A Smarter Job Search With Proven

Job searches are tough, man. Not just the searching, because you know what — I’m a whiz at Google, but it can be hard finding anything that pays reasonably well for decent work. That’s disheartening as all get out. Once you do find a handful of jobs to which you want to apply, you still actually, you know, have to apply to all of those jobs. Without a good system, that’s not an easy task.

Proven is an app that tries to cut through all of the headaches that come with a job search, connecting you with more job sites and putting some pretty nice tools in your phone. It’s a given that anything has to be better than those forty Craigslist tabs you have open, but we’ll take a look and see just what Proven has to offer.

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Prove Yourself

It may seem like the best place to start is the job search, and I can certainly understand wanting to jump in feet first, but you should really keep your blinders up for now and set up your account before you move forward. The reasoning for that is if you find a really cool job, you’ll want to email your resume right away, right? To do that, you’ll need to get your Proven account up and running, create or upload a resume, and preferably write up a default cover letter or two.

Create your resume before you go any further, so you're ready when you do find an awesome job.

Create your resume before you go any further, so you’re ready when you do find an awesome job.

While creating a login isn’t really required, it’s not a bad idea if you want to upload a resume or cover letter that lives on your computer to the Proven website and then sync it with your phone. If that’s not your jam, you can still create and sync resumes without signing up. Cover letters are simpler, and just require you to create a title and type out a little something about why you’re perfect for the job. There’s not a way to upload a cover letter from elsewhere, but you can copy the text of your favorite default letter into the body of your new Proven cover letter and save it on your phone.

Add a great cover letter, too, so you can apply to your favorite jobs in a jiff.

Add a great cover letter, too, so you can apply to your favorite jobs in a jiff.

You have a few more options for creating and syncing resumes on your phone. Email the resume to Proven and then verify the resume with a code to begin the download. Proven will also link to your Dropbox account if you’ve got it saved there. If neither of those methods work for you and you don’t want to create an account to login and sync your resume via the website, you can start a new resume from scratch by filling out a few fields in the Proven app. As you can imagine, it’s not entirely customizable, but it’s great for shooting out a quick resume. The only hitch is that you have to send the app to five friends before the Preven-created resume is unlocked and shareable with potential employers.

Streamline Your Application

Once you’ve got your resumes and cover letters lined up, you can start searching for open jobs. Proven searches three job sites, Craigslist, Simply Hired and Beyond.com, but you can only select one to search at a time. Still, it’s nice to have the three searches in one place. Each has its own set of filters, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing the search you want each time you switch among the different sites.

Use the search filters to choose job sites and narrow your search.

Use the search filters to choose job sites and narrow your search.

You’ll search by location and keyword. As you can imagine, this may be hit or miss, and you may want to make good use of the filters to prevent spurious results. I got jobs from all over the map using what I thought were pretty specific keywords, results that didn’t seem to make any sense, but that’s more on the jobs sites and not Proven. Narrowing down my search with the categories helped out a lot, and if you’re not finding what you want, you’ll want to remember those options are there.

If you find something you like, hit the star icon at the bottom to mark it as a favorite. You can browse everything you’re interested in before doing the heavy lifting of submitting resumes by marking off interesting jobs in your favorites list. This lets you do the chore of applying and submitting your resume later, and you’ll also be able to cross off any duplicate postings, especially handy if you’re looking at all three job sites.

Your job search will only be as good as the sites you're using, so get familiar with each one and their filters.

Your job search will only be as good as the sites you’re using, so get familiar with each one and their filters.

When it’s finally time to apply, Proven will start the process for you. How that actually happens will work differently for each site, and I had the best time with Craigslist, as they tend to just set you up with an email address for the employer if the listing is legitimate. Proven will attach your resume to the email and insert your cover letter into the body, allowing you to edit anything you need to before you actually hit send. If the job site directs you to the employer’s site and you’re encouraged to upload your resume anywhere other than Proven, you’re going to run into trouble. For dedicated job searchers, though, you can log in to the Proven website on your computer and apply to your favorite postings there.

Final Thoughts

Proven is absolutely phenomenal for quick job searches and getting your application and resume out there lickety-split. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s a barrel of monkeys getting the five different versions of your resume into Proven, but it’s no worse than starting any other job search, and once you’ve got your materials in there, it’s so simple to initiate a new application. Job searches can be long, tedious and demoralizing, and we can find so many reasons to do anything but focus on the arduous task of submitting resumes, but Proven makes the whole process less of a chore.

While Proven ultimately won’t make the difference when it comes to whether you find a job — that’s up to you, the quality of your skills and resume, and let’s face it, a healthy dose of luck — it can make the process feel a lot less like getting your face melted off. Real talk, unemployment is hard and long-term unemployment is harder. Anything that takes the edge off has got to be a good thing. That’s what Proven does; it makes your job search easier and gives you a break when you need it most.


A great job search tool that makes it a lot easier to not only find but apply to new jobs.