100 iPhone Apps to Learn Anything & Everything

The App Store has become an outstanding source of education spanning every topic you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in wine tasting, medieval weaponry, or U.S. presidents, you can learn all about it using your iPhone.

Below is our huge list of 100 apps to help you fill your head with more valuable and useless knowledge than you ever thought possible!

Art & Design

How To Draw with Mark Kistler: Free – These delightful lessons take minutes to draw and provide hours of inspired drawing exploration and fun! With this App, a piece of paper and a pencil your iPhone is transformed into your child’s personal animated Mark Kistler Art Teacher!


Learn to draw

Learn to draw: $0.99 – This application will teach you how to draw in an easy and clear manner, using examples. You draw a monkey, you draw a dog and learn the techniques of shading and holding and choosing the right kind of pencil.

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White: $1.99 – This application contains video tutorials on the Adobe Creative Suite by Terry White and other industry experts and trainers. Most of the tutorials are 5-10 minutes and they are designed to show you how to do a particular task in one or more of your Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Learn to Draw!: $0.99 – With Learn to Draw!, children will learn that drawing ability will improve with practice. If they keep a portfolio of their work, after a few months they will be able to look back and see how much their work has improved since the earlier attempts.


Learn to draw dinosaurs

Learn to draw dinosaurs: $0.99 – Learn how to draw like an artist, from a professional artist. Begin by learning the fundamentals of drawing Dinosaurs with easy to follow interactive instructions.

Photoshop Tutorials from TutCast.com: $0.99 – With this application, you can see every Photoshop tutorial that has been created by TutCast.com (over 200!), one of the most popular Photoshop tutorial video creators.

Basic Education


101 History Facts

101 History Facts: $0.99 – If you love to know interesting facts about world history, prepare to be bowled over by the history facts from the last two millennia.

8 Planets: Free – Download the the critically acclaimed educational application 8 Planets. Free version includes Names and ordering lesson. Upgrade to unlock Spelling, Matching and Black Hole.

Animal Sounds of the Wild: $0.99 – A wild, fun, and educational application for young children (2-5 years) to tap and hear Wild Animal sounds! Watch animals come to life when they zoom large and small when tapped. Designed by a school teacher and tested by a 2 year old.

Cool Science Facts Pro: $0.99 – Enjoy our cool science facts for kids. Learn interesting earth facts, amazing chemistry facts, cool space facts, funny facts about animals and much more.

eliasABC: $1.99 – Teach your child their ABCs in this exciting interactive flash card that is both colorful and engaging. A perfect way to help your child develop early alphabet and language skills.

Flags Fun: Free – Two fun and educational games in one app! Flags Guess: test your knowledge of the flags of the world by correctly indicating a flag of a country that you are asked to identify. Flags Match: Match the flags of different countries and learn what country they belong to in this take on the classic pairs matching card game.

Grammar Up: $4.99 – Grammar Up is a multiple choice quiz system for English which provides over 1800 questions across 20 grammar categories.

iLearn to Read: $0.99 – iLearn to Read was developed by a teacher/parent and tested by children and primary students. iLearn to Read is a fun, interactive game that promotes reading for the beginning reader. Perfect for the child who shows signs of reading readiness.

Learn Colors: $1.99 – The “Learn Colors” educational game has just what parents want: fun-filled activities to give their children a head start on learning the basic skills needed for success in school.


Learn Statistics

Learn Statistics: $3.99 – Learn Statistics is the perfect, comprehensive statistical data tool for students and researchers. This app provides you with dynamic graphs, statistic calculations with detailed explanations for the results and more.

Learn Your Math Flashcards: $0.99 – Learn Your Math Flashcards are a great way to make your math skills sharp. With over 1,000 simple math problems with numbers from 0 to 9 (and their negatives), you will never find yourself repeating the same problems.

Math Magic: $0.99 – Math Magic uses a combination of your choice of vibrant colours, simple interface and a reward system of stars to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It’s really easy to use. The child simply has to tap on an answer to solve the problem. Whether they get the answer right or not, a real voice expresses appreciation for the child choosing a response.

Math Tricks: $0.99 – Impress your friends and amaze your teachers! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily that you will be able to compute such large figures in your head! Math Tricks is an interactive and fun way to, not only learn, but also to boost your skills.

myAfrica – Learn the countries and capitals of Africa: $2.99 – Do your children need to memorize the capital cities of the 53 independent countries of Africa? Give them this app to memorize the capital cities of Africa and learn more about each African country.

