Roambi Analytics Brings Your Data To Life

Presenting analytical data is an important but sometimes dry task. Roambi Analytics attempts to make the process a whole lot more interesting and dynamic.

More specifically, Roambi understands that business decisions increasingly need to be made on the move and the app aims to deliver crucial figures or results to your mobile device with style in order to seal a deal, ensure the successful running of your business, and uncover new trends in your data.

Turning data into a work of art

Roambi is a data visualization app that allows you to use any CSV file, spice it up and share it from your iOS device. Roambi is suitable for a wide variety of users from data scientists crunching serious data to small business owners and large enterprises that want to get more out of their data.

Roambi isn’t fussy where the data came from either – it transforms pretty much any statistical data into something more engaging for readers. Roambi can take data from a wide range of CRM and business tools such as Salesforce, Box, Veeva, and most types of databases or spreadsheets.

Roambi allows you to choose several different data display types.

Roambi’s pie chart viewer.

Roambi is very powerful, allowing you to design your own dashboards for your iOS device. It provides a huge variety of data display options and integrates with a variety of data sources such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL , Amazon, and RedShift etc. There are also several other advanced perks depending on the subscription model you choose such as HTTPS Mobile Data Transmission, LDAP integration, and REST API integration.

Endless ways to present and analyze your data

Roambi Analytics is excellent for simplifying complex analytical data or making reams of dull statistical data more interesting. You can present data in an endless number of attractive ways including column charts, stacked column charts, combination charts, area charts, line charts, pie charts, comparison charts, waterfall charts, scatter plotter charts and bubble charts.

Roambi has tons of attractive ways to present your data.

Roambi has tons of attractive ways to present your data.

Recently, Roambi has been updated to include a new feature called Blink. Blink allows you to instantly pivot data on your iPhone or iPad in what the developers call “FreeStyle Analytics”. Roambi Analytics allows you to pivot, filter, and analyze data with no other tools required.

You can instantly visualize and explore datasets on iOS by importing data from other apps with iOS Document Picker. You can then share the results with other iOS users using Share Extensions in iOS. You can quickly swipe, zoom, slide and tap to look at your data from almost every angle helping you to see things where you might not have seen before.

Roambi's neat cover flow style way of presenting stats.

Roambi’s neat cover flow style way of presenting stats.

Although Roambi is cloud-based, it feels like it offers all of the functionality of a native desktop or mobile app and you can even filter and pivot data offline. And as long as the recipient has a free Roambi account, you can share the data for free although if you upgrade to the paid version, you can share Roambi Analytics with anyone you choose.

You can configure how secure you want your data to be to make sure that no one else can access or compromise the information share although the level of security depends on the type of subscription you have.

Roambi’s pricing explained

You can try Roambi for free and anyone can sign up for a free account if they want to access data being shared. However, Roambi monetizes access to additional features on the server that add greater security and functionality to Roambi Lite such as Device Lockout, Remote Wipe, Application Passcode and a greater variety of visualizations. These are only available by having a subscription ranging from Starter to Enterprise.

Starter costs just $10 per user per month and supports a maximum of 10 users. The Business plan for small to mid-size companies costs $39 per user per month and supports from 10 to 100 users. The Enterprise edition requires a minimum of 50 users at $59 per user per month but there is no maximum number of users and you’re entitled to premium support.


Rather than simply take a desktop app and make it mobile, the Roambi team has focused on a purely mobile experience and looked at the user experience of interactive apps rather than just statistical apps and then taken this into account when designing Roambi.

Ultimately, Roambi isn’t just designed to make statistics look good. It’s designed to look at your data from all angles to help you find new insights into your data.

Find out more about Romabi here, and do let us know which data analytics apps for iPhone you use and why you like them.


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