Momento 2: The Best Diary Writing App Just Got Better

How do you currently keep track of your daily thoughts and events going on right now in your life? If you read our last review of Momento, you probably already downloaded this application and are currently using it. If you are, or the idea of a digital diary sounds interesting, you’re going to want to download Momento 2.0.

Momento 2 adds several key features that were missing from the first version of the application, such as Retina Display support, even more feeds to import data from, landscape support, and backup/restoring your data. All these features and more were just added to Momento, which is now updated on the iTunes App Store.

Dual orientations:

Entering text has never been so easy with the Landscape keyboard.

Momento now supports Landscape orientation, allowing you to hold your iPhone on its side. This enables you to record your moments using the larger landscape keyboard, allowing for easier and more accurate typing. Momento features a new landscape view for the calendar, providing an easy way to swipe across days to events on the day. Swipe below it to change from month to month, and swipe above it to change the year.

It’s now even easier to find events by the day.

Momento’s beautiful landscape calendar makes it easy to find the events you're looking for.

Stay backed up:

iOS 4 users can backup and restore their Momento data using iTunes application file sharing. Select the backup options to backup your feed data and plug your device into iTunes just like you would if you were syncing it. In your device apps pane in iTunes, you will see Momento and the backup file. Copy the backup file to your computer so that you can restore your data if you ever lose or have to wipe your device. Bring your data to a new iPhone without having to restore from a backup, just copy your old backup file to the iPhone and click Restore from the Momento Settings pane.

Momento’s Backup and Restore menu for saving your data makes it easy to backup your feed.

Venture about:

Momento integrates amazingly well with Gowalla, adding your check-Ins with your daily journal

Momento 2.0 also adds integration with location based check-in services like Gowalla and Foursqure, which allow your journals to paint a better picture of your daily events. Say for instance you’re visiting a friend from college and wish to save the memories for a later date. Check in to the restaurant on Gowalla or Foursquare, upload pictures on Flickr, and tweet about it on Twitter. By integrating your accounts into Momento, all those entries will be recorded together and grouped by the date.

Without changing your workflow at all, you have a complete collection of these memories. Momento also adds support for YouTube, Digg, and Vimeo; adding another level of memories to your feed. Connect Momento to your favorite blogs using the new RSS feed feature to automatically grab new posts from your friends and family’s blogs. Connect your accounts and start recording.

Setting up Feeds:

The process for settings up new feeds in Momento is quite simple. Tap the settings gear in the menubar and go down to Manage Feeds. Tap “Add Feed” and select a service, in this instance Flickr. Tap the authorize button and you’ll be brought through Flickr’s OAuth login screen. Momento supports OAuth when available from services, meaning your Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter passwords won’t be stored in Momento. Once you have successfully added a feed, you can now configure options for what sort of information should be downloaded and added to Momento, and settings about importing past data.


Momento 2.0 adds several new features to an already amazing application. With the added support for more feeds, it makes it really easy to keep track of your memories. You can archive your check-ins, YouTube videos, and blog posts with the push of a few buttons.

The improved graphics for Retina Display and the new landscape calendar are two examples of the high caliber of graphics in Momento. Not only does it have great graphics, but it also has a solid set of features that work together to make archiving your memories easy and intuitive. Tag your friends and locations, rate your moments, and start making memories. How does your diary compare to Momento?

Momento is really one of a kind for a diary/archiving application. Although there are several diary applications, none to my knowledge offer the ability to import and export your data so easily. Momento doesn’t require you to change how you work, whether you like to Tweet, check-in to places on Foursquare, or post Flickr photos, Momento can help you archive that information for later use.


Momento is a beautiful and functional applications for keeping track of events while on the go. The newest version added Retina display support among other improvements.