Spell & Listen cards: $1.99 – This app will help your child recognize, spell and pronounce 550 everyday words to strengthen his/her vocabulary. It does that by announcing and showing your kid a beautiful, real picture with the letters that make it. As your child touches the letters and spells the picture correctly, the word begins to form at the bottom.

Time Smart: $0.99 – Time Smart is a great way to help your toddler transition from one activity to the next and teach your toddler the concept of time.

Business & Finance

Dictionary of International Bussiness Terms: $4.99 – Bring the World of Business to your fingertips with over 2000 essential terms and definitions.

Facts About – Business: $0.99 – Find interesting facts and information about World Business with this amazing iphone app.


Financial Terms

Financial Terms: $1.99 – Financial terms is your ultimate pocket guide for more than 4 thousand financial and business terms.

Learn Mutual Funds: $2.99 – Confused about Mutual Funds? Want to know more to increase your return? We can help.

Learn Stocks Plus: $0.99 – Learn how to invest in stocks by researching, buying and selling stocks without using real money.


Billiard School: $9.99 – This application contains 1.5+ hours of instructional video, complete with theoretical explanation and practical demonstration of exercises.

BlackJack 101 Free: Free – BlackJack 101 is a basic strategy trainer for the game of Blackjack. This is *not* a Blackjack game. It deals hands and lets you practice choosing the best strategy. It has an easy-to-use strategy guide that shows the correct move for every combination of hands.

Cricket 101: $1.99 – In this App, a professional coach Austin Sir, introduces every aspect of the game and gives a 101 on learning to play like a pro.


How To - Poker

How To – Poker: $0.99 – The first of four games in our Video Poker Series – learn how to play poker!

Learn Chess: Free – Over 600 million people worldwide know how to play chess. Now you can learn how to play too, with Learn Chess! Learn Chess is a short, fun, interactive e-book that teaches you the rules, terminology, essential strategies, and more. Even if you already know the rules, it can help you improve your game.

Learn Chess: $0.99 – Learn the basic rules and how each piece moves.

Sudoku 101: Free – Wondering what the hype is about Sudoku? This is the introductory course for Sudoku, ideal for beginners. It is a Sudoku game, a generator, a solver, and a teacher/tutor.


15500 Useful English Phrases: $1.99 – Do you wish for better communication skills? Vocabulary building will surely help, but what if we could somehow get the needed ready-made templates – the phrases as and when required.

Chinese Writer: Free – Learn to write Chinese characters the fun and interactive way. This application is another excellent tool from Popup Chinese (http://popupchinese.com). First learn the basic rules used to write Chinese characters with an easy twenty-five character tutorial.

EnglishPod – Learn English: Free – EnglishPod is a mobile learning network that helps you learn English on-the-go. Each lesson has an audio file, dialogue, vocabulary section and expansion sentences. Sample three lessons for free then signup on EnglishPod.com for a trial account to continue to receive new lessons as they are published.


Free Chinese Essentials

Free Chinese Essentials by AccelaStudy: Free – AccelaStudy is the award-winning language education software that helps you understand and pronounce words in the shortest possible time. Learn new Chinese words quickly, easily, and permanently with AccelaStudy.

Free Spanish Tutor: Free – 24/7 Tutor Spanish goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language.

Italian Phrase Book: $4.99 – Tested by travelers and teachers around the world to bring you powerful results: Real voice translations to guide you. Easy-to-use learning system. iPhone style user interface. Dynamically build your own phrases and sentences. Create more than 100,000 phrase combinations. No other translator empowers you to make your own sentences!

Learn Basic Farsi: $2.99 – We are very proud to introduce the first level of the “Language Corner” for Farsi. You will learn the Farsi scripts along with an example and proper pronunciation as you used to in dictionaries.

Learn French: $1.99 – Learning French Has Never Been Easier! Whether you are studying the language in school, planning a trip to France,
or trying to learn the basics, Learn French is the perfect book for any self-learner.

Learn Hindi: $1.99 – Learn Hindi has been completely re-done. More then 400 words and phrases in over 20 lessons have been added. Pronunciation is provided by native Hindi speakers. Lessons are grouped into 7 topics: Basics, People, Body and Health, Food and Drinks, Shopping, Travel and At Home.

Learn Japanese Class: $1.99 – Want to learn Japanese in an easy and comprehensive way? Then look no further, following years of online success helping students all over the world. We are finally pleased to bring you Learn Japanese on the Iphone.

Learn Korean: $1.99 – Would you like to learn Korean? First time with Korean? Well, then this is for you. This application explains the basics of Korean with a collection of basic 140 words made from the 14 consonants and 10 vowels of the Korean alphabet.

