Make Your iPhone More Efficient with Launch Center Pro

One of the Mac apps I could never live without is Alfred. It just makes everything so much quicker and easier to do — just a press of a keyboard shortcut and the action I want to carry out is just a few letters away. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen an iOS app that can streamline our actions just like Alfred.

That is, until now. App Cubby’s newest release, Launch Center Pro, is the Alfred that iOS has been missing ever since its debut. Launch Center Pro will completely revolutionize the way you use your iPhone by bringing several features into one place. Learn more about how this app can make your iPhone that much more efficient after the break.

What is Launch Center Pro?

Admit it — sifting through the hundreds of apps on your iPhone just to find that one you need isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. The lack of efficiency in iOS can cause us a lot of trouble, especially for people who have tons of applications they use regularly. That being said, Launch Center Pro is an app best kept in your dock. Essentially, it allows you to carry out everyday tasks much more efficiently that you had been able to before.

But what makes it different from Spotlight search? Well, while Spotlight search can be helpful, its features are very limited. Spotlight search can only sift through the content on your phone, whereas Launch Center Pro can use that data and actually carry out actions, such as calling a contact or pulling a Google search. But wait, there’s more.


Using Launch Center Pro is quite simple. There are two basic types of functions: actions and groups. Actions will carry out the exact prompt upon the tap; groups will fan out into a menu of more commands. I will note that in order to reach the commands in a group, you must drag your finger towards the one you want as letting go of the screen will bring you back to the homepage.

You can use groups to host your favorite websites (left) and there are several actions, like tweeting, that can be carried out directly from within Launch Center Pro (right)

You can use groups to host your favorite websites and several actions, like tweeting, can be carried out directly from the app

Several applications and stock that are compatible with Launch Center Pro have their own actions that can be activated through the app itself. For example, if you are a heavy Instagram user, you can go straight to the camera in one click via an action in Launch Center Pro. If there is someone you get in contact with often, you can set up an action to message or call that person directly from the app — no need to type in numbers or email addresses anymore.

Launch Center Pro is extremely useful for one main reason: everything can be tailored to your liking. If you want a whole group dedicated to different means of contact with one person, you can do that. If you don’t need the call option on the homepage of the app, you can delete it. It’s simple to customize, and that’s what makes it so darn useful.

You are able to change up all the actions and groups to what you'd like, as long as the apps you want to use are supported in Launch Center Pro

All the actions and groups are changeable, as long as the apps you want to use are supported in Launch Center Pro

The largest downfall of Launch Center Pro is the limited availability of apps that are compatible with it. On App Cubby’s website, they have a list of available apps that are compatible with Launch Center Pro. Unfortunately, this list is very limited right now, and only a handful of the apps on the list are able to carry out actual actions from within Launch Center Pro itself. If an app isn’t on the list, it isn’t accessible through the app.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t call Launch Center Pro a novelty quite yet. While you may still be unable to make a solid games folder quite yet, all of that important stuff is still there. Sure, you may not play Tiny Tower everyday, but chances are you send an email, message your friends, or call a loved one. It’s almost a sacrifice of desired functionality for utility, so it makes sense that some of these things are omitted.


The design of Launch Center Pro is absolutely perfect. Its stunning interface is reminiscent of the Tapbots apps. The interface itself uses subtle gradients to create a nice depth; the dark grey color to the background also keeps the focus on the content, not other UI elements.

The UI is simple and gorgeous (left); you can customize every icon in the app to your liking (right)

The UI is simple and gorgeous (left); you can customize every icon in the app to your liking (right)

Still, much of the design is actually up to you. Aside from the background and function buttons, everything is customizable. Launch Center Pro comes loaded with several different backgrounds and hundreds of icons so you can make the buttons look how you want them to. So if you don’t like the stock Mail icon or need a new icon for a new action, you are able to customize it to your liking.

The Verdict

All in all, Launch Center Pro is perhaps one of the most useful applications that has ever graced any of my iDevices. It offers an extremely streamlined way of performing all of your everyday actions and will buy you much more time at the end of the day. Everything is tailored to your liking, allowing you to add and delete to make the app as useful as possible. It’s also beyond beautiful, which is always a huge plus.

As mentioned before, the biggest downfall is the lack of applications that are accessible through Launch Center Pro itself. However, seeing that essentially all everyday tasks are available through the application at press time, this isn’t something that takes too much away from the value of the app. Therefore, even at the price of $4.99, I’d recommend Launch Center Pro to every iPhone user.


A powerful application and action launcher that will streamline your iPhone's everyday actions