Ramp Up Sales On The Move With Fusebill

One of the best ways to increase the revenue generated by your business is to sell more products to existing customers. This often means going mobile with your sales. Fusebill is a mobile credit card acceptance solution for subscription and other recurring payment-based businesses.

It allows you to take payments anywhere, anytime, meaning you grow your business and sales faster. Going mobile with your sales can work out a lot cheaper and easier than trying to generate sales elsewhere, although if you only have one product this is undeniably somewhat more difficult.

Fusebill helps you achieve this aim with a secure, organized and easy-to-use platform. The iOS app supports secure payment and eCommerce functionality to help your business sell more things as fast and smoothly as possible. Particularly if you bill customers monthly, quarterly, or annually, Fusebill takes care of recurring payments much better than trying to renew them manually all the time.

Secure transactions wherever you go

Fusebill promises the highest level of security and encryption using PCI DSS certification to ensure that any transactions you make can’t be compromised or intercepted. This is done by Fusebill Secure, which allows you to take credit card payments and even capture customer data for bonus schemes and sales monitoring to analyze and enhance your sales.

By plugging into Fusebill’s transparent redirect API, it allows your own web site to collect credit card data securely as the data is transferred to Fusebill’s vault and never stored on your site to guarantee your customers more security.

Support for offline payments

Fusebill is very flexible is the way it allows you to take payments, and it accepts all major methods of payment from clients and customers. This includes credit card sales which allows you to accept credit and debit card payments. You can record cash sales and offline sales, which enables you to log transactions when outside of wireless coverage and upload them when you are back in coverage.

Fusebill also supports voids and refunds so that you can refund customers or void transactions that haven’t worked properly or that have caused problems for your clients or customers.Fusebill supports several different payment methods.

Keep your finger on the sales pulse

Keeping track of your sales is just as important as making them and Fusebill also has an “Inquiries” feature which allows you to review your transactions for the last 30 days or just for the current batch. You can download the data to CSV and automatically email it to yourself to view and track mobile transactions you’ve made on your PC later.

Although Fusebill doesn’t differ hugely from other similar mobile card payment systems, Fusebill Capture Customer Data is one of the more unique features as it allows you to build up a database of clients by automatically creating subscriptions and recurring billing within Fusebill. The Fusebill Automated Billing and Payment platform is also extremely useful for taking care of recurring transactions. The ability to be able to sell a product or package within days anywhere, anytime also means that Fusebill helps you to reach customers quicker than traditional sales channels.

Fusebill automatically offers you the option to build up customer data

Integration with Salesforce and NetSuite

One other big advantage of Fusebill is its Salesforce integration. If your enterprise is already a Salesforce user, Fusebill conveniently synchronizes with Salesforce. This includes handling recurring billing, the ability to see a customer’s subscriptions at both accounts and opportunity level, view invoices, make changes to billing settings, and more.

Fusebill is also integrated with NetSuite. This means that Fusebill can automatically create and manage NetSuite invoices from Fusebill transactions. It can also keep customer information more up to date while allowing Fusebill to manage recurring payments and credit card vault data as with Salesforce.

If you need to integrate Fusebill with your own proprietary platform or any other platform, you can use the REST API which provides integration to nearly every feature and function in the application. Fusebill also provides instructions how to use the API and how to integrate your software as quickly as possible with code examples and workflow diagrams. This enables your system to respond to changes in a customer’s account such as quantity changes, billing events, new invoices, payments received and much more.


Fusebill offers a powerful way to take payments anywhere and increase your sales from existing customers. It’s a worthy option, but it’s also a good idea to start exploring cloud-based billing applications, which can help streamline your financial workflows.


Powerful mobile sales solution.