Learn Korean Alphabets: $0.99 – This application introduces the Korean alphabet in a gentle and informal way. It allows you to select from three fun lessons: learning the Alphabet,listening practice and Alphabet matching.

Learn Punjabi: $1.99 – Several topics feature each several lessons to teach you the Gurmukhi letters, numbers, words and phrases to get you started understanding and speaking Punjabi. Native speakers provide pronunciation help.

Learn Spanish – SpanishPod: Free – SpanishPod is a convenient way to learn Spanish combining audio lesson, study tools and speaking practice. Sample three audio lessons for free then signup on SpanishPod.com for a trial account to continue to receive new lessons as they are published.

Shake and Learn Signs: $0.99 – Application designed to make learning sign letters enjoyable for kids and adults alike with animated monkeys, cartoon sounds, and crazy shake ’em up action.


Sign 4 Me

Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator: $9.99 – “Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator” is the ultimate tool for learning sign language. The ONLY app that provides sign language instruction in 3D!

Sign Language for Beginners: $0.99 – Much more than just an ASL dictionary, the Sign Language for Beginners series is a comprehensive series of sequenced lessons designed for anyone to learn to express themselves in this beautiful language.

Speak Irish: $0.99 – Do you have Irish roots? Why not learn some Gaelic Irish? Packed with over 300 words and phrases, each with an audio recording and pronunciation guide, this app will have you talking like a native Irish speaker in no time!


CardTricks: Free – This little entertainment will teach you how to perform magic card tricks using deck, hidden in your iPhone or iPod touch. Your tutor is famous Nostradamus!

ExpertVideo: Card Tricks: $0.99 – Always imagined yourself as David Blaine or Criss Angel? Want to master card tricks and sleight of hand? Magic tricks are an easy and fun way to impress your friends and family while improving your showmanship and performance skills.


iLearn Magic

iLearn Magic: $0.99 – Ever want to learn magic but never had the time to read volumes of instructional books and manuals? In this instructional video iPhone application, The Amazing Magical Luigi not only shows you the basic magic tricks but shows you how to do them as well. The video shows you the tricks and then you are able to watch instructional videos over and over again till you get the trick down.

Magic!: $0.99 – Welcome to Abracadabra, the ONLY video based Magic Learning App for iPhone and iPod touch users. With Abracadabra you will learn to perform magic that will amaze your friends and family.



Learn Muscles

Learn Muscles: $2.99 – Includes 120 beautiful muscle IMAGES with NAME: $0.99, action, origin, insertion and comments, plus 4 embedded VIDEOS explaining the function of the hip, shoulder, back and face muscles (15 min total). Also includes 16 flash card style multiple choice QUIZZES on the NAME: $0.99, action, origin or insertion of each muscle, 480 randomized questions in all.

Medical Terminology AudioLearn: $9.99 – Medical Terminology AudioLearn is a two hour audiovisual course designed to help you quickly and efficiently learn the basic concepts of medical terminology.

Pharmacy Technician Abbreviations: $1.99 – Are you looking for a fast way to learn all the abbreviations for pharmacy technicians? Are you tired of complicated menus and interfaces for something simple as flash cards? Then this is the application you were waiting for!

Music & Dance

Ballroom Dance Lessons: $0.99 – This program is a simple, easy to use tutorial that will guide both men and women through the basic steps and routines of some very versatile boogies.

Classical Music: $0.99 – Educational collection of 50 famous classical compositions. Quiz game ‘Who is the composer?’

DanceVideo: Breakdancing: $0.99 – With DanceVideo: Breakdancing, you will be able learn how to master classic breakdancing moves from the worm to the wave. Learn from professional b-boys and hip hop dancers in this collection of instructional videos- all on your iPhone or iPhone touch!

DanceVideo: Hip Hop Dancing: $0.99 – With DanceVideo: Hip Hop Dancing, you’ll learn the basics of hip hop dancing, including basic hip hop steps, wave, crip step, and old skool moves like the running man. Dance right along with your iPhone for the ultimate portable dance lesson experience!

theDrumDictionary: $2.99 – theDrumDictionary is the perfect reference tool for drummers of any age or experience. It lets you look up any of the standard 40 drum rudiments as well as a variety of full drum set beats in many different styles.

Drumtrainer: $5.99 – Meet your personal Drumtrainer. Introducing a whole new way to learn how to play the drums.


Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application: $3.99 – This application provides you with essential tools to help you become a better guitar player as well as free full length lessons from the award winning Learn & Master Guitar course that will take you from beginner or intermediate to advanced.

Guitar Chords: $1.99 – Guitar Chords is a sleek, polished chord library packed with many popular chords for learning and reference.
The easy to use, all-in-one interface makes for no fuss chord lookups. Simply tap a key & a chord type, and the corresponding chord position will display on the fretboard.

