Listen to All Your Favorite Shows with Stitcher Radio

Recently, I have been experiencing some technical issues with Podcasts, so I figured that it was about time I check out some of the other podcast apps to see how they compare. One of them was Stitcher Radio, an on-demand service boasting over 15,000 shows and stations.

Originally released in 2008, Stitcher Radio has since gained quite a following and is now a firm App Store favorite. But is this app worthy of such stature? Let’s find out!

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First Impression

Upon launching Stitcher Radio, one of the first things that I noticed was how visually pleasing the app is, even down to its login and registration screen. It enticed me to create an account (which, by the way, is a quick and painless process requiring just an e-mail address and password,) and I was looking forward to finding out why Stitcher Radio is so highly regarded.

Registration is quick and painless, requiring just an email address and password.

Registration is quick and painless, requiring just an email address and password.

Once registration was over and done with, I was greeted with a brief tutorial demonstrating how to get the most out of Stitcher Radio, and then it was time for me to go it alone and explore the rest of the app.

Delving Deeper

Stitcher Radio includes a feed displaying the top news podcasts of that day, in addition to the newest and most popular shows that the app had to offer. This feed makes an excellent starting point for those new to podcasts, or people on the lookout for something a little different to listen to during their daily commute to work.

Stitcher Radio also offers a live radio stream for U.S. based listeners, but the developer does state that it is planning on expanding this shortly to include the rest of the world.

Stitcher Radio includes a number of feeds displaying the news and popular podcasts.

Stitcher Radio includes a number of feeds displaying the news and popular podcasts.

Perhaps the most appealing feature that Stitcher Radio possesses is the ability to “stitch” together your favorite shows so that you don’t have to keep flicking between them once one has ended. This is especially handy for long car journeys, as you can keep your attention focused on the road ahead instead of on your iPhone.

Nice Touches

Connecting to Stitcher Radio via Facebook enables you to share what you are listening to with friends and vice versa. While social media integration is certainly not a new concept, it works well with Stitcher Radio as you can see what your buddies have tuned in to and possibly get some recommendations.

Accessing your Stitcher Radio profile will show you your Listening Stats, which includes your total listening time since you joined, number of days listened in a row, longest streak and more. Although information such as this is not essential, I think that it’s the little things like Facebook integration and Listening Stats which set Stitcher Radio apart from the other podcast apps out there.

Visually Pleasing, But Not …

Stitcher Radio is attractively designed, mixing bold colors with crisp graphics, however, there is one element that detracts from the overall feel:


An ugly looking advertisement is permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen.

An ugly looking advertisement is permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Ugly looking advertisements are permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen and guess what? There isn’t even an option to cough up some cash to get rid of them.

Given that the iPhone only has a relatively small screen, these advertisements takes up a surprising amount of space and are so inconveniently placed that I end up tapping them by accident all. the. darn. time. Personally, I think that including an in-app purchase to remove these adverts would be a welcome addition.

Round and Round We Go

For me, Stitcher Radio is not the most intuitive of apps to navigate, even with the help of a tutorial. I frequently found myself accidentally skipping from show to show, thinking that I was accessing the homepage of that particular podcast which, as you can imagine, can be quite frustrating when you are in the middle of listening to something.

As I mentioned above, Stitcher Radio includes a lot of content but with such poor navigation, the app can feel a little claustrophobic at times, and I often ended up going round and round in circles trying to locate a certain feature.

Stitcher Radio vs. Podcasts

How does Stitcher Radio compare to Podcasts? Well, first of all, Stitcher Radio can stream live radio, albeit in the U.S. only. Unfortunately for me, I live in the U.K. and could not take full advantage of this feature. Stitcher Radio also includes a news feed rounding up the latest stories from around the world, something that Podcasts does not currently offer.

Stitcher Radio vs. Podcasts. Which do you prefer?

Stitcher Radio vs. Podcasts. Which do you prefer?

Podcasts, on the other hand, does not have advertisements littering the screen and has a wider variety of shows to listen to, especially as some of the more popular podcasts have pulled out of Stitcher Radio due to various conflicts.


Overall, Stitcher Radio is a great alternative to Podcasts, however, there are a few niggles that need addressing which could potentially make the app a little more user-friendly, namely the poor navigation.

For those living in the U.S., Stitcher Radio is packed full of features, but for everyone else in the world, the app is somewhat limited and coupled with the fact that Stitcher Radio does not contain as many stations as Podcasts and is covered in advertisements, I wouldn’t recommend switching just yet because of this.


Stream live radio and listen to your favorite podcasts with Stitcher Radio.