Supercharge Your Productivity With Highrise CRM For iPhone

Highrise CRM is a simple and flexible CRM and contact management tool that helps keep you and your team organized. Highrise is all about collaboration whether its on contacts, emails, notes and many more different ways of working together. For instance, you can share an address book with your entire company or integrate it with other business tools your company uses such as Xero, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, and many others. Highrise is more than a just a CRM though, and it also features a help desk, group email client, and company address book all in one.

The Highrise CRM iPhone app is a very easy to follow CRM which provides a limited set of basic contact management features. The app is built with simplicity in mind and isn’t as complicated as the desktop version but retains the most essential functions.

Highrise CRM for iPhone allows you to easily share contact information with team members through a central database of contact profiles. You can then import contact details directly from Outlook, Gmail, Excel, MailChimp and other third party apps. One of the strengths of Highrise is its openness to other apps, with lots of third-party integrations, which you can view here.

Keep key communication centralized

You can use the Highrise CRM iPhone app to send emails directly to clients and archive important mails, attaching them to contact profiles. You can also attach important documents and files and other attachments, such as contracts. Highrise allows you to create tasks, assign tasks to team members, track your tasks, and receive reminders via email or SMS. Colleagues can add notes to contacts for review by other team members, and custom privacy settings let you decide which information you share with whom.

Highrise is very good at helping teams colloborate when it comes to communicating about clients they are dealing with.

Highrise CRM for iPhone is very good at helping teams collaborate when it comes to communicating about clients they are dealing with.

You can store contact and company information by entering data manually or by automatically importing from your email, Excel or third-party apps.

Simple but effective task management

When it comes to task management, you can use the Highrise CRM iOS app to create tasks, assign tasks to team mates, track the progress of tasks, and set reminders.

Highrise CRM is generally very good at reminding you of overdue tasks, and the app helps you stay on top of your business pipeline. You can create tasks to follow up with leads and check-in with customers. You can view tasks by company, contact, or project, and add reminders to tasks so that you never forget to send an email again. This makes it easier to keep track of important tasks, assign tasks to team members, and also allows you to get reminders via email or SMS.The Highrise task manager is simple but effective.

The doc doctor

When it comes to document management, you can attach documents and files to contact profiles and emails within the Highrise CRM iPhone app, although not all formats are supported.

Highrise has a useful number of privacy settings which enable you to decide which information to mark as private and which and for you to view only so any documents you want to share can be protected. You can also select specific team members to share information with.

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth a paying a subscription, Highrise CRM offers a free plan that supports two users, no files, 250 contacts. There’s also a solo plan (for one user, 5 GB file storage, unlimited deals, 20k contacts, $29/month).

Otherwise, there are four different types of pricing plan ranging from Basic to Max. Basic starts at $24 per month for up-to six users and 5000 contacts, 10 deals and 5GB of storage. The Plus plan is $49 a month and supports up to 15 users and 20,000 contacts with 15GB storage. Highrise Premium costs $99 a month for up to 40 users with 30,000 contacts, unlimited deals and 30Gb storage. Finally, Highrise Max is for big businesses and costs $149 a month with unlimited users, 50,000 contacts, unlimited deals and 75GB storage.


Highrise CRM for iPhone is overall a very useful and well-designed CRM tool. Used right, it should improve your customer service and help you be more efficient at following up leads and having a more centralized database of clients.

There are buckets of CRM apps on the market and, although it’s worth trying, Highrise CRM might not necessarily be the right choice for your company. Check out GetApp, where you can compare Highrise CRM with similar apps.


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