100 Social Networking Apps to Feed Your Internet Addiction

The iPhone was the best thing to happen to social networks since Facebook. The social revolution brought us a ton of new ways to communicate, but it was really the iPhone that drove the huge leap of these communication tools from the desktop into our pockets.

Today we present an overview of social networking on the iPhone. We’ve collected over 100 of our favorite social apps and organized them into categories such as chat & messaging, photography, location, fashion, dating and more. Keep reading to discover a wealth of new addictions!

Chat and Messaging

Skype – Call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free with Skype for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Plus call and text your Contacts (or any other number) at Skype’s low rates. It’s great value with Skype Credit.

Yahoo! Messenger – Connect with your IM friends using video and voice with the newest Yahoo! Messenger app for your iPhone. Make free voice and video calls to your Messenger friends, low cost calls to land line or mobile phones, video calls—plus get new features like multi tasking, instant notifications and free SMS.

AIM – Simplify. We’re making it easier to stay in touch with all your friends – regardless if they’re on Facebook or Google Talk, just tap and chat. We’ve also replaced the Contacts tab with type down search. When sending a new IM, just start typing and we’ll find all your contacts on your iPhone. Lifestream will let you post your status to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Lifestream with one tap. Now chatting with your Facebook or GTalk friends is as easy as using AIM.

LiveProfile – LiveProfile helps you stay connected with friends and share in real-time. Use your iPhone to send free mobile to mobile messages, status updates, photos, videos, and more! You can use it on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices, it even works on the iPod Touch. Now with picture and video messaging!



Beluga – Beluga is the best cross-platform messaging app for groups, period. With Beluga, you can quickly create private groups (pods) to stay in touch with your friends, coordinate plans, and share your life. Beluga lets you send and receive instant updates, location info and photos, all via push notification, with NO TXT messaging fees. When everyone is on the run, use Beluga to stay in sync!

GroupMe – Free group messaging with anyone you know. Works on any phone. Now works over data—no text plan required!

Meebo – Meebo is integrated, all-in-one instant messaging that connects you with your friends everywhere. Meebo has been the leading platform for multi-protocol IM on the web since 2005. With that knowledge and experience, we optimized Meebo on the iPhone for speed, simplicity, and performance.

Freespeech – Freespeech is the perfect combinations of group messaging, text messaging and real-time message acknowledgements, and it’s all for free.

Convore – Convore is the easiest way to have group conversations about topics you like! It’s a fun mix of chat, forums, and instant messenger. Create or join new groups and invite your friends to join the conversation in no time at all. Best of all: it’s free!



Goba – Goba (Get Out Be Active) is the easiest way to connect with groups of friends in person. Whether you are trying to get the fella’s together for a game of cards or the ladies together for a movie night, Goba helps you quickly create and send an invitation and gather responses using App notifications, text messaging or email. Fun follow-up features like Remind and Prod help give you the best opportunity to get your friends to respond.

PingChat! – PingChat! is the ultimate way to communicate with all of your friends, whether they use an iDevice, Android or BlackBerry. PingChat! provides free, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone-to-smartphone messaging, with real-time conversations, group chat, media sharing, and much more. Simply create a Ping! ID, share your ID with all your friends, and start Pinging!

fring: Video Calls + IM – FREE Video Calls, voice calls & chat. fring’s video calling DVQ™ technology (Dynamic Video Quality) gives you the best video and audio quality possible by automatically and continuously adjusting your video call quality to match your connectivity.

Colloquy – Colloquy for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch puts the power of the most popular IRC client for the Mac in the palm of your hand. Built atop the Chat Core framework, Colloquy Mobile is a full featured client optimized for the on-the-go experience with iOS 4 multitasking support.


foursquare – foursquare helps you explore the world around you. Keep up with friends, get insider tips, and unlock discounts and rewards. While on the go, you can easily tell friends where you are, share pictures, get their comments (“I’m right around the corner, I’ll stop by to say hello”), and get insider tips (“order the Lobster Ravioli; it’s the best dish by far.”). Tons of places offer discounts and freebies to foursquare users, and you earn points and badges for doing the things you love.