Guitar Teacher for Beginners: $0.99 – This is the most useful app for beginning guitar players. It allows you to learn guitar the best way, visually and hearing. Includes all the major chords, so once you master this app you’ll be able to play almost any professional song.

iGuides – Basics of Song Writing: $2.99 – Haven’t you always wanted to know how to write songs? Learning about song writing has never been so easy with the newest line of applications from Brighthouse Labs!

iReadMusic: $6.99 – Learn how to read and play music on your iPhone & iPod touch. You’ll improve your sight reading ability by naming or playing notes that are displayed on the musical staff.

Learn Dance: $0.99 – Ever wanted to learn to dance on your Iphone? Then look no further, this app provides you with what you need to get you started.

Learn to Dance Salsa: $1.99 – Why learn to Salsa Dance? It’s fun, social, and a passion that will last you a lifetime! The benefits to health, fitness, coordination, and lifestyle will be far beyond what you can imagine now! Anyone can, and should, learn to Salsa Dance. Give it a try, with the finest beginners dance application on the market.

Learn Hoop Dancing – aka HoolaHoop: $0.99 – This app includes some of the best Hoola Hoop Dance videos and lessons available. This is not a static App. These video feeds are constantly updated by experts in this field.

Learn Piano with Willie: Free – PianoApp is a unique way to learn the piano…right on your phone! Berklee Grad, Willie Myette, teaches you how to play the piano in a variety of styles including Jazz, Blues, Latin, Funk, Gospel and more.



Nota: $4.99 – Nota is a set of indispensable tools for musicians at any level. It has a piano chord and scale browser, a piano and staff note locator, a note quiz and a reference library with over 100 symbols.

PianoChordy: $0.99 – Would you like to play songs on piano but don’t know the chords? Or do you want grow your knoweledge on chords?PianoChordy helps you on this. PianoChordy asks you to play certain chord on onscreen piano keyboard.

PianoTutor: $0.99 – Practice your piano skills anywhere with your iPhone or iPod Touch! For piano beginners, one of the most critical skills is learning how to read the piano sheet. The faster you can read the notes, the easier it is to play beautiful music.

Scales: Free – Scales is a simple but powerful tool for visualizing scales, modes, and chords on 4, 5, 6, and 7-string basses and guitars.


Nikon Learn & Explore: Free – Nikon’s Learn & Explore iPhone application gives you quick, easy and on-the-go access to a world of photography information. Whether you’re a beginning photographer or an experienced enthusiastic, the Learn & Explore iPhone app has content that will be of interest to you.


Photo Tutor

Photo Tutor Module1: $0.99 – An easy & practical hands-on learning tool for creating professional photographs straight from your camera. Take your SLR camera out of automatic mode.

Sports and Fitness

FitVideo: Strength Training for Women: $0.99 – FitVideo: Strength Training for Women is the premier iPhone and iPod Touch video collection of strength training tutorials for women.

GoLearn Skateboarding: $0.99 – With GoLearn Skateboarding, our Pros will show you how they do tricks on the street or at the park. This App includes high quality video demonstrations of skateboard tips and tricks including ollies, rails, stairs, curbs, flips, ledges, bowls and airs.


GoLearn Soccer

GoLearn Soccer for Kids: $2.99 – Whagaa Software, the leader in mobile instructional apps has partnered with the Complete Soccer Coach to bring you your own personal soccer coach on your iPhone or iPod Touch, GoLearn Soccer for kids.

iSurfer: $0.99 – iSurfer will teach you everything a beginner surfer needs to know about surfing. Even if you don’t want to learn how to surf and are just interested in the sport of surfing, this app will help you learn more about this amazing and high performance sport.

Kung Fu 101: $2.99 – This app is for those who are interested in Chinese Kung Fu as well as people who want to learn the most popular Chinese Kung Fu, ‘Tai Ji Chuan from one of the best coaches step by step.

Learn Martial Arts and Self Defense: $1.99 – Master teacher, Sensei Tom Levesque will help you learn these Martial Arts technique. He is an Internationally Accredited, 7th Degree Black Belt and a Regional Director of the Associated American Karate Systems (AAKS). He teaches a combination of styles for modem training.

United States

50 States – AddictingGames: $0.99 – The game starts with a randomly selected state that you must correctly place on the map. If you aren’t sure, shake your iPhone to randomly select another state. Drag the state to its correct location, then press the place icon. If your right, another state appears for you to place. If your wrong, the states location appears in red.

