Batch: Sharing a Bunch of your Photos

Uploading a bunch of photos for your friends to view is a pain. First you’ll probably want to connect your iPhone to your computer (or, if you’re using iCloud, fire your computer up and revel in the glory of Photo Stream), then you’ll choose which photos to upload, and then you’ll tag your friends and label the album.

This is a pain. Luckily, Batch is here to the rescue, allowing you to upload a bunch of photos (you might even say, a batch of photos) to the service and then share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Does the app work as well as it should, or is this a bad batch? Read on to find out, and I promise I won’t make any more bad puns.

Getting Started

The first thing that you’ll have to do with Batch is sign up. While it’s technically a stand-alone service, Batch requires a Facebook account to sign up, which might be a deal breaker for some people. Since most people are uploading these photos with the specific intent of sharing them on Facebook though, I don’t imagine that this will hurt the service too badly.

Sharing with Batch and Facebook, while Twitter is left out.

Sharing with Batch and Facebook, while Twitter is left out.

After you do that, you’re all set; there isn’t any special album that you need to create on Facebook, you don’t need to do anything funky with a custom camera roll as you might with some other apps; once you sign up for the service you’re good to go. If you like you can add your Twitter account as well, but it isn’t required.

Sending Your First Batch

Let’s say you’ve got a couple of photos from the park that you would like to upload. Instead of going through the painful process that I outlined in the beginning of this review, Batch makes it easy to share all of these photos with your friends quickly.

Choosing photos is easy and fast.

Choosing photos is easy and fast.

In the main view of the app, hitting the Photos icon in the bottom navigation bar allows you to create a new batch. From there you can select a couple (dozen) photos from your camera roll that you would like to share, and then you’ll be prompted to assign the batch a name and tag any friends that might be in the photos.

Instead of tagging each individual photo, you can tag who is in the entire Batch, which is handy.

Instead of tagging each individual photo, you can tag who is in the entire Batch, which is handy.

In all, the process is very simple. Instead of waiting a long time to organize photos and then go through the entire thing using a computer, Batch makes it easy to get through the sharing process in a couple of seconds. Photos uploaded quickly (faster than they would have through Facebook for iPhone) and I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that the process took only a few seconds.

Adding to Your Batches

One cool feature is the ability to take a photo from directly inside the app. I don’t use this very often as the default Camera app on my iPhone 4S is very snappy and makes other photo applications feel like they take forever, but if I wanted to add a photo to a particular Batch I can see myself using the feature.

Yes, I did take a picture of me taking a picture of pictures I took.

Yes, I did take a picture of me taking a picture of pictures I took.

From the camera interface you can decide to create a new Batch with your new photo as a starting point, or to add the photo to an existing Batch. Let’s say that I already have a Batch that has all of the shots of my nephew; if I were to use the built-in camera I would be able to add that photo into that particular Batch with no extra steps required.

The camera in the app is fully-featured and can make adding to your Batches even faster.

The camera in the app is fully-featured and can make adding to your Batches even faster.

If you’re taking a photo with the express purpose of sharing it, and you already have a Batch created that you would like to add to, the built-in camera should suffice. It’s nice that there’s an option, but I still prefer taking pictures from the default, as it feels the fastest to me. Speed is important when your nephew refuses to do something adorable for more than two seconds, so anything I can do to optimize the time from locked phone to photo snapped is important.

How Batch Shares your Photos

One thing that I was surprised at was the fact that Batch didn’t directly upload photos into Facebook. Instead, the app creates a Batch on its own service and shares a link on Facebook (or Twitter, if you’ve connected that service as well). I have conflicting feelings on this, as I feel that it helps the experience but also increases the likelihood that some of my photos might not be attached to Facebook forever, as I would like them to be.

Speed is important. I’m sure that by uploading the photos to Batch and then posting a link to other services drastically improves the upload speed, which is a good thing. If an app like this felt slow and clunky there would be no reason to use it over the official apps or creating an album through iPhoto; the developers have clearly done what is best for them in this instance.

However, I’m afraid of what would happen if Batch were to suddenly go under. While all of my photos are backed up to my Mac through Photo Stream, the entire point of using Batch is getting those photos posted to Facebook for my friends to see with as little hassle as possible. If something were to suddenly happen to the service, not only would I have to decide whether or not it’s worth it to share those photos again, but I’d have to go through the long process of choosing photos through iPhoto and uploading them manually on top of the (minimal) effort I already put in to Batch.

Will Batch Make your Life Easier?

I’d say that any potential risks from having your photos on Batch are mitigated by the fact that your photos will be safe on your computer anyway. It may be a pain to manually upload those photos, but that’s assuming that there might be a problem in the future.

Right now, Batch is a powerful app that make sharing a bunch of photos incredibly easy and fast. I can’t stress enough how much easier Batch has made sharing a bunch of photos, and that’s definitely worth the possible risks down the line. Since the app is free, there’s no reason to not give it a try today, assuming you have a Facebook account.


Batch allows you to quickly take and upload numerous pictures to their service, with easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter.