NotifyMe: Beautiful Push Notification Tasks and To Do’s

Task management has been one of the most explored categories in the App Store. There are tons of to-do list applications that all offer the same basic features and allow users to list and check off tasks as they are done. Taking a departure from this conventional way of thinking, PoweryBase has come up with a great way to manage tasks on the go.

NotifyMe is a simple reminder app for your iPhone. It’s touted as being “simple, yet so very powerful”. With a simple user interface, easy to understand graphics and a speedy experience, NotifyMe takes the task out of…well, creating tasks! Selling for $5.99, the app is a bit more pricy than the conventional to-do app, but it packs in the features to make it worthwhile.

The NotifyMe Interface

The NotifyMe Interface

The application can be configured in a number of ways to be displayed the way you want it to, even changing the page you first see when the app is opened. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to organize your life. NotifyMe has been out for a little while, but the recently released version 2.0 adds over 100 new tweaks and enhancements.

The app has some excellent “power” features such as snoozing, automatic event repeating, scheduling, time zone support, sound notifications, custom categories with icons and optimizations for speed. The latest release of the app comes completely redesigned with support with the latest features of iOS 4.0.

In The Cloud

The best feature of NotifyMe has to be the way it handles to-dos. Beyond just simply storing them in your phone, NotifyMe has built an entire network around their application. NotifyMeCloud is a free service to owners of the iPhone application. There’s no additional fees or extra software. Simply create an account and you’ll benefit from great features such as live syncing between devices, sharing and more. According to the developer’s website, over three million to-dos have been pushed to their excellent cloud service.

Sharing & Connectivity

Sharing & Connectivity

Additionally, the cloud service offers you with a web application to manage tasks when you’re not near your device. Share reminders and events created on the iPhone right from your computer. The website provides full SSL support to keep your reminders safe and private.

NotifyMe will also be releasing an “iPad Control Center” that can be used to manage tasks right from your couch. You can use the iPad companion application as a standalone tool or to create reminders and push them to other devices. A great example of this is if you are part of family trying to stay connected. Use NotifyMe to create dinner reminders or chore lists and push them to the appropriate family member. The possibilities are endless with the ability to keep all your devices in sync and on task.

Make It Easy

NotifyMe is a very successful application because it strips away a lot of the complications that make other apps difficult to use. The developer realizes that the over 100,000 current users have a multitude of apps to manage their life. Between calendars with events, management apps and more, NotifyMe is meant to supplement them by providing you with an easy way to jot down a quick reminder and time-specific tasks. The added features such as sharing and cloud support just make this job even simpler.

If NotifyMe sounds like too much for you, there’s another option available for a fraction of the cost. If you are just looking for an even simpler to-do app, NotifyMe Simple may be what you’re looking for. A more basic version of the full-featured app, NotifyMeSimple sports the same great interface, ease of use and multitasking/iOS 4.0 support but strips away the cloud support and serves as an “offline-only to-do manager”. The simple version of the application is only $2.99.

Comparing the Two Versions

Comparing the Two Versions


NotifyMe handles tasks very well. The feature that makes this app stand out is not the advanced features it offers, but the simplicity. The main reason to-do apps fail is they make using them complicated. If I need to remember something, I don’t want to be presented with tons of menus and categories and options. I want to write down the important information and be reminded later. NotifyMe does just that.

The cloud support, web access and forthcoming iPad application are all great resources to take the simplicity a step further and keep this app and your content handy wherever you are. For $5.99, it’s a bit pricy but you’re certainly getting what you pay for!


NotifyMe is a simple and powerful reminder application that sports an easy to use interface and enough power features to keep users interested. With cloud support, sharing and web access, NotifyMe does a great job of keeping you on task wherever you are.