or pay $50 for the full version. Although JIRA Connect is free, you must remember that if you plan to use it regularly, you’ll need to eventually shell-out $50 to continue using Mobility for JIRA. After this is installed, you can download and install JIRA Connect for free from the App Store.

Joyous JIRA viewing

To log into JIRA Connect, you simply need your JIRA user ID – not your email address like in the web version of JIRA. The designers of JIRA Connect have been JIRA users for many years so the app is well thought-out and tailored for the needs of JIRA users. Once logged in, the main JIRA Connect Navigation Menu gives you a clear overview of your JIRA Dasboard including tasks assigned to you, tasks reported by you, recently updated tasks, tasks you are watching and filters. You can also toggle the view between hiding closed issues and hiding resolved issues.

JIRA Connect gives you a clear global overview of your JIRAS.

JIRA Connect gives you a clear global overview of your JIRAS.

The Issues menu gives you a clear feed of the most recent issues created with labels to show their priority and whether they are in progress, to do, or done.

All of your issues are presented with a summary in an easy to read feed.

All of your issues are presented with a summary in an easy to read feed.

To view the entire task, simply touch the one you want to view and you get full details, including version numbers and a full JIRA task description with comments if there are any. You can view all worklog entries of an issue, including activity stream transitions from Accepted, In Progress, Testing etc. You can enter new comments, vote and watch issues and of course, create new issues if you need to with the Create button at the bottom of the screen.

Full details of your JIRA tasks are available with any comments.

Full details of your JIRA tasks are available with any comments.

If it’s there, JIRA Connect will find it

JIRA Connect gives you a multitude of search options if you’re sure there’s a JIRA task created for something but you can’t quite remember when or where it was made. You can search JIRA Connect by JIRA key, description, summary, project, version, issue type, status, assignee, and component – and sort by any field. This includes issue details including custom fields, comments, attachments, and issue links. Basically, if the keyword you’re looking for has been mentioned in the JIRA task at some stage, then you should be able to find it.

You can also setup JIRA Connect to send you push notifications. To do this, select “More” in JIRA Connect, go to the Settings entry and then simply scroll down to Push Notifications to toggle them on and off. If toggled on, you should start to receive push notifications if you assign tasks or are watching a task.


JIRA Connect is very easy to use with a good understanding of the needs of JIRA users. It’s responsive and there’s virtually no lag in accessing JIRA tasks. Although JIRA is not an official Atlassian product and in no way affiliated with the makers of JIRA, it’s a very well thought-out tool with all the major features of JIRA.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on JIRA Connect so please do leave a comment if you’re already using it. If you’re looking for a project management solution and still haven’t discovered the wonders of JIRA, go check it out. 


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