All of the Best Deals in Dealsplus

I can’t keep on top of all of the deals sites out there. I’ve tried, but the sudden influx of email was more than I could deal with, and my inbox has only just started speaking to me again. No one wants to pass up big savings, though, especially when it’s not just a Brazilian blowout or laser hair removal but something you actually want.

Instead of bookmarking ten different sites and swimming through at least as many emails every morning, looking for a good price on a new Blu-ray player, I’ve been trying out Dealsplus, an app that wants to put all of those deals in one place and keep me from doing all of the leg work. I’ll take a look and let you know how good of a job it did.

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Let’s Make a Deal

When you log in to Dealsplus for the first time, you’ll be prompted to start following stores and other Dealsplus users. Deals, sales and savings from the stores you follow will pop up in your Feed, so it’s a good idea to scroll through and identify your favorites. If you’re looking to buy a new TV sometime soon or need to stock up for back-to-school supplies, you’ll want to think about adding those specialty stores too, so you can be on the lookout for coupons, price drops or sales. Users you follow will share coupons or products they like, so look for people who are interested in the same stores you are.

Follow your favorite stores and people with similar interests.

Follow your favorite stores and people with similar interests.

Dealsplus funnels you into the most popular deals, and if you lose your way browsing through products and sales, tap the drop-down menu up top and select Home to get back. You can swipe through everything there, but it’s a real mixed bag of designer clothes, swimming pool golf sets, toaster ovens and diapers. Narrow those popular deals down by tapping the menu icon in the top left and selecting a specialty category to drill down into exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out your Feed for the newest deals, and look into what individual sellers have going on.

Check out your Feed for the newest deals, and look into what individual sellers have going on.

Your Feed, available in the top drop-down, is where you’ll run into the newest sales and price drops as they happen, but you’re only going to find deals from the stores and users to which you’ve subscribed. What makes Dealsplus great is that you shop for the products and in the stores right in the app. If you spy something you like, you don’t have to pop open Safari in iOS or wander over to your desktop computer. Tap the icon for the deal to claim it or to open up the store and get shopping.

Shop right in Dealsplus.

Shop right in Dealsplus.

If it’s just something on sale, you’ll be shifted into the store and can make your purchase. Any additional promotions are available under the Coupons button at the bottom of the store’s page. Not all savings will be a straight percent off of a computer or a pair of shoes, and there may be a coupon code to remember. You don’t have to write that down on a scrap of paper or, worse yet, the inside of your palm, knowing you’d never remember something like SAVE30MUNKYFUN after a half hour of browsing for capri pants. Once you claim a code, Dealsplus saves it to be used at checkout, protecting you from accidental poisoning via ball point pen.

Deal With It

Dealsplus requires you to create an account, and you can either do that by signing in with Facebook or using your email address to create a username and password. Whichever you choose, your iOS Dealsplus account you create now is going to be linked with a Dealsplus account on the web. I’ll be honest that I’m more comfortable comparing TVs or wedge sandals on my computer, so I don’t mind being able to save a deal from the Dealsplus product page on my phone and then shop for it later on my Mac.

Check out what's most popular, or share your favorites with other users.

Check out what’s most popular, or share your favorites with other users.

There’s a great social component to Dealsplus, too. Not only can you follow other users who share the deals and products they like, but you can share stuff, too. When you see something you like, tap the Share icon. From there you’ll choose whether to share it just on Dealsplus or to post it on social media, email it or send it in a message. You can add comments, including hashtags and mentions, or just let other users know it’s a good deal.

Final Thoughts

It’s a pain searching high and low for a good deal, so anything that makes that easier is welcome. There are plenty of deals sites, but checking all of those everyday or opening all of the emails they send throughout the day can be a real pain. No one likes spending more than they have to though, and Dealsplus does a good job of putting lots of deals in front of you as they happen.

The real kicker would be if I could flag a product and get an alert when there’s a price cut or coupon available, and while Dealsplus doesn’t go quite that far, you’ll always know when the prices are good at the stores you care about. Better yet, all of those coupon codes you have to keep track of are right there ready to use. Find the right combination of stores and power users to follow, and Dealsplus should keep you on top of the best sales as they happen.


Keep track of new deals, coupons and price drops as they happen, and share the best deals you find.