Collect Great Memories Together with Quilt

I don’t have to go into detail about how our lives have become much more social that it ever has before. With Facebook and Twitter taking over and a host of other social networking apps, we have been inundated with updates from friends far and wide, and ones that we haven’t talked to in years. We can debate about whether this is a good thing or not, but I know for me, I have really started to take a closer look as to what I choose to share and with who. It is not that I am becoming a social networking snob, but I just want to be careful and I don’t want it to consume my time.

With that being said, I have been able to play with an app called Quilt for the past couple of weeks, and the one thing that I really appreciate about it is the fact that it lets you decide how social you want to be. But, before you write this one off as just another social networking app, you need to know that there are some really cool features that make it one to seriously consider. In fact, as you will discover, there are a variety of ways to use Quilt that will appeal to a mass market.

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Making and Sharing Memories

Think of using Quilt like you were actually making one similar to a blanket, and you will realize why the developers called it that. It is all about piecing a variety of memories of your life or special events together with others and being able to share them. When start your first quilt, you are asked to invite poeple to be a part of it. What is nice about this feature is that it really opens up the possibilites for how you want to use the app.

Choosing the type of quilt to create and adding contributors to it

Choosing the type of quilt to create and adding contributors to it

Once you are done inviting people, you can now start capturing your favorite moments together. The app gives you a variety of ways to do this by letting you take a picture or video of a favorite event, type a funny quote, share your location and even use your voice to record what you are doing. You can then share what you are posting to your quilt with both Facebook and Twitter, and you can also invite others to become subscribers where people can see what is going on without actually contributing to it. They can be either public or protected so that you control who gets to see your content.

The different ways you can create a post in Quilt.

The different ways you can create a post in Quilt.

Many Ways To Use Quilt

Instantly, I could think of at least three ways to use this app and I am sure there are many other things to use it for. For one, it can be an easy way to create a page where you can document a special event and have everyone there contribute. One way that I like to use it is to document my son’s life so my wife and I are able to both add things to the quilt with ease and then invite our family and friends as subscribers. It can also be used as a personal diary where you put down your thoughts, snap pictures or use audio to capture ideas, and best of all, it can be private so no one else can see it. You can also use this as a great way to do group messaging where you invite people to be a part of your quilt and then it is very easy to start communicating with each other.

Using Quilt as a way to keep track of where you went during a trip.

Using Quilt as a way to keep track of where you went during a trip.

Simple, Yet Elegant

One of the things that I could appreciate about Quilt is how simple and easy it was to use, but they didn’t sacrifice quality. As you play around with it, you can see that the UI is easy on the eyes and they took special care to paying attention to detail. A lot of apps sacrifice one or the other, but you can tell they made sure to make this an app that was good looking as well as easy to use. I also love the amount of ways that I could use it in many different situations, and I also liked that they gave you so many ways to get content into the app.

There is not much in the way of things that I don’t like about Quilt and if anything, I would love to see more services integrated into it. It would be cool to have not only Facebook and Twitter, but possibly Instagram and Foursquare to show your pictures and share your location. You can get it from the App Store for free, and there is also a nice web app that goes along with it that has a lot of the same features. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a way to document a special event with others or just want to capture those great moments in your life.


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