Unlock Your Closet With Cloth

Fashionable types will love Cloth, but so will the fashionably challenged set. An attractive and easy-to-use app, Cloth makes the most of your iPhone’s camera and your sense of style, or at least, sense of stylish experimentation. With the app, you can save and share photos of your outfits, making it easier to remember favorite looks, as well as pull together a tried-and-true ensemble for your next dress-to-impress appointment.

Whether you want to be sure you don’t repeat your wardrobe for social events or just engage in a friendly competition among friends to see who can come up with the savviest outfit, Cloth allows you to become your own stylist. Experiment with different looks and decide what works best. Want to know more? Click through and I’ll give you the details.

Photograph Your Wardrobe

While Cloth stops just short of putting all your outfits together for you, it can help you organize your closet, so to speak, so that you can put something great together for yourself. For every photo you take, you can assign it to a category, such as Work, Vacation, Evening, Event or simply Everyday. Then you’ll have all your work clothes in one place, all your vacation clothes in one place, and so on.

Cloth allows you to see all your outfits in one place.

Cloth allows you to see all your outfits in one place.

Along the bottom of the app’s interface, you’ll see the different tabs, from left to right: Feed, Wardrobe, Snap, Status, Settings. Selecting Snap calls up your phone’s camera function, allowing you to take a photo — ideally, of yourself, wearing the outfit, but you could also just take a photo of the item of clothing or several arranged together. Use a mirror, use your iPhone’s front-facing camera, or just ask a friend nicely to snap a pic.

After the app has captured the image, it takes you to a screen where you can add notes and tags (for example, “vintage” or “denim”), which are optional. Here you’ll also assign the outfit to a category, choose to “love” the outfit if you want to include it in your favorites, or share the look via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Clothapp.com.

Unlock Your Closet

The Feed tab displays your snapshots in full width (with the most recent outfits at the very top), along with Cloth’s cute stamp-inspired icons representing each outfit’s category, notes and tags. You can also click the star icon next to “Love it?” to favorite a particular look.

Cloth is especially easy to use on iPhones with front-facing cameras.

Cloth is especially easy to use on iPhones with front-facing cameras.

Under the Wardrobe tab, you’ll see a list of all your categories (represented by more vintage-looking stamp icons), including information detailing how many outfits are in each category and when the last entry for each category was added.

The more outfits you add to Cloth, the more useful the app and the outfit categories will be to you. Use the app to pack for your vacation to the Bahamas based on all the outfits you wore and loved when you were in Cancun. Or, use the app to help you decide what look is best for your next presentation at work. You get the idea. And the best part? The app will help remind you of items and outfits you love but might have buried in the deep dark abyss that is your closet — think one of your “Oh yeah, I forgot I had that sweater!” moments.

Join the Community

When you take a photo, you’re given the option to share the outfit via a number of platforms, including the blog on Clothapp.com. The Cloth app team posts their favorite user-submitted photos to the website, where they affectionately refer to the app’s users as “Cloth-ers.” Whether you choose to share your photos on Clothapp.com or not, the blog is a great place to get some style inspiration to incorporate into your own outfits.

View your outfits according to categories, and share them via social sites.

View your outfits according to categories, and share them via social sites.

Also, you can earn badges and points with Cloth — the more photos you snap and the more social networks you share to, the more badges and points you earn, adding a game component to the app. You can check your badges and points at any time by selecting the Status tab. Check it just for fun, challenge yourself to share an outfit every day, or see who among your friends can rack up the most points.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things I really love about this app. It’s simple, elegant and very useful. It also doesn’t require any kind of account registration, log-in or password, making it very hassle-free and adding to the appeal in its simplicity.

I also greatly appreciate the fact that users are given the option — and, therefore, have to give permission — to send their outfit images to Clothapp.com, meaning your images can stay private unless you choose to share them.

Do you think Cloth could help you unlock your own closet? Is there another app you use to organize your wardrobe?


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