Gowalla – Gowalla is la social travel guide and passport on your phone. It’s a fun and social way to keep up with your friends, record your memories, share photos and highlights, and discover your city and the world around you. Plus, Gowalla is available everywhere, so you’ll be able to record your adventures wherever you go. Gowalla will even keep track of all the cities, states and countries you visit.

Google Latitude – With Google Latitude, see where your friends are right now. Latitude lets you stay in touch with your friends and family by making it easy to share where you are and see each other on a map.


Google Latitude

SCVNGR – SCVNGR is a game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. You’ll discover cool new places to go, find fun new things to do and share your activity with your friends.

Ditto! – What are you up to? Share it with your friends on Ditto! Exchange recommendations about restaurants, movies, and other activities. Select an icon, ping your friends, and get notified about replies.

Localmind – Localmind gives you the ability to know what’s happening, at this very moment, at any place you care about. Find out how crowded the bar is, how long the line to the party is, or what specials at the restaurant are. Mobile real-time omniscience at your fingertips.

atzip – Is all that time on social networks killing your social life? atzip is all about getting out. Whatever you’re up for, whether you’re new in town or a regular, atzip connects you to a dynamic network of places and people in-the-know — in and around your ZIP.

Recco – Recco helps friends share their reccos on restaurants, bars, shops and other favorite venues with one another. Capture and keep track of all your go-to places so you don’t forget about them. Have them on-hand anytime you need a place to go. Recco lets you access your friends’ database of reccos, so you can discover new places from people you really trust. Because trusting friends beats trusting strangers.

Ladidude: Google Latitude Game – A perfect companion to the Google Latitude app. Ladidude supports various background modes to update your location as you move. Use your location history to compete with other Google Latitude users worldwide on Game Center! Earn achievements and post to leaderboards without the checkin fatigue. Your progress is cumulative and nothing is dropped. Refresh the Voyage page at your own pace.

Prowl Owl – Prowl Owl is a geolocation app for the iPhone that sends push alerts when your Facebook friends are nearby. Whether you’re at a park, at a bar, or on campus, Prowl Owl let’s you spend less time pulling out your phone and more time hanging out with friends.


Prowl Owl

Whrrl – What makes you unique? Do you enjoy cheeseburgers? indie music? mountain biking? fashion? What if you had a robot that could learn your individual tastes, passions and interests so it could recommend relevant places to go, ideas to try and groups to join? What if your robot could give you an excuse to hang out more with your friends? Teach Whrrlbot what makes you unique: check in, want-to ideas and join Whrrl Societies. See Whrrlbot generate recommendations specifically for you.

WHERE – Discover your next favorite place…on WHERE! Join more than 4 million people who rely on WHERE everyday to answer the question, ‘Where should I go next?’

Waze – Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports – Waze is a free social navigation app that uses real-time traffic updates from drivers nearby to improve your daily commute. More than just another free voice-guided navigation app, waze’s social layer is what truly sets it apart, enabling drivers to work together to get the most relevant traffic information and smartest routing available at any given moment – plus, it actually makes commuting a whole lotta fun!

Foodspotting – Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can find and share where to find your favorite dishes using photos.



Loopt – Life just got more interesting. Loopt is the best way to see what’s happening around you – which friends (from Loopt and Facebook) are nearby, which bars are hopping, and which restaurants your friends like to go to. Use Loopt’s free location-aware text messaging (“Ping”) to connect with friends, and find places to go, when you’re out and about.

Fiddme – Fiddme aims to be a local visual guide to the culinary wonders around you exposing new to new dishes, places and friends in your area.


