Introduce Yourself with Evernote Hello

You’re at another conference. You hate these things because you’ve always got to try to pretend like you’re having a good time, even with the knowledge that your boss expects you to meet and expand your network of contacts. As you reach for what appears to be a shrimp cocktail made of some vegetable you’ve never seen before, you hear, “Hello, I’m Jan. What’s your name?”

These types of introductions happen all the time, whether you’re at a conference or just hanging with your friends. Problem is, sometimes it’s easy to forget who you met and when, and that loses you the contact in the process. Evernote Hello looks to solve that problem by giving you a fun and intuitive way to record those interactions, and then syncs those notes with your Evernote account. Is it worth the download? Let’s go meet some people after the jump.

Awkward Pauses

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly bad at remembering names. Unless the person I’m meeting has a weird name like “Apple” or “Windsong,” I’m just not going to know who they are five minutes after our introduction. In fact, at most parties I attend with my wife, I like to introduce her to people like so: “This is my wife, Kirsten.” That way, the other person has to say their name. It’s sneaky, right?

But more importantly, even if I do get their name at the function and I remember it in the following days, what about two weeks later when I have to give them a call or bump into them at the mall? Long term retention is a whole other issue.

This is the reason for Evernote Hello, and it takes the problem and gives it a solution that works pretty well.

The Behind The Scenes Stuff

Before you can get started meeting people and passing around your phone, you first have to enter in some basic info about yourself. Why? Well even though you’re the one who wants to retain the information, Evernote Hello wants to help out the person you’re meeting, too. So you enter in your contact info, take a picture (which in my case has a nasty glare off my glasses and the freshly shaved appearance of a grizzly bear cub) and a personal saying. This saying is what the person you’re introducing yourself to will see right away when you hand them the phone, so make it polite, but clear.

I was going for the "husky section of the Sears calendar" look that day.

I was going for the "husky section of the Sears calendar" look that day.

With all the details done, I’m ready for that big function. Well, assuming I can find that tux in the closet …

How It Goes Down

You’re at the conference again, but now you’re armed with Evernote Hello. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Karen.” Time to bust out the iPhone and make your introduction, which in this case, I will use fellow iPhone.AppStorm writer Marie Look as an example.

I first hit the bright blue + symbol in the top left corner of the screen and hand her the iPhone. This is what she sees:

Just like this.

Just like this.

Now she can enter her info however she wants, and then go to take a picture. Evernote Hello does this differently than most apps, in that you push the button, lift the iPhone to your face and it takes four shots in succession. Marie takes her four pics, decides which one works for her and then finishes up her info so she can hand me back my iPhone. Her results?

And just like that, I have her info.

And just like that, I have her info.

Evernote Hello does a few interesting things here. It geotags the encounter, so that I remember where exactly I met her, plus it includes a Google Street View image of the location. It also lets me take my own notes, add my own pictures and link her to any Evernote notes I may have as well. As if that wasn’t enough, I can also add her to my address book automatically by hitting one button, or just use the card to call or email her right away. Seriously, it’s that easy.

What Happens Next

Now when Marie and I first conducted this test, I thought it was pretty cool and figured that our job testing the app was pretty much done. But about five minutes later, Marie gets something in her inbox, and shows it to me.

Good thing I was wearing my "nice" undershirt.

Good thing I was wearing my "nice" undershirt.

Like that? I know I did, because now I know that Marie has my info, and should she want to contact me she’s good to go. Now were we in a professional situation, we could both enter the info into our respective address books and ditch the lame business cards or other reminders we usually have of someone. Now we have a face to go with the name. That’s awesome.

But just when I thought that was it, I remembered that this was an Evernote product, so of course, this should be stored in my Evernote account. And guess what, it was.

Just like magic, but without the bunnies.

Just like magic, but without the bunnies.

So to recap, here’s what Evernote Hello does. It allows you to make a new contact quickly and easily, then sends the info to your Evernote Account, sends the contact your information and allows you to connect to the address book in your iPhone as well. Wow.

So What’s The Problem?

Well, there is no problem really, except that I really don’t have a lot of reasons to use this app.

The problem with all of these apps — Bump, Skytz and the like — is that you don’t use them often enough to remember that you have them when the need arises. You’re at a conference, ready to meet people and you remember that you have an app on your iPhone that could help you out, but you just can’t remember the name. Or you feel awkward handing a stranger your iPhone because it makes you look dorky. Whatever the reason, the app could have all the best features in the world and you’re still stuck with the same basic problem: You need to use it for it to be effective.

Final Thoughts

This app is truly awesome, but you need to have a few things for it to work well for you. 1., you need a reason to use it. You’re at a lot of functions, you meet people all the time — whatever it is, you need a reason to use it. 2., You need to remember it’s on your iPhone, and be ready to take it out for just this purpose. And 3., you’ve got to feel confident that you’re not going to get an odd look from this complete stranger as you ask them to enter their info into your phone. Admit it, that last one could be a killer.

But if you hit all those notes, then Evernote Hello is definitely an excellent way to add contacts to your system. As for me? I think I’d fail on step No. 2.


Record your introductions and contacts then sync them with your Evernote account in this well-designed app.