Take Your Accounts Anywhere With Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accounting application for iPhone which allows you to manage your business accounts anywhere. Zoho Books allows you to handle transactions and access your financial information 24/7.

If you ever need to send estimates or invoices in the move, Zoho Books allows you to do so, as well as helping you monitor all the income and outgoings of your business. The Zoho Books mobile app is a supplement to the web-based application and includes lots of the major features. Zoho Books is free to download and there are no limitations on the number of transactions for 14 days but after that, you need to purchase a subscription to unlock all of the features.

Send invoices and take payments on the fly

Despite being a slightly lighter version of the full Zoho suite, Zoho Books allows to select from a range of invoices that suit your brand image, although the selection isn’t as good as in the web version.

Not only this, but you can accept payments from customers online at any time. You can take payments on Zoho Books from PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Payflow Pro, 2Checkout, Forte, and World Pay online payment gateways for quick payments. Zoho Books is fully integrated with these payment gateways so that you can receive money for invoices online.

The invoice template selection in Zoho Books is more limited than the web but still allows you to produce professional invoices that suit your company image.

The invoice template selection in Zoho Books is more limited than the web version, but still allows you to produce professional invoices that suit your company image.

Attach files, receipts and expenses easily

When it comes to accounting for expenses, you can upload a picture of receipts or share them from your device and attach them to the corresponding expense instantly.

You can add file attachments to expenses, invoices, estimates and emails that you send to your customers to give you a better overview of why specific amounts of are money going out of your account.

Overall,  you have a better overview of how much you owe using Zoho Books and it helps you pay bills on time. If you have a professional accountant that manages your business affairs, they can be invited into Zoho Books to oversee and consult transactions. If you need to make sure that you have enough to cover payroll and supplier expenses, the application also gives you a convenient overview of what’s in your account.

Zoho Books for iPhone gives you an instant overview of your cashflow by month so you can see exactly how much is remaining for the month.

Zoho Books for iPhone gives you an instant overview of your cashflow by month .


Time tracking and collaboration

Zoho Books allows you to track the amount of time that staff are working. You can change user preferences to add more users and invite colleagues to work remotely, or invite staff to work on timesheets and clock in remotely.

You can even invite clients to use Zoho Books to help your clients stay up to date on all the transactions that are happening between them and your business. You can skip the lengthy email threads and collaborate better with your clients using the portal.

Zoho Books is also suitable for those that need to track how much time they are spending on specific work and projects. You can use Zoho Books as a basic time management tool and use time tracked to instantly send out invoices.

If you work across borders, Zoho Books supports transactions in multiple currencies and there are no limits on the amount of transactions you can make with it. To unlock unlimited transactions and the full features of Zoho Books, however, you must make an in-app purchase after 14 days. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription. If you choose a monthly subscription, it’s $24 per month – or you can save two month’s fee by going for a yearly subscription at $240. Note that all subscriptions are automatically renewed unless auto-renew is deactivated, but you can cancel at any time.


On the downside of Zoho Books, filling in vendor information can be time consuming as there’s no way to automatically import customer data from the web, although you can import from other sources. The accuracy of imports can be hit and miss and you may find you have to manually clean up some data. There’s also no way to work offline so if you don’t have an internet or data connection, you can’t edit or view your account data.

If you’ve used the Zoho Books web interface then you might find Zoho Books a bit limited but overall, it’s a very well designed accounting application, especially for those new to financial management.

You can find out more about Zoho Books and give the app a try here. If you use the application, or can recommend an alternative accounting app please share your experience with the AppStorm community. We’d love to know your thoughts!


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