DailyBooth – DailyBooth is Your Life in Pictures. Document and share your life with others. Get real-time updates on what your friends and family are doing every day. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Watch the live feed and see what’s going on in the world around you. Spark up conversations with strangers and make new friends. DailyBooth is the absolute best app in the App Store to show off the iPhone 4’s front facing camera.



Instagram – Instagram is an amazingly fun & simple life-sharing app for your iPhone. Snap photos wherever you go to show the world what’s going on in your life. Follow your friends’ photo updates as they move through the world. Select from photo filters that transform regular ol’ photos into works of art you’ll want to keep around forever.

Flickr – Share your photos. Watch the world. Flickr for the iPhone enables photo-sharing on the go – from your phone, to the world.

Socialcam – Socialcam is the easiest way to share videos with friends. It makes sharing video from your phone as simple as uploading photos to Facebook. With a few clicks, you’re able to record, tag, and share videos as well as browse, like, and comment on your friends’ videos.

Meedeor – Meedeor: a healthy ecosystem for your mobile photography. Post photos to your Media Feed from your mobile device. Connect to Facebook and Twitter to share and find friends. Subscribe to feeds from all over Meedeor, or find content posted near you. Don’t have an account? Sign up directly from the app.



PhotoTrader – PhotoTrader allows you to connect with other people – the world over – through the magic of photography! Using their camera-equipped iPhones, PhotoTrader enables users to take photographs and quickly trade them with other random users. You never know what you’re going to get!

DreamStream – Stream and display photos from Facebook, Flickr tags, MobileMe, RSS, My Photos, and Windows Live Frameit. DreamStream also offers a scrolling display that shows time, date and real-time weather feeds from locations of your choice.

AutoPost – AutoPost is the #1 fastest way to publish photos to Facebook. Even better, each AutoPost user is provided a personal, anonymous website to store, display, and share their pictures.

Path – Path is the simple and private way to be yourself and share life with close friends and family. Use Path to capture photos and short videos, share your Path with the people you care about, add tags to remember context, and have intimate conversations around each moment. You can share your Path with close friends and family who have an iPhone, on the Web, or even over email.

Actioncam – Powered by Steply, social photo sharing network. It’s speedy and packs the action into one photo from between 3 to 9 frames within a second! It’s fun. Take your time, try different filters, and share to Steply. Never miss a perfect picture ever again! Choose from a wide range of layouts and filters for your collage, and start shooting manually or in automatic intervals.

Picplz – Picplz is a fun and social way to share your life through photos. Picplz lets you style your photos with free photo effects and quickly share them with your friends and followers. Use picplz to share photos on your favorite blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

LiveShare – LiveShare is the answer to the question, “Where’s everyone’s photos from the party?” LiveShare makes it easy for you and your friends to snap photos at parties, get-togethers and other shared experiences, and enjoy them all in one place, in real-time. No more need to hunt through emails, social networks and photo sites to see everyone’s photos.

PicBounce – The Social Camera has arrived! PicBounce is the simplest and fastest way to upload a photo from your iPhone to Facebook or Twitter. No signup required. Take a photo or choose an existing photo. Write a caption. Bounce it to Facebook and Twitter in 2 taps. You’re done. It’s that easy.

Phototreats – Capture beautiful memories in a few simple steps. Choose a photo, apply the effect, save & upload! It’s powered by Steply making mobile photo sharing easy. Phototreats is a collection of easy to use filters that transforms your photo into a truly memorable and emotional scene that all your friends will want to share and see.




Postage – Postage allows you to easily create beautiful electronic postcards from your photos and send them to your friends and family through email, Twitter or Facebook. Whether you are traveling, celebrating a holiday, announcing an important life-event or just having fun putting frames around your photos, Postage allows you to keep in touch while you are on the go.

Postino – Take out your iPhone, launch Postino, create a postcard and send it! We don’t just mean “send an e-card” (although Posting can do that too). We mean “send a real, physical postcard”. That’s right, we print your cards on super high-quality paper, and send them worldwide. How cool is that? Can you imagine the surprise of your friends and family when they receive your postcard in the mailbox, with yourself in the photo? It’s even cheaper than most normal cards+stamps you buy in the local stores, without the hassle!

