Manage Projects Like A Pro Using ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is an advanced project management tool designed to bring new levels of efficiency to your workflow. ProWorkflow is suitable for a range of project management needs but well suited to schedule management, task delegation, finances and reporting needs. The ProWorkflow iPhone app gives you a good overview of what’s going on at any one time and enables you to accurately track time spent on work throughout the process.

If you use ProWorkflow in your business already, then the app is a very valuable addition allowing you to track and monitor work on the move. You can instantly link your iPhone app with your existing ProWorkflow account though and all current projects will be synced.

All of the main ProWorkflow features such as the ability to view upcoming work, create new projects & tasks, manage existing ones, track time, and find a customer’s contact details are available in the iPhone app.

Packed with lots of useful data

The ProWorkflow interface is attractive enough, although it’s quite crowded with information and can feel a bit cluttered compared to the web version. To get started, you must simply fill in basic information such as time zone, currency and email notification settings. Once you’ve entered all your project data, the dashboard gives you a complete graphical summary of all your upcoming, active, and completed work.

To help you organize work, overdue projects and tasks are highlighted in red at the top of the page and all upcoming work is sorted by day. You can quickly check things such as recent invoices, quotes, and see what your colleagues or staff are working on. The ProWorkflow iPhone app allows you to do pretty much anything you can on the web including edit tasks, track time, create new tasks, check reports, and more.

Other useful information in the mobile app is a Summary of Time Tracked, Summary of Quotes and Invoices created, as well as a list of your recent actions in ProWorkflow. It also provides a list of recent logins and active staff at one time.

ProWorkflow clearly shows you a color coordinated overview of pending tasks and projects.

ProWorkflow clearly shows you a color-coordinated overview of pending tasks and projects.

A clear overview of your deadlines

The Timeline is one of the most used features of ProWorkflow on the web version as it gives you an overview of everything that’s going on in your project. The iPhone version doesn’t look quite as good as the web version but it does allow you to drag and drop to make rescheduling easy. Color-coded bars help you to identify completed, overdue projects and tasks. You can move multiple items at once and use comprehensive options and filters to isolate specific data or timelines.

By giving you a clear overview of what’s going on, the ProWorkflow timeline allows you to better manage staff workload and you can export and print data.

The Contact Management feature is very well implemented in ProWorkflow. You can store all the basics such as names, addresses, phone numbers – but also add useful notes, reminders, and other important facts about customers and clients. You can’t import contacts from Excel into the mobile version but anything that’s already added to the web version will be automatically synced and pulled into the mobile app.

ProWorkflow manages your contacts entered into the web version and allows you to add useful extra comments and info.

ProWorkflow manages your contacts entered into the web version and allows you to add useful extra comments and info.

Communication station

ProWorkflow has its own instant messaging and email system which is easier than using Outlook or an external client if your team are already using ProWorkflow. It will deliver message notification alerts, allow you to reply to messages via email, send public/private messages, and upload and send files. The app uses threaded discussions to display conversations more clearly.

The email module also uses a WYSIWYG editor so you can insert images, screenshots and other files into mails and easily and what you see is exactly what the recipient will see too.

ProWorkflow offers support and free training for all users and plans range from 10$ to $30 per month/per user. You can start a free trial of ProWorkflow without a credit card. The basic plan is aimed at freelancers and supports a maximum of 10 projects. For $20 you can have unlimited projects and 25GB of space, and the premium plan is aimed at large enterprises and provides hierarchical control to manage multiple teams or groups.


If you use the ProWorkflow web app, the mobile version of ProWorkflow is definitely useful, although its not quite as clearly designed as using it on desktop.

Go check out more about ProWorkflow here. If you have any experience using the app, or can recommend another great iPhone project management apps please share with the AppStorm community in the comments below.


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