iPhone Game Friday: New Releases

The best part of anyone’s weekend is surely some extra time to play games, which is why we bring you a sweet collection of excellent new App Store titles every Friday.

This week, you’ll be busting ghosts, making music, stealing diamonds and even treading some nostalgic fantasy territory, so click through and get your game on!

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Half-Inch Heist

For whatever reason, there are relatively few games on the App Store that make use of 1:1 touch controls for navigation. Admittedly, it doesn’t work for all genres, but for Mutant Labs’ Half-Inch Heist, it feels ideal.

Among the most compelling freebies in recent memory, Half-Inch Heist is a game about diamond theft — but you don’t play as the thief! Instead, having ventured into the evil villain’s lair to retrieve the stolen gem, you’re tasked with escaping the facility. To do so, you’ll need to dodge a crazy arsenal of security systems, fight bosses and be a master of quick reflexes. Your finger controls the diamond’s location on the screen, so you’ll need to be precise with your movements.

This is a retro arcade classic, and while there are IAPs, you aren’t coerced into buying too much and the game is just good enough that you might want to toss the developers some coins for their hard work. The only downside is that, for now, the app is not optimized for the iPhone 5 screen.

Price: Free
Developer: Mutant Labs Ltd.
Download: App Store

Wave Trip

Part step sequencer and part flight game, Wave Trip is a gorgeous and musically engaging title from the makers of Bad Hotel. These guys know their music games.

Wave Trip’s simple controls allow you to focus on the pleasure of coasting through the beautiful, Sound Shapes like environments, and producing soothing electronic music in the process. The game feels very open thanks to its invitation to remix any of the provided levels. The level editor is intuitive and powerful, and once you have dissected some of the main levels, you’ll be much better equipped to produce (and share) your own unique creations.

The lack of IAP and overwhelming level of polish make this a true keeper; with plenty of replay value, superb aesthetic direction, and deeply rewarding gameplay, Wave Trip is a magnificent achievement in mobile gaming.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Lucky Frame
Download: App Store


Hey, it’s another Ghostbusters game. Beeline Interactive brings a fresh spin on the franchise with their free-to-play open world game. There’s a lot to love about this title, and the experience of assembling your team and slowly developing them into New York’s finest is engaging and well paced.

The game’s ghost busting takes place primarily in a huge haunted tower, where you’ll slowly progress through floor after floor of phantasms, defeating a boss at the end of each. Of course, these encounters earn you money and slime, both of which are valuable for upgrading your equipment and performing research. A terrific addition is the ability to experiment on captured ghosts to reveal weaknesses and unlock further advantages.

There’s a lot more to explore within the city, so take your time and enjoy. The presence of IAP is handled with enough grace to avoid feeling pushy, and indeed you’ll only ever need to resort to them if you’re in a great hurry to progress. Patient gamers will be rewarded with a fun, free franchise tie-in.

Price: Free
Developer: Beeline Interactive, Inc.
Download: App Store

Banana Kong

Banana Kong is a colourful jungle platform runner from FDG Entertainment.

Reminiscent of Donkey Kong, the game is a banana-collecting frenzy where you play as a smiley gorilla. Simple tap and swipe controls help you jump, dash and glide to avoid obstacles, and you can even ride some helpful animal friends to traverse more treacherous terrain. The goal is to survive for as long as possible, and the procedurally generated levels mean that every play through is different. Especially taking into the account the various hidden alternate routes that you can take.

Altogether, Banana Kong is a simple but enjoyable runner with the spirit of a platformer and the charm and aesthetic of a vintage Donkey Kong game.

Price: $0.99
Developer: FDG Entertainment
Download: App Store

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes

An old classic, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes has made its way to iOS with beautiful Retina graphics, cloud saving, Game Center integration, and all the hours of strategic fantasy fun you know and love.

Known for its puzzle battle mechanics, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is an RPG at heart, following the story of a handful of young heroes as they gain followers and fight to save the world. The touch-based controls are implemented well enough, but could use some tweaking, along with the engine’s stability, which may cause issues on older devices.

Nevertheless, it’s not every day you get a 20-hour campaign in an iOS game, let alone one with on and offline multiplayer. For those who like strategy, puzzles and deep RPGs, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes offers a superb wealth of gaming bliss in your pocket.

Price: $4.99
Developer: Ubisoft
Download: App Store

What Have You Been Playing?

Let us know how you’re getting along with this week’s games, and make sure to keep sending us your tips and suggestions for games we might have missed!