Weather 2x: Beauty and Style

There are a million different weather apps available in the App Store, and it seems like all of them have some kind of problem or another — either the interface is wonky, the information is outdated or it’s just plain ugly. So what do you do when you need a weather app that looks good and gives you the information you need?

Weather 2x is one answer to that problem. Not only is the interface new yet strangely familiar, it’s also stunningly beautiful to look at. Is it worth your $1.99? Let’s find out. 

About the Weather

Ultimately, when you buy a weather app you want it to tell you what the weather is like either in your current location, where you have friends or family, or where you’re going to be later in the week. But just knowing the temperature isn’t enough; you also need the humidity, visibility, windspeed and a whole bunch more if you want to know what you’ll need to wear to survive the elements. It doesn’t seem like it could be that complicated to do, but there are so many crappy weather apps out there, something’s got to be causing the problem.

A quick touch gives you more detailed information about the weather.

A quick touch gives you more detailed information about the weather.

The other issue is that you don’t necessarily just want today’s weather, you want the next few days as well. And it also helps to know what it’s going to be like hourly, that way you know if you’ll need an umbrella before lunch or if it’s going to snow that night. If you can get hourly reports for more than the next 24 hours, that helps too. Really, the more information you have, the better off you’ll be.

Using the App

Weather 2X is about as simple as it gets from a usability standpoint. Once you open the app, you’re given a display with the selected city, the current temperature and the condition (partly cloudy, clear, etc.) right there in front of you. If you tap the condition, more statistics come up that show you the rainfall amount, visibility, chance of rain, barometer reading, and wind direction and speed. That’s your up to the minute weather report, and what you’ll probably use on a regular basis.

Weather 2x uses lots of slide gestures to get you where you need to go.

Weather 2x uses lots of slide gestures to get you where you need to go.

Slide the screen to the left though, and now you’ve got an hourly report. Technically, the report shows every three hours, but by scrolling up and down you can see up to three days of weather in advance just by flicking up and down.

Gesture Based Navigation

But wait, there’s more. Starting back at the home screen, you’ll notice this little tab that sits at the bottom of the screen. Flip it up and you’ll get a side scrolling view of the week’s weather. It’s only five days, but let’s be honest: no weatherman ever gets the forecast right more than five days out, so I’m pretty good with that.

Flick up or to the right to get more options.

Flick up or to the right to get more options.

One last gesture — a flick to the right from the home screen — gets you to your settings. Hit the plus sign and enter in a city or zip code to add that location to your list. Whatever’s at the top of the pile will be your default, so consider that as well. If you hit the Edit button, each city’s view will dance in front of you, allowing you to move them up or down in the priority system, or delete them entirely. Finally, hitting the Settings cog allows you to display metric units of measurement, 24-hour time or turn the sound effects on or off.

The Beauty of Weather

The reason why you’ll buy this app over the other ones though, is the sheer beauty of everything displayed on the screen. Each image represents the current weather conditions in that area and looks amazing on a Retina display. So let’s say it’s snowing in your city — one of multiple displays will pop up visualizing the snow outside. The same thing applies for day and night, or rainy conditions as well. You get an instant visual of what it’s like outside wherever you want.

Snow or sun, it all looks amazing.

Snow or sun, it all looks amazing.

But what makes all that really cool is that even on crappy days, the app makes it look picturesque and romantic. Take the image above, for example. In Barre, Vermont (where my aunt and uncle live), it was snowing recently. Now I know the shot used isn’t from Barre itself, but it sure does make that dreary weather look nice, right? Snowing in the moonlight never looked better. Plus, each screen is animated, so you’ll see the snow fall down. It’s just so damned pretty it hurts.

Should I Buy It?

Some might consider $1.99 steep for a weather app, but I disagree. Weather 2x is a universal app, so it’s going to give you those same amazing views on your new iPad or your iPhone 4S. Plus, it’s one of those apps that you’ll want to use everyday anyways because you’ll always want to see what kind of cool new image is being displayed.

For me, this is finally the perfect weather app for my phone. I’m pretty sure it will be yours, too.


A beautiful weather app that gives you the basic info you need to know.