AutoPark: Say Goodbye to Parking Tickets

Parking is usually a nightmare these days with the stress of remembering the time you have left on your meter, where you left your car, and what floor it is on in a multi-story car park. Well, now you can relax! AutoPark is here to save the day and aid in all those areas.

Created by Frolicware, AutoPark is designed to save you from receiving pesky, unwanted parking tickets. It has GPS, timers, and push notifications built-in to assist you in the whole parking process.

Parking Your Car

The main interface of AutoPark is that of a traditional parking meter. From here you can specify the location of your car (which I will be covering later), as well as alarms and nearby necessities.

To start your timer all you have to do is click the arrow next to the money slot. From here you just enter in the amount of time your ticket lasts – you can choose to either count down or up. There are some preset settings to assist you in the speed of this step so you aren’t wasting time in a parking lot.

Home & Timer

Home & Timer

AutoPark has an integrated timer feature that allows you to set alarms (push, or normal) a certain time before the ticket runs out so you have time to get back to your car. Once you set the meter and alarm using the application, you do not need to keep it open for it to warn you.

It is also worth mentioning that there are some options to change the volume of your alarm and set the default to push. You can also clear the session easily from here.

Alarm & Options

Alarm & Options

Location Services

The key to AutoPark lies in automatically storing your car’s location when parking, and helpfully directing you back to the correct space when returning to your vehicle. We had a few problems with the location system, but managed to get it working sporadically.

After the automatic detection, you can ensure that everything is exact by dragging an arrow to the location of your car. It’s worth noting that you could achieve a similar outcome using the in-built Maps application, and “dropping a pin” where you park. That said, it wouldn’t have quite the same ease of use, or the specific features included in AutoPark.

In addition to GPS location, AutoPark also has a setting that allows you to choose the level, colour and number of your parking space. This is especially useful for shopping centres and multi-story car parks.

Location & Parking Lot Information

Location & Parking Lot Information

The application is great for the purpose it serves however the sporadic nature of location services meant that it didn’t perform it’s primary task reliably. When this feature wasn’t working, it meant I could not locate my car on the map, nor use the ‘nearby’ option of the program.

Similar and Alternative Applications

myCar Park

This app works in a similar way to AutoPark, with more basic functionality. You can add notes in about your park, however, it doesn’t have pre-specified text fields that you can quickly enter data about your park into, nor does it have a timer. It’s free, which is a bonus!


iParked again doesn’t have the same functionality of AutoPark (not the nice interface) but is a step up from the free myCar Park application. This app is valued at $0.99.


Unlike the other applications, this one is designed to only remind you the time left on your parking meter and does not include any location based features. It has pre-set times for your convenience. Also priced at $0.99.


It seems you certainly do get what you pay for with applications in this field. While there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, AutoPark is definitely the most flexible and functional. $4.99 may seem a lot for utility application such as this, but one avoided parking fine and this app has paid for itself tenfold!

AutoPark serves its purpose well. It notifies you when you meter is about to run out and helps you locate your car. It is designed to take the head-ache out of parking and certainly does. A highly recommended application for avoiding parking nightmares, but be sure to test the location feature is working before putting full trust in it!


A useful application to have if you park in public places a fair bit, but has a few bugs to be ironed out.