Barista & Cellar: Organising Your Coffee & Wine

Glasshouse Apps have developed two applications to make your life that little bit easier. The first, Barista, is full of recipes to creating that perfect, café-style coffee. Whether its a Caffé Latte, Espresso or the humble Flat White – Barista has it.

Cellar on the other hand is an application for adding, organising and keeping track of your wine library. It boasts back up features and many customisable options to make the virtual wine bottles look life-like.

Both applications have an impeccable interface that not only encourages you to explore the application further, but also start using it! Barista and Cellar are available for both the iPhone and iPod touch.


Making Coffees

The primary purpose of this application is to assist you in the creation of your coffees. Glasshouse Apps have done this through a beautiful interface that allows you the explore the many possibilities it offers. You are presented with a list of various types of coffee. Tapping on one of these will bring up a recipe for making it, along with an appealing graphic.



Tips & Tricks

An additional feature that Barista has, is a library of tips and tricks to creating the perfect coffee. A new pane will open up by tapping on the “Tips and Tricks” icon at the bottom of the screen. From here you can view tips on how to make your coffee flawless. There are tips in preparation, extraction, milk texturing and pouring/latte art.

Coffee Tips

Coffee Tips

Coffee Talk

Barista also has a section that shows you all the ‘lingo’ of the Café world. Tapping on the ‘coffee talk’ button will bring up an alphabetic list of terms and phrases that you may come across in the application, or in day to day talk. This is great for those of us who are less experienced in the field!

Coffee Lingo

Update: Version 1.5

It’s worth pointing out that version 1.5 has now hit the App Store, and introduces a few new features such as video tutorials including latte art pouring, an extraction timer, and the ability to email & save latte art pictures. It makes the experience of using the app considerably more engaging and interactive.


Creating Your Library

The main idea behind Cellar is to create and manage your wine library so you can keep track of it and show others while you are out and about. The interface in Cellar is very refined and looks great!

You create your library by clicking the ‘+’ on the top right. A new window should pop up (as seen on the right-hand side of the image below). From here you can select what type of bottle it is, the cork colours, bottle colours and the option of adding a label. As you can see in my example, I’ve just grabbed some labels off the internet, but you can find your own according to the bottle of wine, or even take a picture of it.

Tap on the ‘Wine’ and ‘Notes” tab at the top to add in more details about the wine. For example, the name, vintage, region, price, etc.

Enter the Cellar

Enter the Cellar

Bottle Manager

Within Cellar there are 4 areas. Your cellar, garage, wishlist and trash. In your cellar are all your current wines that you have in stock. Your garage contains all the bottles you have finished and want to keep. The wishlist is where all the wines that you want to own go, and finally the trash is where (as you’d expect!), all your empty bottles that you don’t want to keep go.

You have the options to move bottles, copy bottles or even email bottles to your friends using the bottle manager interface.

Managing Your Bottles

Managing Your Bottles

Other Features

Vertical View

You have the option to view your wine collection in a vertical interface that is more like a list rather than the landscape bar interface.

The Vertical View

The Vertical View


A great aspect of Cellar is that it enables you to back up your wine collection, just in case you lose your iPhone/iPod Touch, or if something goes corrupt. All you need is a Wi-Fi network that both devices can connect onto.

Backing Up

Backing Up


You can easily search your library by using the search function. This is useful for when you have added hundreds of bottles stored and want to quickly find a particular one.


You can view the statistics of your wine collection by clicking on the cog-like icon on the top right. You can see the total number of bottles you have as well as their value.

Wine Stats

Wine Stats


Barista and Cellar are great at what they do, and are relatively inexpensive. Although Barista has the potential to lose value as you learn the techniques within it, recent updates have added new functionality (and video tutorials) that demonstrate the developers are still committed to improving the app over time.

Cellar certainly has a long future for those that have the time and patience to track their library. I know for many wine enthusiasts this application will be a remarkably useful tool!


Glasshouse Apps has hit the nail on the head with these two applications - delivering a beautiful interface that is easy to navigate and use. Overall, both applications serve their purpose fantastically and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs the core functionality.