Learn the Fifty States of the USA: $0.99 – This simple app will help kids learn the fifty states of the USA. Kids will learn how to say and spell each state, along with three nifty facts about each state.

Learn US State Flags and Capitals: $1.99 – Learn US States, Flags and Capitals is a brilliant application that teaches the names of the 50 states, their spelling, capitals and flags.

Learn Your Presidents Flashcards: $0.99 – These flashcards are the perfect learning aid if you want to know the U.S. leaders and the times they were in office, from George Washington to Barack Obama.

myStates – Learn the state capitals of America: $2.99 – Do your children need to memorize the state capital of the United States? Give them this app to memorize the state capitals the fun way.



Presidents!: $0.99 – Discover the Addictive Game That Keeps You Guessing About U.S. Presidents.

USA Flashcards & Trivia: $1.99 – Traveling this week and stuck in the airport or car? Bring this app along to help pass the time! 500 flashcards and trivia questions to increase your USA knowledge.

U.S. Presidents: $0.99 – Can You name all of the Presidents? Do you know which years each president served? Do you know when they lived? Most likely you are one of the millions of people who don’t. Even if you know the Presidents, U.S. Presidents is the perfect Application to expand your knowledge of U.S. Presidential History.


All About Crochet: $3.99 – Crocheting is similar to knitting as it takes yarn and forms it into patters by pulling and weaving loops through one another. The only real difference is that in crochet you use only one loop at a time. Read all about it in this comprehensive ebook.

Drivers Ed: Free – Studying for a permit test in the United States? Study anytime, any place with Driver’s Ed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


How To Videos from Howcast.com

How To Videos from Howcast.com: Free – Howcast for iPhone shows you fun, useful how to videos wherever you happen to be. Need a recipe while you’re cooking a particular dish? Want to make a specific drink or cocktail? Desperate to learn how to jump start or repair your car? The Howcast for iPhone app will show you a video that will let you learn how.

iGuides – Basics of Puppy Training: $0.99 – Obedience school is tedious and costs a fortune. Luckily we’ve compile an easy to read set of tips and tricks that will really help you in those first few months.

Learn C – Learn C is an application designed to teach yourself the ANSI C language. ANSI C language is one of the most important programming languages and the base for other languages.

Learn To Cook Chicken: $3.99 – A collection of 20 youtube video lessons on how to cook Chicken.

Learn game programming – Lost in 8bit: $0.99 – Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? It is easier than you think. Lost in 8bit is a perfect hands-on game example to start beginning game programming.

Learn Hypnosis with iHYP: $1.99 – Teach yourself hypnosis with iHYP. Everything you ever wanted to know about Hypnosis at your fingertips. iHYP is best used as a pocket reference, along with a dedicated guide or course in hypnosis.

Learn to Kiss: $0.99 – This application is a complete kissing guide for those who have never kissed or are new to kissing. If you fall into either of those two categories then don’t worry because ‘Learn to Kiss’ teaches you how to judge a situation, go in for the kiss, what to do once your lips have touched, and what to do once you pull back from your partner. Still not sure if you’re a good kisser? The best part is when you can actually test your kiss!

Learn to Knit: $1.99 – Just beginning to knit? Follow Penny Dablin of The Knitting Site, as she lays out an easy to understand array of basic knitting techniques for the beginning knitter. Get detailed instructions on basic stictches, including easy to follow videos, knitting tips, and patterns.

Learn Massage Tips: $0.99 – Learn Massage is the application that provide the information for Body Massage.

Learn Medieval Weapons: $0.99 – You get dozens of weapons, armor, siege weapons and structures that were involved in staying alive during the middle ages.

Learn to Read Body Language: $0.99 – People who know how to read the body language of others are at a great advantage when it comes to communicating or knowing what others are really thinking.

Learn Vista & PC Basics Part I: $1.99 – Learn Vista & PC Basics is an interactive e-learning tool for users of PCs and Microsoft Windows Vista.

Morse-It: $0.99 – Tap some morse code onto the screen and the program will translate it into some text. Different input types are handled : Novice, Straight key, Memory Paddle, Iambic Paddle (A and B). Left and right handed modes supported. Test and improve your skills: are you good enough to be understood?

Typing Class (Games): $4.99 – Improve your typing skills in just 5 hours. It’s not just learning. Lots of fun games inside.



Wine101: $2.99 – You don’t have to be a Wine Snob to enjoy good wine. Wine101 is a great tool for getting familiar with wines. In Wine101 you’ll find information about some of the most popular red and white wine varietals, as well as some outstanding food pairing information.

What Have You Learned?

Have you ever learned a new skill by using an iPhone app? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

Also be sure to mention which of the apps above are your favorites!