Achieve Your Goals with Wonderful Day

New Year’s Eve may be well and truly past, but that doesn’t mean your goals have to be. Everyone knows that keeping up momentum on the changes you need to make or the time you need to invest in achieving a goal can be one of the hardest parts of the journey. Whether you wish to learn how to ski or have made the vow to run three times a week, Wonderful Day is one app that can help you reach your goal.

Wonderful Day (not to be confused with Wonderful Days or My Wonderful Day) lets you set goals and track their progress over a period of time. A series of dots, coloured green for progress and red for no progress, turn your action into a visual chain game.

Getting Started

The hardest part about getting started with Wonderful Day is deciding on your goals. It really is one of those apps that you can start using right after it downloads. You just open it up, start adding some goals, select their frequencies and then you just need to take some action on your goals.

Wonderful Day tutorial

Wonderful Day tutorial

Adding Goals

An app designed to help you achieve your goals is not of much use if you don’t have any goals in it. So let’s jump into that part of the app straight away.

Adding your goal and selecting the frequency

Adding your goal and selecting the frequency

Adding goals in Wonderful Day is done by clicking the plus button at the top right of the screen. A new screen will appear and you will be prompted to add the details of your activity and the frequency. Once you press save, your new goal/activity will show on the main screen with any other goals you have already added.

Editing Your Goals

After a week of practicing, are you starting to regret your goal of learning to juggle with fire? Not a problem. Wonderful Day has anticipated that not all goals are going to suit everyone as well as they first anticipated. You can edit any of your goals, including deleting them, by pressing the edit button at the top left of the screen. This means that you can reduce fire juggling to a weekly goal rather than a daily one, or just delete it altogether.

Editing your goals

Editing your goals

Marking Down Your Progress

To show that you have been diligent with your goal progress, you get to mark your progress for each goal via the app. To do this, select the goal and then either press the mark button at the top right of the screen or just tap on the screen again. You can then mark which days you have made progress on and the relevant dot for the day will turn green. If you indicate that you didn’t make progress on your goal for one or more days, those dots will turn red. If you are just altogether lazy and don’t do anything, the dots for those days will remain grey.

Marking your progress

Marking your progress

You can also share your progress (or lack thereof) by pressing the small Twitter bird at the bottom of the main screen.

Does It Work?

The thinking behind the Wonderful Day app seems to be that if you have a chain of green dots, showing you achieved your progress goal for the day, you are less likely to give up because you want to keep that green chain growing. In theory, this is a pretty good idea, especially if you are of a competitive nature.

You also have the option to set reminders/alerts to give you an extra prompt each day. However, no app is going to do the work for you, so you still need to do the work yourself. I personally didn’t find the green dot system all that motivating, and the ability to back-date progress, while useful, makes it a bit too easy to cheat. Perhaps a system where the dots were a different shade of green if you didn’t mark them on the day would encourage me to check in on a more regular basis.

It would also be great to see a few more rewards built in, to make it truly more game like — a new screen when you make ten days of progress for example, or the ability to have different dots of your choice, all might help contribute to motivation levels.

In Conclusion

When I first had a look at the Wonderful Day website, I was filled with anticipation of all the goals I was going to be motivated towards completing. I could learn the guitar, garden and eat an apple while I was at it, but that’s where the enthusiasm stopped.

The app, like the website, ends up a little plain for my liking. While I appreciate being able to go back and mark my progress on days that have passed, it makes it just that tad bit too simple to cheat in the sake of a longer green line (and yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist so this would fall well into the realm of possibility for me). It also seems unlikely that I am going to tweet about my lack of progress, if I couldn’t be bothered to take action and/or record what I did or didn’t do.

So what does the app have going for it? For starters, Wonderful Day is dead easy to use. You’ll be up and running within a few minutes and the learning curve of orientating yourself, tracking progress and sharing your results will take even less time. And while the green chain system isn’t quite motivating enough for me, it might work just fine for someone else and for only 99 cents you can afford to find out if that someone is you.


Set goals and track your progress by turning grey dots to green ones.