5 Apps For Your Next BBQ or Pool Party

Some keys to a successful outdoor party are well-proven. You need good food, good drinks, good tunes and, naturally, good friends. Fortunately, there are apps to help you out with at least three of those (and maybe all four?). Of course, fun entertainment also can’t hurt.

And because you and the other partygoers will be having such a great time, you’ll want to take lots of cool photos that you can edit, jazz up and share with everyone. Here, we present a few top picks that cover all these bases and more. Check them out after the jump.

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Weber’s on the Grill

Straight from renowned grill maker Weber, this app features more than 300 classic recipes for cuts of meat, seafood, veggies and fruit, plus rubs, marinades and sauces that have appeared in the brand’s numerous cookbooks.

The recipes have all been tested and tweaked to perfection, but you have the final say in what’s delicious, so tag your favorites and share them with friends. And when it comes time to grill, take advantage of the more than 100 expert tips and instructional videos, as well as the timer that will tell you exactly when it’s time to take your food off the grill.

Best of all, you can make gathering all the ingredients a snap. Create a master grocery list and share it with others so everyone can help out by bringing an item. Or, just use the master list to make your own grocery shopping trips simpler.

Price: $4.99
Developer: Weber-Stephen Products Co.
Download: iTunes

Food & Wine Cocktails

Here’s a collection of more than 350 drinks created my some of America’s most innovative mixologists and bartenders. Find recipes sorted according to category: Drinks by Spirit, Drinks by Type, and Drink-Friendly Food. Plus there are categories for Cocktail Tips, Top Bars and your favorite recipes.

Recipes are clear and concise; navigation is simple; and if you’re a visual person, you’ll appreciate that in most cases there is an image of the drink. You can also share recipes and discover snacks that pair well with a particular cocktail.

This is definitely a comprehensive spirits guide for those looking to mix up something outside of the usual for their next party. Remember to drink responsibly.

Price: Free
Developer: American Express Publishing
Download: iTunes

Jukebox for Spotify

With this app, you and your friends can turn your iPhones into a virtual jukebox with access to millions of songs so that everyone can request their favorites. Simply change the order of the playlist by voting songs up or down. It’s a party soundtrack by consensus!

If you hear a track you love or discover another user with incredible taste in music, you can comment on a song to say you dig the beats. Plus, if you have a Spotify Premium account you can create your own jukebox and manage the playlist.

The convenience of Jukebox for Spotify at parties is wonderful, since it eliminates the need for any complications arising from trying to coordinate MP3s, iTunes, CDs and other digital files. Just set yourself up with Spotify and you’ll have access to all the tracks listed in the Spotify library.

Price: Free
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Download: iTunes

Heads Up!

If you need to break the ice among friends who don’t know one another, or if you just want to jumpstart the fun, Heads Up! is a fast-paced, interactive trivia game that will do the trick.

Categories involve naming celebrities, singing, silly accents, movies, animals, characters and more before a timer runs out. Player A holds the iPhone above his or her head, with the prompts viewable to Player B. While Player B is acting out the goofy prompts, Player A tries to guess. Turn the phone down when you guess correctly, and turn it up to pass and move on to the next challenge.

The game works for any number of people, is easy to play and includes 18 themed categories to choose from. Bonus: Heads Up! activates the camera on your phone, capturing players as they act out all the categories. View and laugh over the videos later, save them, or share them on Facebook. Shout out the answer if you know it!

Price: $0.99
Developer: Warner Bros.
Download: iTunes


Don’t forget to capture all those awesome memories-in-the-making. With this app you can make your photos even more special with stickers, text and other effects. While similar apps border on the kitschy, Pictory perfectly balances silly creativity with stylish fun.

Add details to your images that will enhance your memory of all the good times you had that day, with nearly 500 hand-drawn illustrations, the ability to add multiple lines of text, various text alignments and fonts, and nearly three dozen different color options to apply to your stickers.

The developers have made it possible for the user to easily shrink, expand or rotate items simply by touching anywhere on the screen, making editing easy — especially for smaller items, like text or symbols. Then tap Export to share your work via camera roll, contacts, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other photo-sharing apps on your device. It will be a day you’ll never forget.

Developer: covworks
Download: iTunes

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