Mobile Sommelier: The App For Wine Enthusiasts

Wine is an extremely old beverage, renowned throughout the world. There’s also a great variety of wine types, some of which match better with certain meats, others with certain cheeses or pastas — who knows! There are so many options and combinations, knowing them all requires a master’s degree. Well, not really, although being no expert means you won’t always pick the right wine for the right occasion. If you have no idea what the difference between “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Syrah” is, or would like some help next time you’re buying a wine bottle, this app might be for you.

Let’s take a look at what it can do after the jump.

Initial Thoughts

The first thing you’re going to see is a list of featured wines. This is actually a list of recommended wines, according to how you interact with the app. This means that marking some wines as favorites, sharing them or adding some to your cellar will tell the app about your wine taste, and the next time you open the app you’ll find wines similar to those you’ve enjoyed in the past. So when you can’t think of a new wine to try, you can simply pick one from the list.

The list of featured and recommended wines

The list of featured and recommended wines

Tapping on a wine will show you more information about the selection. There, you’ll find its description, pairing, country of origin and more details. What I usually read first with a new wine is its pairing, since it gives you a quick idea of what it can be accompanied with. Other than that, you can share it with your Facebook or Twitter friends, mark it as a favorite or add it to your cellar, which I’ll describe later.

I'll have this wine with my lasagna please.

I'll have this wine with my lasagna, please.

Searching & Adding

Say you’re at the supermarket, and want to know more about a certain type of wine. Just grab the bottle, go to the search tab by tapping the middle button at the bottom and tap the barcode button that says Bar Code Search. Point the camera at the bottle and voila — easy peasy. You can also search by typing the wine’s name or vineyard, but that’s not as cool, is it?

Much quicker than writing the name of the wine, right?

Much quicker than writing the name of the wine, right?

The wine industry changes fast, and there’s a chance the wine you searched for doesn’t exist in the app’s database. In that case, you can add it just like adding a Foursquare venue. You’ll have to write its name, vineyard and you can even take a picture (although you don’t have to). Most of the info you need to add is on the bottle’s label, so you don’t really have to think much, and if you can’t find a certain field, worry not, since most fields are optional. There’s no need to add its matching and things like that if you’re no expert, they’re not mandatory fields either. Finally, add your signature so everyone knows you added this wine to the app!

Adding a wine to the app, much like adding a venue to Foursquare

Adding a wine to the app, much like adding a venue to Foursquare

Your Very Own Wine Cellar

The best part of the app is the wine cellar. It’s beautifully designed and a great idea to keep your favorite wines at reach. If the wine you’re drinking is very good, simply scan its barcode and tap on the button right below its picture. There, you can share it with friends and add it to your cellar with the second button. With a cool animation the wine will be stored in your cellar so you can remember it later.

Your very own wine cellar, isn't that cool?

Your very own wine cellar, isn't that cool?

Don’t like a wine anymore or accidentally added it to your cellar? Simply tap the bottle and remove it.


The developers clearly focused on user experience when developing this app. It’s very well designed and tiny details are everywhere, which is a huge plus. The wine cellar is a great example; they could have made it look as a simple list, which would’ve been OK, but having an (almost) real wine cellar is just awesome.

One thing that I noticed is that the wine database they have isn’t very large, which means you won’t find any info about some bottles quite often. You can add them yourself, but it’s not the same, since normal users won’t have enough knowledge to add the wine’s matching or important details like that. Another thing I’ve been told is in the works is the ability to search by food, or certain cheese names, for example. That way, if you’re planning a pasta night, finding the right wine will be even easier.

Other than that, it’s actually a fun app if you’re a wine enthusiast. Try it out!


Mobile Sommelier helps you become an expert on wines.