iPhone Game Friday: New Releases

It’s been a colourful week for iOS gaming, with some impressive new titles and one particularly notable sequel racing toward you …

Click through for the lowdown on what you should be playing this weekend!

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Evoking fond memories of Osmos before it, Cyto is a new game developed by Room 8 that puts you in control of the cute cell named Cyto, whose lost memories are scattered across a variety of biological worlds.

Each of the 81 levels presents you with a difficult path fraught with spiky danger. Only your precise control can fling Cyto through safely while grabbing fragments of his lost memory along the way. The story that you’ll unveil is light and entertaining, and the precise physics and truly stunning art direction will ensure that you’re happy to explore this dreamy realm.

The stellar production values also extend to the audio, where a soothing soundtrack combines with good sound effects to immerse you in Cyto’s story. While the game is universal, it lacks Game Center support for the time being. Nevertheless, Cyto is a perfect companion for bus rides and quiet evenings, so invite him onto your iPhone!

Price: $0.99
Developer: Room 8
Download: App Store

West Legends

Based on the famous folk tale, Journey to the West, West Legends is a game from Axion Logic that interprets the story (loosely) in a superb manga art style.

The action RPG formula is fantastically implemented here, with many different enemies and environments to pit your party against. Glorious animations and straight-forward controls make battles exciting and rewarding, and the presence of more than a hundred different pieces of equipment ensures that you’ll have plenty of ways to outfit your combatants.

With character skills, boss fights and a comic-like storytelling framework to help it along, West Legends is a terrific and unique spin on a classic tale that brings the familiar characters to life in a new medium. The distinct lack of IAP or any similar freemium relics encourages gamers to rest easy — you’ll have access to the full game experience with one simple payment, forever. Don’t miss this wonderful eastern adventure!

Price: $2.99
Developer: Axion Logic
Download: App Store

Real Racing 3

The first of the Real Racing series to be divorced from its original creators, Firemint, displays its new allegiances prominently — for better or for worse.

In the hands of EA, a massive budget and wealth of technical talent have resulted in a truly remarkable looking game. The graphical fidelity and performance is almost unbelievable, and the new Mint 3 engine has allowed for incredible details like working rear-view mirrors and persistent vehicle damage. The gap between console racing games and iOS ones is swiftly and decisively closing, which is incredibly exciting.

A wicked asynchronous multiplayer system and healthy variety of cars and tracks make Real Racing 3 a magnificent genre piece. However … the in-app purchase situation is disastrously bad. Paying to repair a car is ludicrous and a perfect example of a developer entirely missing the point of in-app purchases and using the system to exploit gamers and hamper their experience of the title rather than extending it.

The outcry has been massive, and if that particular item is removed, then the game will be able to live up to the supremely high standards it sets in all other aspects of its design.

Price: Free
Developer: Electronic Arts
Download: App Store

Worm Run

Imagine Super Mega Worm meets Spelunky. With me? Okay, then let’s talk about Worm Run.

This game is a fantastic mashup of an endless runner and a procedural platformer. Zeke Tallahassee is a space janitor who’s being pursued by a gigantic (and mysteriously fuzzy) alien worm that wants to devour him. Using the interesting swipe controls, you’ll have to manoeuvre him around the environment and avoid the beast.

Levels are procedurally generated, so every play through is different, and a variety of collectible items lend you some assistance in your plight. Worm Run is streamlined, well designed, and extremely addictive — a must-have game for your iPhone.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Golden Ruby Games
Download: App Store

Color Sheep

Today’s last game is about sheep. One particularly colourful sheep named Sir Woolson, a “Knight of Light” whose hue-shifting fleece is the only thing that can stop the invading wolves.

Gameplay is a process of swiping to make combinations of Red, Green and Blue that match the colour of oncoming wolves. Blasting them with this coloured beam destroys them, and as more and more wolves approach you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up the pace. Luckily, Color Sheep has an adaptive difficulty system, and blasting wolves will make them drop helpful power-ups that can turn the tide in your favour.

With a charming blend of innovative gameplay and amusing presentation (Woolson’s facial expressions are priceless), you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to this amusing arcade title. Hold the line!

Price: $0.99
Developer: Trinket Studios
Download: App Store

What Have You Been Playing?

Go forth and enjoy some fine App Store fun, friends! See you next week with another batch of fresh games.