5 Apps for Detecting Paranormal Activity

Do you think you could tell if your best friend were a zombie? Thankfully, using one of the apps below, you can be certain, no matter which stage of infection your friend may be currently experiencing.

And since we want you to be completely covered when it comes to potential paranormal happenings in your life, we’ve also included apps for locating werewolves, finding haunted houses, keeping up on UFO activity and hunting ghosts. Use at your own risk.

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Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder

Do you know which businesses or other buildings in or around your hometown are haunted? This app presents a guide to more than 100 locations where spooky spectral activity has occurred, all of which have been investigated by the team from the Syfy show Ghost Hunters.

You can search according to category — hotels, restaurants, museums, historical places, tourist attractions — and learn more about a place’s haunted history, as well as the Ghost Hunters’ findings from their visit. View locations on the map, leave messages for other ghost hunters on the app’s message board, check in with Foursquare and more.

Obviously, this isn’t an app you’ll use only around Halloween. Whether you’re out and about in your own town or elsewhere, we’re sure you’ll want to know which places are haunted so you can be sure to avoid them — or be sure not to miss them. Whichever you prefer.

Price: $0.99
Developer: NBC Universal
Download: iTunes

Ghost Hunter M2

Of course, if you are the ghost-hunting type, you’re going to need some equipment. How else will you prove what you saw/felt/heard to your friends afterward? Little did you know your iPhone has powerful paranormal activity sensors, and this investigation toolkit is just the ticket to put them to good use.

Ideal for novices and experts alike, Ghost Hunter M2 utilizes your device’s “sensor array, driven by advanced and proprietary computational algorithms, to analyze and report on various energy fluctuations.” What does that mean, you ask? It means, if there be ghosts in your house, this app is gonna detect ’em!

Individual instruments at your disposal include: EVP (electronic voice phenomena) to pick up any words or other sounds; Sensor Sweep, to present a spatial display of activity; EMF, to measure fluctuations in surrounding magnetic fields; and others.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Michael Weber
Download: iTunes

Werewolf Locator

Over time, werewolves have grown in number, yet they continue to improve their abilities to remain unseen and undetected by humans — well, until it’s too late, that is. This app, model WL160, is an automated version of a detection method which dates back to the Middle Ages, providing for the most precise location technology available in this field.

Thinking about going out at night? Protect yourself and your family with the Werewolf Locator, which computes moon phases, detects werewolves in your area, reveals the whereabouts of known werewolf entities on a world map, sends you alerts and more.

Plus, with the in-app newspaper The Werewolf Herald, you will be able to stay current on werewolf-related news and events. Finally, you’ll have some peace of mind, even when you find yourself locked out of your house on a dark and stormy night. Unless there’s a full moon — in which case you’ll want to call a neighbor or break a window.

Price: Free
Developer: Sebastian Mougey
Download: iTunes

Zombie Survival Guide Scanner

As you know, zombies have become a problem. Worldwide levels of epidemic infection were reached long ago, and now many of us await the zombiepocalypse. Best-selling author and acclaimed zombieologist Max Brooks has developed this scanner so that those who are still willing to put up a fight can arm themselves with the knowledge they need to survive.

Scan the faces of friends, neighbors, your barista, yourself and everyone you know to determine who’s a zombie and the level of infection. Once you’ve made a positive identification (we’re sorry for your loss), you’ll want to notify others. Use the app’s sharing functionality to get the word out. Even better, post images of your infected acquaintance or friend to Facebook and Twitter.

An especially good place to use this app will be at any parties you might attend, where the undead are sure to gather in anticipation of feasting on you and your human friends. Remember folks, an unscanned friend … is a potential zombie.

Price: Free
Developer: Random House Publishing
Download: iTunes

UFO Connect

Interact with MUFON, aka the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, which just so happens to be the world’s largest organization dedicated to the investigation of UFO phenomena. Whether you’re casually curious or a hardcore UFO chaser, you can easily see what’s going on in real-time as far as activity is concerned.

The Skywatch module allows anyone to share photos or video with other users. You can also drop a location pin near your sighting location and then send out an alert across Skywatch. Alternatively, you can fill out a report at a later time using the in-app MUFON link, which will take you to the organization’s report page.

Or, just sit back, relax, and watch the MUFON Feed as it provides real-time updates of reports entered into the MUFON database by other users from all around the world.

Price: $1.99
Developer: ProtoVisual
Download: iTunes

A Few Final Words

Please use caution when detecting paranormal activity, and always ghosthunt responsibly. If you encounter a werewolf, the worst thing you can do is run. Instead, make yourself look as large as possible and shout or beat two large sticks together. On the other hand, if you encounter a zombie, you are advised to run, although it is no use; you are most likely a goner already.

Also, please be advised that the apps listed above should be used for entertainment purposes only and cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of paranormal activities or creatures or occurrences which are mythical or supernatural in nature.

(Or can they?)