Keep Track of It All With DoneNotDone

Nowadays with having a kid, I’m realizing that I hardly have time for much else in my life. That is not a bad thing, but I sure miss being able to watch a movie when it comes out in the theater or read a book when I want to. I always feel like there are so many good movies and books to get to that not only do I never get to them, but I always forget about them.

That’s where DoneNotDone (DND) can come in very handy for those of you that want to stay up on the latest books, movies or music. But it is more than just a way to remember those important things to get to later, they have a social aspect as well as a way to track what you have already completed. Let’s delve into it after the break. 

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Adding Items

When you first start to use DND, you can add movies, music and/or books to your collection by searching for what you’re looking for. Once you find what you want, you can then add it to your list of items that are Not Done. Items can also be added to your Done list, where you can track items that you have already completed. When adding something here, you can also rate them on a 1-5 scale. You can add comments on both lists, which can come in handy for you and others.

Searching for an item (left) Adding an item to your lists (right)

Searching for an item (left) Adding an item to your lists (right)

Making Your Lists Social

What makes DoneNotDone really stand out for me are the social features. You can connect your account with Twitter and Facebook, and if you have any friends on those networks that use DND, you can connect with them as well. Where this came in handy is that you could see the items that they had put on their DND list and you could add them to yours. For me, this made it a much more powerful and useful, because I could now get recommendations from my friends. If they left comments and rated an item that they put on their Done list, I could now see what they thought about it.

Checking out what your friends have added to their list.

Checking out what your friends have added to their list.

Another social feature that I liked was that you could share any item on both Facebook and Twitter. What I liked about this was that I could search for something, like a movie I was possibly interested in watching and then I could share it with my friends on Facebook, and ask them for their feedback. Where this came in handy was since that I didn’t have many friends who used DND, I could still opt to get feedback on something through my social networks. It was a great way to see whether it was worth my time adding something to my list for the future.

Sharing an item to Facebook.

Sharing an item to Facebook.

Almost There

I liked using DND and I felt that it came in very handy for what I wanted to use it for. The part that I had a hard time with was that as much as I loved the social aspect, I didn’t have many friends that used the service, so I couldn’t get good recommendations consistently within the app. Another thing that I wish it did better is being able to find the items I was looking for. As I was testing it out, it looked like it would only find items that were currently in stores. For example, I couldn’t search for a movie that would be coming out in a future date or a book or album that hadn’t been released yet. It would be nice to have this feature and to be able to get reminders when something does come out.

Final Thoughts

I am not sure if the purpose of DoneNotDone is just to create lists of books, music and movies that you have or have not seen, but I think they are going to have to be more than that if they are going to stick around. I can definitely see this becoming a social network of sorts around books, music and movies. People could ask others about their thoughts on something and with a more in-depth rating system, users could get some good feedback on whether they want to add an item to their lists. DND has potential to become solid if they can continue to build the app and attract users. For now, you can get it free on iTunes and they also have a web app that does a lot of the same functions as the iPhone version. Go and download it and let us know what you think.


Create lists of books, movies and music that you have or have not gotten to yet with DoneNotDone.