Svpply: Like Pinterest For Cool Stuff

Ever have one of those friends who always seems to know where to find the cool stuff? You know, the guy who has that awesome desk made out of reclaimed wood, or the girl who constantly has vintage apparel but finds it in the weirdest places? How sweet would it be to have their connections and be able to get all that stuff without doing a lot of the hard work?

That’s pretty much the concept behind Svpply, a website dedicated to collecting all the good stuff and the shops that sell it, without you having to hunt it down yourself. Now they have an iPhone app, and it’s pretty innovative in its own right. Let’s dig in and find out more after the jump. 

Finding the Good Stuff

Face it: the Internet is full of people with better taste than you. I know, that can be a tough thing to accept but once you do, your life will be much better for it. That’s one reason why Svpply is such a cool concept. You don’t need to spend your own time hunting down things that are cool, you can have the Internet do it for you.

Registration is optional, but you might want to do it anyways.

Registration is optional, but you might want to do it anyways.

While the website is both about discovery and presenting your own goods, the app is focused more on looking through what other people have found and marking what you want or buying what you need. It’s kind of like Pinterest in that you can see people’s feeds and follow those that are hipper than you, but you can also just go off and do your own thing.

Starting Up

It’s not completely necessary, but a good place to start when opening up Svpply is by registering for a new account. You can either enter in your email or do the usual Facebook/Twitter login deal, and once that’s done, now you can mark each item appropriately.

Find something you like? Buy it on the spot.

Find something you like? Buy it on the spot.

That may sound confusing, but basically, every item has three options: Want, Collect and Buy. If you Want something, it’s added to your personal feed that you and your friends can view. If you Collect it, you can add the item to a collection that you make — maybe it’s Cool Desks, Fun Clothing or whatever — and Want directs you to the company’s website where you can buy your stuff.

Navigating Through the Svpply

The navigation scheme in the app is pretty intuitive, which is actually the reason I heard about it in the first place. The top of the screen has these three horizontal lines in the right corner, and that pops up a menu that reads You, Feed, Shop, Search and X (to remove the menu from view). This is how you get through the app’s major portions, and that’s all pretty self explanatory. When it gets interesting is when you decide to go Shopping.

Each category has its own subsections, which are beautifully animated.

Each category has its own subsections, which are beautifully animated.

Once you hit the Shop button, you get a menu on the left of the screen with all of your major categories. There’s Men’s, Women’s, Tech, Media, Home, Art and Other, and each one has its own subsections as well. Navigating through the app becomes touching the colored category, then subsection, then flipping through to see all of the cool things that you can find. It’s quite cool really, reminiscent of Clear, and yet not really. It’s one of those things that you have to experience yourself, but once you do, you might find yourself using the app more because of it.

The Social Component

Like everything nowadays, this app has a social component as well. The usual “box with an arrow” icon is up in the top of pretty much every screen, and when pressed, you’re shown the Facebook icon, Twitter icon, email and text options, allowing you to send whatever awesome thing you’ve found off to the next person.

Yay! More social networking!

Yay! More social networking!

You also have your own Feed, and you can follow other people who you discover via the app. This isn’t the strongest part of the system to me, because there’s no real motivation to follow one person or another. You’re free to “Want” or “Collect” whatever you want, so what does it matter if you follow Tom from accounting? In my eyes, this app is more about finding the cool stuff than sharing it with some Facebook-esque feed, but maybe I feel that way because of the social overload we’re all going through.

Final Thoughts

If you look at Svpply as a social networking app, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. There’s not a lot of interaction, there are no real rewards for following someone or their stuff, and really, it’s just another thing to do on that social networking checklist.

But I don’t think that should stop you from picking up Svpply. If you ignore the social part, the app still shows off some really cool products that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. And even if you don’t have the money to buy any of them, it doesn’t mean that they can’t give you ideas. Since I picked it up, I’ve found myself flipping through the app like I would any of my usual feeds — I just focus on the products, not the people.

What do you think? Do you like seeing new products or are you looking for more social networking? Let us know in the comments below.


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