Postman – Why spend much more on generic, bland and overpriced postcards from the local tourist shack? With your iPhone and Postman, creating professional virtual postcards from your photos is a snap, and sharing them with your friends is even easier and totally eco-friendly!




SongChat – Chat with people while listening to your music collection! SongChat matches you with cool people based on your taste in music. Put on a new song and meet new people!

SuperGlued – “SuperGlued is a music lover’s dream.” Download it and you get a comprehensive calendar of local shows, recommendations on bands you might like and ways to share and discuss the experience with everyone around you. It works anywhere in the world and is totally free!

Social Player – Social Player is a music player that lets you share music from your iPhone or iPod touch with your friends. Just tap the cloud to share the track you are listening to either with friends on Facebook, on Twitter or via email with everybody else. Social Player will try to link your musical message to the iTunes Store so that your friends can even listen to a preview of the music you sent.

TuneTweet – TuneTweet does one thing and one thing only: it allows you to post what you’re listening to on you’re iPhone or iPod Touch to Twitter. Each “Tweet” is entirely customizable, and in fact, if you decide that you actually don’t want to tweet about what you’re listening to, you can just use the app as a simple tool to post anything to Twitter. Also, using new capabilities in iPhone 3.0, the app allows you to navigate within your playlist.



Last.fm – Get Last.fm everywhere you go. Use Last.fm to track the music you and your friends have been playing. Get music recommendations wherever you are based on the music you’re listening to. From new releases to events near you, Last.fm does more with the music you listen to than anyone else. Not only that, but you can search for information about music and concerts at the tap of a button.

SongMate – SongMate analyzes the music library on your iPhone or iPod Touch and introduces you to others who listen to similar music. Strike up a conversation about your favorite artists and bands. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people!


Twitter – Follow your interests: instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world. Get short bursts of timely information on the official Twitter app for iPhone. Real-time search reveals breaking news, while trending topics and maps show what’s happening now around the world. View trends, browse your interests and see suggested users in several categories, including fashion, entertainment and travel, or search to find out what people are saying about topics you care about, such as politics or big sporting events.

Echofon – Echofon Pro is the ad-free version of Echofon, an easy to use, super-fast Twitter app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

HootSuite – Compose and Converse on the Go. HootSuite for iOS is the perfect social media tool for Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Join the conversation from anywhere with HootSuite for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Simple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite allows you to send and schedule Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and lists.

Twitterrific – Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at easy to use and full of elegant features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search Twitter.com, filter message types and much more.

Spout – Instead of spending hours scouring the web, simply ‘turn on the Spout’ sit back and enjoy a steady stream of information specifically meant for you! Relax as a veritable flood of news, messages, tweets and comments pour forth from your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader (RSS) feeds. Words spill onto your device, swirling, twisting, and scrolling across your screen, pooling in the centre momentarily, like a leaf on a pond, before being whisked away as new social messages pour in. Then, poke the surface and a built-in web browser takes you up-stream to the source, without leaving the tranquil and hypnotic Spout app.



Osfoora for Twitter – Osfoora for Twitter is a fast and clean twitter client that gives you easy access to all of twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora features an elegant and clean Home screen that lets you access most functionalities in a single touch. With an elegant user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), and more, using twitter becomes a joy!

Tweetlogix – Tweetlogix makes using Twitter on your iPhone or iPod Touch better than ever. Its unique rich timeline offers inline image previews and tappable links. Tweet photos, videos, and music titles. Mute users, search nearby, follow lists, follow trends, and much more. All in a simple, fast, easy-to-navigate application.

Trickle – Trickle is not a full-featured Twitter client. Instead, Trickle is designed to do just one thing – display tweets. Tweets are displayed individually so they are easy to read. New Tweets will push in from the right as they arrive. Trickle handles all the work leaving you free to do other things.

