Socialcam: Share Your Videos

With the advent of the iPhone 4, taking pictures and shooting videos has become increasingly better and more enjoyable. Combine that with the ability to quickly upload and share your media, and you’ll get a lot of people’s attention. Take Instagram, for example. It’s an iPhone photo sharing app that can easily take a picture, apply a filter and share it with the many social sharing sites, all within a minute or so. Quick, easy, shareable — that is what people are looking for in an iPhone app when it comes to photos and video.

This is where Socialcam comes into play; it does those very things and does a good job of it. Socialcam lets you shoot high quality video, upload it to your favorite sharing sites and be able to interact with other Socialcam users as well. Let’s find out more after the jump.

Setting Up Socialcam

One of the very first things you will do with this app is go through the setup process. At first, this can be somewhat cumbersome, as there are a lot of steps to go through. But be patient, because this ensures the best possible user experience with Socialcam. First you establish a user account with Socialcam, then you can start connecting your social media accounts to the app. This is not a requirement, but it saves you time later on.

The next part of the process is to find your friends on Socialcam. The app itself lets you search Twitter, Facebook, your contacts or Socialcam itself. Once you have done all of these things, you are now ready to take full advantage of the app.

Using Socialcam

There are really two parts to using Socialcam: the actual video recording and the sharing aspect. When it comes to video recording, it is pretty plain and simple. You have two options: you can record video straight from within the app, or you can choose a video from your library that you have already taken.

Overview screen of your videos in Socialcam

Overview screen of your videos in Socialcam

Once you are done recording your video, you now have the option to trim it to length. You are presented with mini slides of your video and then you can drag to the left or to the right and trim it.

Trimming your video

Trimming your video

Where the power of Socialcam comes in is with the sharing and social aspects. After you are done taking or uploading a video, you have a variety of options when it comes to sharing. Twitter and Facebook are a given, but Socialcam also lets you share to Dropbox, Posterous and Tumblr. You can also share your video by email as well as SMS. For me, I love the fact that Socialcam gives you so many options as they cover all of the services that I would ever want.

The different sharing sites that you can post to

The different sharing sites that you can post to

From within Socialcam you can tag people in videos, comment on a video and “like” someone’s video. This gives the user the opportunity to interact from within the app itself. The only downside is that if you don’t have a lot of friends or family also using the app, then you won’t be able to use a lot of these social features.

View of the social features from within the app.

View of the social features from within the app.

Pricing and Comparison to Other Apps

One of the best things of about this app is that it is free. When you look around the App Store for social video apps like these, you really can’t find one that is on the same level of social sharing as Socialcam. There are other apps out there that you are able to insert effects and edit your videos, like Qik Video and Apple’s own iMovie app, but when it comes to just purely shooting video and having the ability to share and interact with others, Socialcam is the one that stands out.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Socialcam, I really like the app a lot, but I wish there two things that included. For one, I would love to have a few more editing features built in. Secondly, I wish there were more people using the app so that I can interact more. Going back to Instagram, one of the things that make it so successful is the fact that there is a huge user base that uses the app to interact with. With Socialcam, it hasn’t quite reached the size of Instagram’s large user base, so the interaction aspect of it is pretty limited unless you have a lot of friends using the app as well.

Even with these two shortcomings, it is still my go-to app for taking video and sharing it with the world. Overall, it functions well, works as advertised and does a good job of taking video and sharing my videos across my social networks. And really, in the end, that’s what I’m looking for more than anything else. If you already haven’t tried it, go and check it out and try it out.

What is your favorite video recording app to use and why do you like it so much? Feel free to let us know in the comments.


Video recording app for the iPhone that lets you share your video with a variety of social media sites and interact with others from within the app.