Weightbot: Dump Those Pounds

Take a look at what you’re doing to yourself. Right now you’re in front of a computer, iPhone or iPad, just vegetating there. You’re not burning any calories, not doing anything physical other than moving the mouse. You are a lazy, lazy person.

Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m the only person out there who could stand to lose a few pounds, and maybe I’m the guy who would benefit from an app that helps you track how much weight you’ve gained or lost over the months. But I’m willing to bet that I’m not. That’s why there’s Weightbot

What It Is

If you have a scale, you’ve got pretty much everything you need to monitor your weight loss. If it goes up, you get depressed. If it goes down, you get excited. Yay.

The interface is clean and simple.

The interface is clean and simple.

Weightbot is designed to give you a way to record this information, then use that data to provide an accurate representation of how you’ll get to your target weight, how long it will take for you to get there and how healthy you are at the same time. And it does it with a very unique interface, one that has helped make Tapbots the successful company that it is today.

The Deets

Essentially, this app is made for people who either want to lose or gain weight, depending on their particular goals. You can either start like I did and just go off and record a weight, or you can do the smart thing and first mess with the settings. There you can indicate your target weight, current height and more, all of which will later be used to calculate your BMI and other stats as well.

By adjusting the settings you can get more accurate results.

By adjusting the settings you can get more accurate results.

Once that’s handled, now it’s time to start the process of entering your weight. Go to your scale and weigh yourself, then open up the app. Scroll across the bottom to indicate your current weight, then tap on the display at the top. The bottom dial will change to represent pounds, so adjust it to wherever you need to be. Tap the display again, and you’ve recorded the day and you’re good to go. Note that your current BMI will be displayed under the weight as well.

Record the wrong number? Shake the iPhone and the recorded weight will go away.

The Long Road Ahead

Now comes the tedious part: continuing to record your weight. For the purposes of this review, I simulated a weight amount through the course of a few months, but for you to really see the benefits of this app, you need to use it and be consistent. Let’s just flash to the future and assume that’s what you’ve done. Now it’s time to check your results.

You can see charts in two different styles, one of which gives you an overall look at where you're at.

You can see charts in two different styles, one of which gives you an overall look at where you're at.

Turn the iPhone over so it’s in a landscape orientation, and one of two different graph styles will pull up, depending on which side of the iPhone is pointing down. The one pictured above gives you an overall chart of where you’re at, how long it took you to get there and how much you have left to go. This is a handy way to see where you’re at at a glance, and it can be motivating to see what kind of progress you’ve made over a long period of time.

This chart shows where you're at currently, and projects how long it will take to get to your goal.

This chart shows where you're at currently, and projects how long it will take to get to your goal.

Flip the iPhone over 180 degrees the other direction, and now you’re into another chart that shows your progress, where you goal is in relation to your progress, and what you have to do to hit a specific target date. Again, another motivating chart that comes in handy, and the more you weigh yourself, the more accurate this all is going to be.

The Withings Scale Part

My scale is just an old boring one, but there is another option that I’m now seriously considering, the Withings Scale.

Seems like everything has Wi-Fi nowadays.

Seems like everything has Wi-Fi nowadays.

If you’re new to the scale as I am, here’s the info: it’s a scale with Wi-Fi. Now that doesn’t seem very neat, but when combined with a free service through Withings, you can monitor your weight on your Mac, PC or smartphone. But to go one further, you can also tie it in with Weightbot, and then every time you turn on the app your weigh-ins will automatically download to the device, auto-populating the dates for you. Nice.

Is It For You?

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, and sometimes, the problem is more with the carrot than with the problem. I just haven’t had any real motivation to lose the weight, no matter what other people tell me. But something that does motivate me is using something fun that can make losing weight a game, or even just be entertaining.

Tapbots apps are fun to use, and Weightbot is no exception. It’s the kind of app you want to use every day, even if you don’t have to, because it just looks so pretty and works so well. That alone can work as a carrot for someone like me, and that can be the difference between losing weight and not.

For me, I think Weightbot is a great way to go because it makes the process fun. Sometimes that’s all the motivation we need.


A weight tracker for your iPhone that uses your weight and information to calculate your BMI, as well as other pertinent information.