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter from your iPhone or iPod Touch. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date no matter where you are. Create groups, search Twitter, manage multiple accounts and easily post your tweets or share photos, link and much more. Plus sync your existing TweetDeck columns between your desktop and iPhone. Nice and easy.

Seesmic – Seesmic for iPhone lets you update and view multiple social networks in an efficient and powerful application. Manage multiple Twitter accounts, your Facebook account, a Ping.fm account and organize all your accounts, searches, trending topics and lists in your customizable dashboard.

Twinkle – Twinkle is the first and most famous social networking application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Hundreds of thousands of people have sent more than 30m messages on the application since it’s launch. Friends have been reunited, new friendships have been formed and there have even been relationships started over Twinkle.

Icebird – Icebird is not just another easy to use twitter client for your iPhone. The intuitive user interface makes twittering a real charm: All essential features are just a fingertip away.




Facebook – Facebook for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Use your iPhone to start a conversation with Facebook Chat, check your friends’ latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go.

Facely – Get ready to experience the fastest, easiest-to-use, most convenient Facebook app, plus the only one with as much personality as you have! Optimized for the high definition touch screens of iPad and iPhone 4, and easily customized to match your mood, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it. With Facely you can do everything you want on Facebook.

BeejiveIM for Facebook – BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat lets you access Facebook’s chat service on the go, with the proven reliability of BeejiveIM. Now you can chat with your Facebook friends anywhere you go!


BeejiveIM for Facebook

Status Shuffle – With Status Shuffle, you choose a status from our huge selection. We have funny statuses, sad statuses, crazy statuses and everything in-between. Once you make your choice, the application will update your Facebook status. You can mange your favorites from your phone, and they are automatically synced with your favorites in the Facebook application.

VideoTime for Facebook – Finally, you can watch almost any video shared on Facebook without Adobe Flash Player. This application extends your Facebook browsing experience by supplying advanced video playing capabilities for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Talking Facebook – Get this app and see where the Facebook future is headed. Talking Facebook delivers the most advanced and beautiful technology and lives up to the expectations that Steve Jobs has set for us. Finally! The only innovative Facebook app has arrived to the AppStore. Do not confuse this app with your other mundane and boring Facebook apps that just sell you the Facebook mobile site with different colors. This is a real app that reads your posts to you and responds to your voice commands. This is the app that will actually save you time and effort when keeping up with your feeds.

BlipSnips – Simply the easiest way to shoot and share the best moments of video! With just a few taps, capture all the most memorable moments as they unfold, tag the friends who were there with you and share it all on Facebook! While on the move with your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can easily capture video, mark your favorite moments and add captions that punctuate those moments and share them through the BlipSnips video app on Facebook. Even better, add another layer of social to your video by tagging people within the video as they appear from a list of your Facebook friends, and then quickly uploading the whole finished product to Facebook for your friends to enjoy and comment on!



Friend and Contact Management

Bump – Bump makes sharing with people as simple as bumping two phones together. Just pick what you want to send, then hold your phones and gently bump hands with another Bump user. And now, you can message with your friends who aren’t near you — just add them as a friend inside of Bump and start messaging immediately — it’s kind of like a long-distance “virtual bump”.

Hashable – Hashable is a fun and useful way to track your relationships. You can quickly keep track of people you meet and where you meet them by sending your virtual business card. And every time you make any connection with someone, like breakfast, drinks or a meeting, you can share it with your ‘Inner Circle’ of friends & colleagues or track it privately. Along the way, you’re capturing your real network in a dynamic address book and developing ‘relationship strength’ with each of your contacts.

Friends for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & LinkedIn – Your friends are everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn. Keeping up with them is impossible…not any more! Friends revolutionizes how you keep in touch with the people you care about. See what they’re saying, what they’re doing, how to get in touch with them, all in one place.


