Voices: Incredibly Fun Voice Augmentation on Your iPhone

Voice augmentation has never been easier or more fun than with Voices for iPhone. With the push of a button, you can apply one of the 27 high quality audio filters. Choose from filters like Chipmunk, Underwater, or even Vocoder. Fool your friends with the Witness voice filter or impress party goers with some of the other interesting filters.

The newest update of Voices adds support for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, adding higher resolution graphics. It also greatly improves the speed of applying audio effects. In the older version, it would take around twenty to thirty seconds for each filter. In iPhone time, thirty seconds can feel like an eternity. The new version only takes five seconds at most to apply each filter.

You’ll Be Laughing About It Later

Voices now lets you change the Voice of a recording.

Voices now lets you change the voice of a recording.

Voices can record and save all your audio for later use. That means you can share all your recordings with friends. Voices even allows you to change the vocal effect of a recording, a feature that was just introduced in the latest version. With the tap of one button, you can switch from one filter to another. So if you didn’t think the Alien effect matched your recording, you could change to another without having to re-record.

Voices also includes support for easily posting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as sending your altered voice via Email and/or SMS. To setup your Twitter account, just tap the twitter button and input your credentials. Now you’ll be brought to a message composer window, which includes a link to the uploaded voice on Voices servers. It’s as easy as that. Once you setup your social accounts, you’ll be able to quickly share audio with the push of a button.

AirPlay Support

Playing Voices over AirPlay is as easy as pushing two buttons.

Playing voices over AirPlay is as easy as pushing two buttons.

The newest version of Voices adds support for playing audio over Apple’s AirPlay system. That means you can play your voices from your iPhone and hear them from your Apple Airport Express, Apple TV, or AirPlay supported speakers. Just tap the AirPlay button and select the speaker that you want to use. It’s as simple as that. Now your entire family can enjoy the vocal effects of Voices. AirPlay support also makes for some good pranks, giving you the ability to broadcast voices over your speaker system. Make your friends think that your house is haunted by playing the Ghost effect over your speaker system.

Pretty Pixels

Voices isn’t your average iPhone app when it comes to design. In fact, none of the app developer’s other applications are average by any means. Each of them relies heavily on custom user interface design, and Voices is no exception to this.

Voices has a beautiful custom interface that sets it apart from other applications. Instead of the default Apple “look”, Voices leverages a home-screen-like layout for the voice effects. The app opens up to a beautiful blue curtain with a moving spotlight. Tapping on one of the several voice icons will open the microphone view. The designers behind Voices even included a small “On the Air” box which glows when recording. Just another example of the attention to detail in Voices. Each icon and button fits perfectly into the design and looks gorgeous. With the addition of Retina Display graphics, it looks amazing on the iPhone 4.

Available Voices:

With over 27 different voices, you might be wondering what sort of effects are available in Voices. Here is my brief summary of each voice.

  • Chipmunk: High Pitched voice.
  • Turtle: Deep voice.
  • Dark Side: Star War style “Darth Vador” voice.
  • Alien: Faster and more distorted voice.
  • Ghost: Eerie and echoing voice.
  • Fun House: Faster and higher pitched voice.
  • Vocoder: Auto-tuned voice with some musical noise overlaid.
  • Guitar: Makes the voice sound like an Electric Guitar.
  • Walkie-Talkie: Makes the voice sound like it’s from a Walkie-Talkie.
  • Cyborg: “Classic” cyborg/robot voice.
  • Exorcism: Eerie exorcism style voice.
  • Max: Voice with a digital stutter.
  • Cave: Echo Echo Echo.
  • Helium: Adds a higher pitch to your voice.
  • 8-Ball: Magic 8-Ball voice telling you “My sources say X”.
  • Vinyl: Makes your voice sound a bit scratchy.
  • Megaphone: Makes your voice sound like it came from a megaphone.
  • Tape Stop: Voice starts stuttering.
  • Witness: Standard voice changer effect.
  • Canyon: Progressive echoing.
  • Harmony: Creates a harmony with your voice.
  • Reverse: Plays your voice in reverse.
  • Fan: Your voice like there is a moving fan in front of it.
  • Vintage: Old style music plays.
  • Underwater: Overlays audio of underwater bubbling.
  • Computer: Computer synthesized voice.
  • You: No vocal effects applied.

You can even preview each Voice’s effect by visiting the Voices App website. Click on the corresponding voice and listen to what it sounds like.

My favorite effect is the Vocoder, which gives you an Auto-tuned voice with the push of a button. Sing into your iPhone and you’ll sound like a professional. This is just one of my favorite effects that you can apply with Voices.


Voices is an extremely easy way to apply vocal effects with the push of a button. It provides hours of fun at a party or a dinner. Open up voices and select one of the 27 high quality vocal effects. Choose the Chipmunk effect to create a high-pitched voice, or the Ghost effect to create a spooky voice.

While this is definitely not a productivity app, it’s a great app for everyone to laugh about. Connect it to your speaker system using the AirPlay feature so everyone can enjoy it. Voices was created by taptaptap (as well as Taptivate), a developer with several app store hits such as Digg, Camera+, and Calcbot.


Voices is a dead simple voice changer that makes it easy to apply voice effects.