iPhone Game Friday: New Releases

Remember the good old days when weekends meant going for walks in nature and taking fishing trips? Well, as it turns out, those days are still here … sort of!

This week, you’ll play as a vampire in a hurry, the world’s most irresponsible fisherman and even a giant boulder. There’s never a shortage of excitement on offer here on Game Friday, so click through and get playing!

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Originally released as a PC title, Unmechanical is a fascinating and adorable puzzle adventure reminiscent of Machinarium.

You play as a small helicopter in a bizarre world full of intriguing environments and characters. Escaping is your goal, and the path is littered with puzzles of many different kinds, all challenging and satisfying. There is no violence whatsoever, which makes it a great title to relax with or play with your kids, and the combination of a beautiful atmosphere and accessible gameplay make it a perfect fit for gaming on the go.

The story is developed slowly and progress is entirely dependent on your skill; there are no IAP shortcuts or gimmicks to be found here, thankfully. Take a journey through the wonderful world of Unmechanical — you won’t be disappointed!

Price: $2.99
Developer: Teotl Studios
Download: App Store

Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption

Billy is a fisherman only in the loosest sense of the word, at least as it pertains to respecting animals. But while his methods are unorthodox, and his past is complicated, his game is a masterpiece of mobile fun.

Gameplay is divided into three basic stages: the first is casting your line into the water and tilting your iPhone to avoid fish in an effort to descend as deep as you possibly can. Then, when you reach the end of your line or accidentally bump into something, you’ll begin retracting the line and your goal becomes to snag as many of the fish you passed on your way down. Finally, when you bring this mighty haul to the surface, you’ll launch the lot of them into the air and proceed to obliterate them with a suitably ridiculous arsenal of weapons. So yes, it’s a game about shooting fish.

Alongside the main event, you’ll find an amusing in-game social network and a shop that offers a huge variety of weapons, tools and upgrades in exchange for money — which can only be earned by playing, so don’t worry about IAP. With a unique art style, a fantastic level of polish (as you’d expect from the all-star team), and a level of fun every bit as ridiculous as the title suggests, this is one iOS title you simply mustn’t miss.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Vlambeer
Download: App Store

Le Vamp

Ah, to be young and free. Young, free and also undead. Le Vamp is your average little vampire boy, wanting nothing more than to go frolicking through the woods. Unfortunately, the forest is full of perils and you’ve got to lend him your fingers so he can stay safe.

An endless runner, Le Vamp is presented in an attractive semi-3D side-scrolling perspective. Le Vamp is running from an angry mob, and you’ll need to be there to push, smash, block and fling obstacles out of his way. Everything from rays of sunlight to different types of enemies litter the path, and you’ll have to toss blood pigs to Le Vamp to keep him healthy too.

Le Vamp is both cute and fun, with a simple set of controls and a gentle pace that allows you to build up your skills before it gets to the frantic difficulty that expert runners will expect. The art is especially commendable for its blend of cartoony elements and slick animations. If you’re a fan of gothic fun, Le Vamp awaits you.

Price: $1.99
Developer: High Voltage Software
Download: App Store

Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder

We review many games that could be considered funny, but few of them have a sense of humour as scintillating as Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder. It asks us to consider the other side of the story, if you will, in the confrontation between Indiana Jones and the infamous boulder that nearly crushes him.

In the game, you play as a boulder trying to crush a pesky treasure hunter. You can collect power-ups, upgrade your boulder and even unlock brand new types of boulders! The premise is amazing and the execution is perfect, which makes for a tremendously engaging experience. The best part may be finding all the inside jokes, references, and puns scattered throughout the game’s many exotic environments (Egypt, China, and … Indiana).

With an inexhaustible supply of wit and several game modes to keep you busy, Indiana Stone is the iPhone’s best parody title. It rocks.

Price: $2.99
Developer: TwinSky Games
Download: App Store

Clever Clues

It’s always good to end with a freebie, so allow me to introduce you to Clever Clues, a brand new word game that challenges the dominance of Letterpress, Wordament and other such classics of the genre.

Unlike those titles, Clever Clues focuses on a crossword-meets-wordsearch approach to word finding. You are given a list of clues and a letter grid, and your goal is to find the appropriate word for each clue. Clues are automatically completed when you find the correct word, and as you progress you’ll be able to access more interesting clue lists, or buy them via IAP.

The clues range from banal to bewildering, and you may find yourself really scratching your vocabulary for some of the later words. It’s always rewarding to find an educational experience that’s delivered in the form of a very fun game, and Clever Clues is the perfect example of this approach done right.

Price: Free
Developer: Andrew Tetlaw
Download: App Store

What Have You Been Playing?

That should keep you busy until we meet next week with a fresh batch of gaming goodness for you! Have an excellent weekend, everyone.