WORK[etc]: Mission Control For Small Businesses

WORK[etc], (full name WORK[etc] CRM + Projects + Help Desk), is a holistic approach to small business management which, as the elongated name suggests, manages to stuff a lot into a one package.

WORK[etc] integrates CRM with project management, billing, customer support, and more in an attempt to create an all-in-one business management platform. The obvious advantage of WORK[etc] is that it brings all major business needs under one umbrella and so there’s need to contract third-party services for the essential aspects of running your business.

According the the developer, 1,200 businesses already use WORK[etc] to satisfy their small business needs including CRM, project management, billing, help desk support, reporting, and collaboration.

A one-stop shop for all your small business needs

WORK[etc] is entirely cloud based, meaning there’s no software to maintain other than to sometimes update the iOS app which makes it more convenient to access WORK[etc] on your iPhone, rather than going in through a browser. The neat thing is, once you’ve installed the app, you’ve pretty much got your entire business at your fingertips. This means team collaboration, sales, purchasing and customer relations are all self contained within one app which you can take anywhere.

The obvious big advantage of this is that there are no annoying integration problems between apps that serve different parts of your business and you don’t have several different subscriptions to maintain. In theory, this means less headaches and more efficiency although of course, you may find that some of the components in WORK[etc] simply don’t meet your needs and you have no choice but to use other services for certain aspects of your business (e.g. Salesforce for CRM, Zendesk for customer service, Wrike for project management, etc.)

So long to multiple log-ins

From a convenience perspective, it’s certainly smoother and less hassle to use an integrated solution like WORK[etc] because there’s no need to keep logging in to different platforms. Once you’ve signed in for the first time, that’s it – you’ve got access to every single part of WORK[etc]. From a usability perspective, it’s also obviously easier (and cheaper for you) for your workforce to train and use one integrated system rather than several different ones.

The WORK[etc] dashboard gives you a convenient access to the main functions of the app and gives you an overview of your most important upcoming events.

The WORK[etc] dashboard gives you a convenient access to the main functions of the app and gives you an overview of your most important upcoming events.

Keep on top of projects

Sales Management is one of the key aspects of WORK[etc] and it does an effective enough job of tracking sales from all sources in real time, whether they are made on the web, mobile device, via email, etc. You can also assign and track leads and monitor sales in real time through a specific channel. Project Management is another area that WORK[etc] helps you keep on top of, allowing you to create complex projects with triggers and dependencies. As you would expect, you can view projects as Gannt Charts, Trees or Timelines and maximize productivity with project templates.

WORK[etc] has an integrated project management solution which is quite basic but effective.

WORK[etc] has an integrated project management solution which is quite basic but effective.

Manage your team on your phone

As regards keeping track of your employees, WORK[etc] allows you to organize teamwork online through the app. You can control workgroups and roles, drill down into every customer and employee action, and generate detailed reports based on their performance. When it comes to remote workers too, there’s no need to mess around with VPN connections as you can simply grant them web access to your WORK[etc] login.

Keeping customers happy is done courtesy of WORK[etc] integrated Help Desk Software which allows you to view entire customer activity history on a single screen. You can assign and track ticket progress via web, mobile and email and use custom fields to capture specific customer information.

WORK[etc] includes a simple and easy to use helpdesk.

WORK[etc] includes a simple and easy to use helpdesk.

Last but not least of course, WORK[etc] takes care of all of your billing and finance needs. You can automatically capture every billable event, manage your product catalog and create recurring invoices. WORK[etc] also features tax and discounting rules although this might need to be configured correctly for your region.


The centralized nature of WORK[etc] is obviously its biggest selling point and its certainly useful to have communication, sales, customer support and team management all under one software.

Whether this suits your needs or not very much depends on whether the individual components are able to perform everything you need for your business. It’s therefore wise to contact the developer of WORK[etc] before purchasing it to make sure it covers your specific needs otherwise you’ll end up having to buy other components anyway.

If it’s not powerful enough for what you want it to do, you’re better off shopping around for an alternative to WORK[etc] by looking at separate, cloud-based apps for CRM, help desk, project management, and billing.

Have you used an integrated solution like WORK[etc] for managing your business? Tell the AppStorm community how you got on. Would you recommend it over choosing separate apps for each area of your company?



Handy, one-stop small business management suite.