Keep Your Calendar Simple With Calvetica

Are you an absolute pixel perfectionist? Do you live and breath design? Do you know the difference between Times New Roman and Helvetica? If you answered yes to all those questions, then let me introduce you to a beautiful application.

Calvetica by Mysterious Trousers is a simplistic way to organize your calendars and tasks. It requires no setup, grabs your calendar data from the built in calendar application, and it’s super easy to use. The app takes the concept of simplicity and brings it to your calendar.

With Calvetica, you get all the power of Apple’s built in calendar with the simplicity much like the idea behind Windows Phone 7.


Helvetica is more than just a font. It is a clean, modern, and simplistic way of displaying information. It is used nearly everywhere; on signs, buildings, billboards, and more. It’s been used by NASA, CNN, NBA, and even on the US federal income tax forms. It’s even had a documentary made about how widely used it is.

Helvetica isn’t meant for showing or conveying emotion, but as a grid-like font, designed to look sharp when surrounded in whitespace. Calvetica takes that same idea of simplicity and modernness and applies it to your calendar. It gives you the clean, sharp, and beautiful Helvetica font in a simplistic interface. Spend more time looking at your events and less looking at the application’s interface. Font geeks rejoice.

Calvetica's unique weekly view makes it easy to find the event your were looking for.

Calvetica's unique weekly view makes it easy to find the event your were looking for.

Simple and Clean

Calvetica's simple interface in Day view is ideal for keeping track of your tasks.

Calvetica's simple interface in Day view is ideal for keeping track of your tasks.

Your calendar is boring and cluttered with features and buttons that stick out like a sore thumb. Your calendar may be hard to look at, but Calvetica is different. Calvetica is simple, showing you the information you care about. Forget navigation bars and toolbars, this app eliminates these, leaving you more room for your calendar.

Tap on any day to bring up the day viewer, showing you all the events in a simplistic screen. Compare that to the built-in calendar application, which only shows your events by default in a small window below your calendar. See all your events for the day in the entire screen with the push of one button and switch months with the push of another button.

In the latest update for Calvetica, you now have a beautiful landscape interface for viewing your events. Swipe to the left and see some beautiful animations. The Landscape mode is automatically in week mode, showing you upcoming events for the week.

Calvetica's Weekly mode in Landscape.

Instant Setup

Most calendar apps are hard to migrate to because they require you to re-enter events. Not Calvetica. It is integrated with your built-in calendar so no re-entry is required. You can even make changes to events and it will stay synced with your calendar. That means it will also synchronize with MobileMe and your remote calendars that are setup on your device. Just like calendar, you can hide specific calendars if you don’t want certain accounts showing up on your calendar. In fact, Calvetica contains almost all the same features of calendar without the design bloat.

Notifications and Alerts

The Snooze dialog makes it easy to schedule an alert for an event. Never miss a meeting again.

The Snooze dialog makes it easy to schedule an alert for an event. Never miss a meeting again.

Sometimes you have a ton of things to do and you need to focus on what is currently in front of you. Switch into Calvetica’s day view, which only shows you upcoming tasks for the current day. Now instead of seeing hundreds of events for the month ahead and being overwhelmed, you can get a small list of tasks.

Tap the Today button on the main screen of Calvetica to get to the day view. Calvetica also has an interesting snooze and alert menu. Tap Notifications in the Calvetica menu to see events with an alarm set. Tap the Zzz button to bring up the snooze menu which lets will let you put off tasks for a few more minutes. Great when you’re running late but still want to be reminded of the event later.


Calvetica is a beautiful minimalist calendar that works great and looks amazing. Take the bloat out of your calendar and focus more on your events. It’s perfect for designers, font-geeks, or general users looking for a calendar that looks simple but is fully featured. Calvetica is also extremely fast, loading your data quickly and even supporting quick event entry right in the hour fields, meaning you can enter your info faster. Don’t you deserve the calendar that focuses on what you want to see?

Calvetica also has a lite/free version which lets you test the program out before you decide to buy it. So, if you are looking for calendar program that focuses more on your events and less on complex interfaces, then Calvetica is the program for you. Download Calvetica Narrow and start tapping away.


Calvetica is an amazingly simple calendar program that takes all the design bloat out of your calendar. Focus more on your events and less on your iPhone.