Share and Sync Your Lists With Silo

When you’ve got a system in place, when you have order, you’re not going to upset the applecart unless something pretty spectacular comes along. That’s exactly how I felt, and then I saw Silo. I was in a getting-things-done rut, and I needed something new to get me back on track. Silo has the goods and looks pretty fantastic, too.

Let’s take a look and see what makes this little app so great.

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Tap, To-do and Share

I usually try to save my gushing opinion for later in the review, but there’s no need to be coy. Silo knows how I feel; It was love at first sight. Silo is everything I want out of a task manager and list app — it’s super simple with just about all of the features I need. Drag your catalog of lists down to create a new one and start typing out a title for your list. Tap and hold a list title to edit it, or tap and hold the empty area to the right of your list’s title to move it around and reorder it. Swipe right to delete a list when you’re done.

Silo looks pretty snazzy. Control all of your lists with gestures.

Silo looks pretty snazzy. Control all of your lists with gestures.

A single tap on a list will open it. Adding stuff to your list is the same as creating a new list. Drag down on your list’s contents to create a new to-do or list item. Tap out whatever you need to remember, and even add a hashtag to sort your to-dos later. This tagging feature was added in a recent update and has been a boon to productivity. I can tag all of my household to-dos by room or create “#indoor” and “#outdoor” lists within lists, so I’m always on top of what needs to get done. Tap and hold to edit a task or tap and hold to the right of the task to reorder it, same as with your lists. Delete by swiping to the right.

For a task manager to really work for me, it has to be available on all of my devices. That means different things to different people, but Silo is available in a lot of places. Not only do I have it on my iPhone, but it also syncs with the iPad and Mac apps. If that doesn’t work for you, Silo is available on the web. You won’t get the nifty gestures you’ll find in the other apps, but all of your lists are synced there for you, no matter where you are.

Check off and reorder your to-do's.

Check off and reorder your to-do’s.

Probably the coolest feature of Silo is list sharing. Back in the main list view, swipe to the left and you can invite users to collaborate on your lists. Your friends can add to lists and check things off, too. When I first used Silo, I found it worked better if the friends you added were already members of Silo, but since they’ll have to join up anyway, that’s no huge burden. Remember, they don’t have to own an iPhone or any other Apple device to join in and can access Silo from the web. You’ll always be able to pick out which list is currently shared by the little team icon pinned to it in the main view.

I Don’t Mind No Reminders

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about how to set reminders or due dates for tasks. That’s because there aren’t any reminders or due dates. That’s a bad miss for a to-do app, I’ll admit. I’m going to stick by Silo for a couple of reasons, though. It syncs like a boss, I can share lists and it syncs my lists with my friends. I’ve been using Wunderlist for a while, and syncing had been a constant, though improving, issue, but I’d never been able to share a list through Wunderlist. It just never worked.

Tags are a new feature, one that I like a lot.

Tags are a new feature, one that I like a lot.

If due dates are important to you, Silo’s not going to be what you need, at least not right now. A few weeks ago, Silo didn’t have tagging, so we can’t rule out due dates in a future release, but if they’re a deal breaker, you have to look out for you. Syncing and sharing are what I need first, and that’s what Silo’s got. Plus, it just looks really good.

Settings and More

I want to run through some of the options and settings really quickly, because there’s nice stuff here. Silo has red to spare by default, but you can change that if you’re not down. You can even go black on white or white on black, whatever works. I was actually really impressed that an app so much about looks actually gave me that much control over the app’s theme. Silo also lets you decide how you complete a task, whether by tapping anywhere or just on its little radio button.

Sharing is what makes Silo such a standout.

Sharing is what makes Silo such a standout.

There are some little clicky sounds pretty much any time you touch anything. I like them, but they don’t sound entirely unlike when that one kid in study hall would constantly crack her knuckles. It’s not going to be everyone’s jam, so it’s solid they let us shut that off. You can set your default browser and toggle notifications on and off for shared lists, too.

Final Thoughts

It’s not going to come as a big surprise at this point that I’m all in with Silo. I had been using a matrix of to-do and list apps to get things done, and I’ve replaced everything with Silo. It’s my go to to-do app. I use it for everything from managing to tasks to grocery lists to keeping up with ideas. Anything that can go in a list goes in Silo.

It doesn’t hurt that I have it on all of my devices. If I’m stuck away from my home computer and my iPhone is out of reach, I can always just use the web app. And I’ve finally managed to share all of the lists I’ve just been copying and pasting into emails. Silo has changed the way I get things done. The lack of due dates is really the only drawback, and it’s going to be a big one for some people, but so far, it hasn’t held me or Silo back.


Share your lists in this great looking app.