Friends for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & LinkedIn

Gist – Connected People Change History. Gist provides the only full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating rich business profiles that include the most news, status updates and work details. We do this by pulling together all your contacts from your various inboxes, address books, social networks, and other sources then adding news, status updates, and blog posts to them creating a rich business profile for everyone in your professional network.


Skout – Over 18? Welcome to the club! Skout is the largest and fastest growing mobile dating network in the App Store. See nearby singles looking to get together with amazing accuracy. It’s easy — install the app and start chatting! Use the browser to find someone cute and strike up an instant conversation. Flirting is now that EASY! Skout connects you with over two million users in the community and provides a safe experience. You never have to give out your phone number or exact whereabouts. We are the only service that allows you to connect with singles on the Web and on the go!

Dating for Facebook – One problem with free dating services, is because there is no cost to join the network, it’s easy for fakes, frauds, scammers, and spammers to join and ruin the free dating service for everyone. Facebook Dating is part of the large and free Dating DNA dating network service, but allows Facebook users to verify that they have a valid Facebook account and lets other users see how many friends they have on Facebook. Because fakes and frauds won’t usually go to the trouble to set up a Facebook account with lots of friends, just knowing that others in the network are also verified Facebook users, gives the users a lot more confidence that the other person is for real.


Dating for Facebook

Dating DNA – When you’re ready for a full-featured dating application that goes way beyond silly pokes, winks and “Yur hot!” then you’re ready for Dating DNA’s in-depth compatibility matching. If you’re real, and you want to meet real people, then Dating DNA is for you. If you’re just playing games, save your energy, as our community monitoring system will reject you.

eHarmony – Finding someone wonderful is now in the palm of your hand! The eHarmony iPhone app allows you to connect with your highly compatible matches—even when you’re on the go.

OkCupid – Welcome to OkCupid, the best dating site on Earth. OkCupid is the fastest growing free online dating site! Our advanced matching system is based on you, and what you find important. With over a million quality singles from all around the world, you can make a new friend or set up a date in no time!


triMirror – triMirror is the fashion and clothes shopping community on the run. Share pictures of clothing and fashion ideas while you shop. Get dressing advice and styling tips. Clue in to the hottest deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories you can’t miss. Help others with their fashion ‘faux pas’.

Go Try It On – Honest advice on your look before you go out! Get an opinion or give an opinion, while you’re on the go. You can get feedback on your outfit from our helpful community in real time, or keep your outfit private and get advice from your friends.

Pose – Pose captures and enhances the in-store shopping experience. Pose allows users to add products to a personal style feed, share their finds and discuss. Use Pose as a tool for style inspiration or a place to build a virtual history of your real-life finds.



Coathangr – Coathangr is a social fashion service that works like Twitter. You can follow your friends, and they can follow you back. Snap a photo of your outfit, then share it with your network of fashionista friends.

Audio and Video

IntoNow – IntoNow makes engaging with your favorite TV shows easy, social, and fun. Just tap the green button when your favorite show is on and IntoNow will identify the show and episode; provide all data and links associated with it; and help you share on Facebook and Twitter. IntoNow also helps you see which shows you have in common with your friends — including whether they’ve seen the latest episode — and alerts you whenever you and a friend are watching the same show at the same time. Use it to discover new shows, discuss your favorites with your friends, and learn more about whatever you’re into now!

TinyVox Pro – Just press Record and start speaking your mind about anything, then share it through Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.


TinyVox Pro

Miso – Use Miso to check-in to what you’re watching and earn points and badges! Add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and connect with your friends. See what your friends and others are watching in your Miso stream, like and comment on check-ins, and chat about your favorite shows.

Cinch – Cinch is a free and easy way to create and share audio, text and photo updates using your iPhone. Cinch enables you to capture and report on your experiences in a way that plain text can’t. Using a simple interface, you can make and automatically broadcast your cinches through Facebook, Twitter, CinchCast.com and more.

