50 Gorgeous Wallpapers for iOS & iPhone 4

If you’re one of the lucky few who have managed to pick up one of Apple’s latest iPhones, you’ll be in need of a few wallpapers to adorn that gorgeous Retina Display. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before on a mobile device, and shows graphics with incredible clarity and detail.

Today we’ll be offering you a pack of OS X wallpapers, resized to the perfect resolution for iPhone 4’s display. We’re also rounding up a selection of other gorgeous wallpapers – some are for your “Lock Screen”, others are more minimal and work well behind your Home Screen.

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Resized Versions of OS X Wallpapers

We thought that we’d start off by offering resized versions of various wallpapers included in OS X. These are very Apple-esque by nature, and look brilliant on the new iPhone display. We’ve packaged these up into a handy zip file, which includes the following wallpapers:

Just click the image above to download them, or grab them here.

Simple Wallpapers for the Home Screen

Now we’re moving on to a range of elegant, plain wallpapers that are perfect for your iPhone’s Home Screen. These are displayed behind your icons, so the simpler the better!

A couple of these wallpapers are in the older iPhone resolution, but we’ve included them because they still look great when scaled up.


Marco Arment

Jim Ray

Blue Sparks


Abstract Red

Abstract Paper

Abstract Paper

Pastel Lines

Green Watcher

Dragonfly Wings

Beautiful Wallpapers for the Lock Screen

The final selection of wallpapers are for adorning the Lock Screen of your iPhone – so they can be as bold and beautiful as possible! Here are a few that would look great on the new display:

Apple Squared

Rasta Apple


Old Apple






The iPhone 4 Collection

Abstract Lines

Pet Shop Boys

Bridges: Millau Viaduct, France (Night)


Night Launch

Father and Son

Sound Wave

Quiet Night

Inside the Rainbow

Wooden Shelves

Steel Shelves

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Share Your Favourites!

I hope that you’ll find something above that looks perfect on your new iPhone. Let us know if you’re using a wallpaper from somewhere else in the comments below!

Don’t forget, if you’re using an original iPhone, 3G, or 3GS, you can still use any of the images above – they’ll just be resized down to the correct resolution for your display automatically. There’s no need to feel left out!