Keep Track of Your Usage With Consume

When it comes to keeping track of accounts such as cellular and data, nothing is more important than knowing exactly what your usage is. Logging in and searching your account online can become a hassle, especially when on-the-go.

Consume from Bjango brings you the ability to monitor your usage on all of your accounts including mobile phone, broadband, tolls, rewards cards, and more right on your iPhone or iPod touch.

What Consume Does

Consume connects to your online accounts using 3G or wireless and gives you up to date and accurate information directly from your provider’s web site. If your usage is shown on your providers site, odds are Consume will display that data with the touch of your finger.

Everything from anytime minutes to sms will be shown so you can make sure you don’t incur overage fees and get your money’s worth by maxing out your available data usage. Consume also works great with prepaid accounts so your never stuck without any minutes or data.

What Account Types are Supported?

Supporting over 100 providers in 11 countries, Consume gives you a wide array of providers to choose from. You can check their list of current supported providers and even request to have yours added if it not yet supported.

Consume also supports other types of accounts including tolls, reward cards, rail, bus, air, and the list goes on!

First Things First

The first thing you will notice about Consume is the beautiful interface and graphics. The app has the extra quirks that make utility apps fun to use. When you open the app, a splash screen is displayed which then flips to the main screen asking you to add an account.

Simply tap the button to be taken to the settings page where you can add, remove, and reorder accounts as well as apply a few other custom settings.

Introductory Screens

Introductory Screens

Getting Started

From the settings screen, accounts are easily added by selecting the add account button. Select your country, category, and provider.

Setting Up Your Provider

Setting Up Your Provider

Then enter your account credentials, click save and you are ready to go! Consume will then connect to your account for the first time.

Adding another account is done through this same process. You can also reorder your accounts to determine which will be updated first and so on.

Checking Your Usage

Checking Your Usage

Checking Your Usage

After your accounts have been added and Consume is launched, your data will be displayed in graph and text format. Your usage will automatically be refreshed upon launch and there is a convenient refresh button for in-app updates. I tested Consume’s accuracy by logging into my account and comparing the two. As you’d expect, they matched perfectly.

Usage Graph

Usage Graph

Extra Features

Bjango really took the extra step when adding features to this app. When you rotate your iPhone or iPod touch into landscape orientation, Consume will display the main info from all of your accounts. You can switch back to viewing a single account by rotating your device back to portrait orientation.

Consume also uses a system called Recipes to keep the way your information is accessed up to date. If your provider makes changes to it’s site or servers then Consume would have to be updated in order to get your data.

Luckily, Consume uses Recipes to determine how to access your account. An update to the “recipe” on Bjango’s servers, and you’re back up and running without having to download a new version of Consume. It’s a clever and welcome way to circumvent Apple’s long-winded approval process.

Final Verdict

While there are other apps that allow you to monitor your usage, none allow you to track multiple accounts across such a wide variety of providers. Consume provides up-to-date, accurate information.

This, combined with a great interface, ease of use, and Recipes update technology make Consume (iTunes Link) a steal at it’s price point of $.99.


Nothing is better than finding a utility app that you will actually use on a daily basis. Whether your trying to stay under your monthly minutes or wanting to max out your data plan, consume is the tool to have.