Polls and Questions

Honestly Now – You make personal decisions, every day, big + small. Your friends want to help you. but sometimes the truth is hard to tell. Honestly Now helps your friends help you. You send the bat signal (that’s a question + a pic). they send the truth (+ love) via anonymous vote. Ask about anything. the only rule is that the question is about you, and something that you care about. include a picture and ask away

Cloudy – Need help making a decision? Let your friends decide for you! Cloudy lets you quickly and easily ask groups of friends for their opinions.



PollBob – PollBob is a free application that lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch to discover, create, take, and share opinion polls in real-time.


Myspace – Myspace for iPhone and iPod Touch lets you discover and browse new content from anywhere without even logging in. The app has all your fave features, mobilized: updates, photos, comments, messages, and more.

Groupie – Groupie connects you with people who share your interests and hobbies. It’s a great way to meet new people, stay in touch with friends, collaborate, or spread awareness for your cause.

Grouped{in} – Unlike having to check a growing number of apps multiple times a day to get things done, Grouped{in} is the first app that seamlessly works across the channels you already use, while also providing dedicated private in-app group messaging. Organize your work and personal life into the groups and people that matter to you, and Grouped{in} will do the rest, making communicating in groups easy, efficient and fun.

Crowdstory – Crowdstory enhances the storytelling experience by allowing users to tether audio snippets to specific locations. Crowdstory helps you share what you have to say about the world around you. Text messages just don’t always cut it! Whether you want to talk about your night out, share your reactions to a sporting event, or let everyone know what to order at a local restaurant, Crowdstory lets you share your stories in the way they were meant to be told.



The Wishlist – The Wishlist is the premiere mobile app for creating, sharing and managing your birthday, holiday or universal wishlist all year round.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn for iPhone puts your professional network just a touch away. Walk into any interview or client meeting with the ability to look up the details and connect with over 90 million professionals worldwide. Get the latest updates and messages from your network and keep them up-to-date with your status in real-time.

Boxcar – Boxcar has Twitter, Facebook, Email, RSS, Growl, Github, Google Voice, Google Buzz, App Recommendation, and more push notifications just for you

GetGlue – GetGlue is a social network for movies, tv shows, music, and books. Check-in and rate things to discover new favorites, see what your friends are into, get stickers, and win free stuff.

Goodreads – Tap into the world’s largest social network for readers with the Goodreads iPhone app! No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and book reviews. Read reviews of other members and friends, keep a virtual bookshelf of what you’ve read, use our new barcode scanner, and build your to-read list as you discover great books either on the app or out and about in the world.

Stickybits – Stickybits is a free app you use to scan barcodes on all the stuff you love, instantly turning it into even more stuff you love. Scan a snowboard – win free lift passes. Scan some wireless headphones – see what people say about them and check out what your friends are listening to. Scan a box of frozen chalupas – get a 2fer for even más chalupas. You get the idea. Scan any barcode. Read reviews and comments, and share your own. Score a bunch of big discounts and free stuff – both for what you’re scanning and related things you’ll like.



Bebo – The Bebo iPhone App keeps you connected to everyone and everything you care about while on the go. Scroll through your Lifestream to see what your friends on Bebo, Facebook, and Twitter are up to. Browse friends’ profiles and check out their Lifestory – a visual timeline of their photos, blogs and more. Also upload your photos and update your status on the move!

Spring – Introducing Spring, the best way to use the insanely popular Formspring! Ask questions, give answers, and learn more about your friends. Spring helps you express yourself and learn more about the people you care about.

Which Social Apps Do You Use?

There are tons and tons of social networking apps on the App Store, some great and some not so great. Here we’ve attempted to save you some sorting time by listing the best from each category, but you can take it even further by telling us your favorites.

As for me, I of course use the official Facebook and Twitter apps daily, but my two recent favorites are Instagram and Gowalla. Both are fantastic apps to connect with people in a quirky and addicting way. Leave a comment below and tell us which apps you use.