TinyVox Pro: Express Yourself Without Typing

At first glance, TinyVox Pro is a voice recorder with a pretty interface and that’s it. With closer investigation though, there are some useful features that will suit certain types of user.

For example, journalists might find the app useful for recording interviews, musicians might find it useful for recording demos or samples, and ordinary users might develop a preference for recording notes rather than typing them. Let’s get into it after the jump.¬†

Main Features

The app is listed in the App Store under Social Networking. That’s because the developer is pitching it as a way to share voice clips with your followers or friends. You can think of it as an audio version of TwitPic.¬†Whether you buy that as a concept or not will depend on how much you think social networking needs audio file sharing.

The TinyVox Pro interface

The TinyVox Pro interface

Perhaps it will help if I share with you why I looked at it in the first place. I was looking for an app that would allow me to easily record interviews and voice notes. I have tried loads of note taking apps, and still end up using different ones at different times.

Recording a voice note is a simple way of capturing what you need. Why not use the build-in voice memo app? Well you could, but there is a restriction on how long each recording can be. TinyVox Pro gives you up to 20 minutes of recording time for each tape.

Making a Recording

There is no doubt about it, TinyVox Pro has a lovely interface. If it reminds you of one of the tape cassette based voice recorders from Olympus, you’d be right.

To make a recording you tap the big red record button and start speaking. If you are recording a conversation between someone else and yourself, you will need to keep your iPhone reasonably close to the person speaking.

While recording, you get a nice visual display that also shows a recording level:

Making a recording

Making a recording

I have found the level indicator to be quite accurate, and if it’s as low as you see in the screenshot, you need to move your iPhone closer to the sound source for best results.

What is the Recording Quality Like?

The quality of the recordings is actually quite good (assuming you were mindful of the microphone’s proximity to the sound source). It can be improved by switching on the High Quality options found in the settings menu:

High quality setting

High quality setting

Splicing Your Tapes

A nice feature is the ability to divide your tapes up. Say you have a long recording that would benefit from being divided into smaller sections; you can just tap the scissors icon:

Splicing a tape

Splicing a tape

And then move the slider to the position that you want to split, and hit the Trim This Tape button. You can also effectively make a copy of the tape by tapping the Make New Tape Button. This is a useful feature since you are limited to 20 minutes per tape recording.

Naming Your Tapes

Typing on the cassette label and optionally in the text area will become the text of the tweet or Facebook status update.

Naming your tape

Naming your tape


One thing this app doesn’t make it easy to do is grab your tapes for yourself. The app is better suited to creating tapes to share via social media. You can however, email the tapes to yourself:

Emailing a tape

Emailing a tape

If you have a sendtodropbox.com account, you can set TinyVox Pro up with that address, then the Email to Self option will be sent to your Dropbox folder. It is the only way you can get to your recordings for yourself.

Posting to Twitter or Facebook sends the MP3 file to the TinyVox Pro servers and will be available for 7 days.

Your tapes are uploaded to TinyVox.com’s server and you are provided with a link for pasting into Tweets or status updates

For a more permanent storage option, you are better off using SoundCloud to store your recordings.

Managing Your Tapes

In the main tapes window you can see all of your saved tapes:

Managing tapes

Managing tapes

You can then search through your tapes, tap to start immediate playback or swipe to delete a tape.


The main weakness of this app for me, is the lack of an easy transfer method for private use. What about if I was’t interested in using a social network? What about if I just want the sound files on my Mac/PC for personal use? It can be done, but it is a tedious process. There are competing apps out there that make transfer to a computer easy, so TinyVox misses out there.

However, keeping a voice note is almost too easy with this app. They are kept on your iPhone until you delete them, so as a simple note keeping app it works well. The free version has ads, but they are not at all intrusive. So it’s well worth a look at; it might just change the way you keep notes.


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