5 Apps to Make Comparing Prices Easier

It’s time to get some last-minute holiday shopping done. And, by the way, if you don’t think you’ve arrived at the last-minute yet, this is your wake-up call. It’s time to bite the bullet, my friend.

And now you don’t have the time or the cash to waste running from store to store, or surfing every corner of the Internet trying to find the best deal on whatever tech toy your little brother wants this year. Click “more” to take a look at these five price comparison apps that can help you find what you’re searching for while trying to remain under budget.

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Decide Shopping and Price Predictor

Make a purchase decision based on product recommendations from topic experts and other consumers. Or, if you’re planning on making your purchase at a later date, you can take into consideration the price predictions and model predictions to tell you the optimal time to buy whatever it is you have your eye on.

The Decide app also offers a unique guarantee: When you buy something based on the app’s recommendations, the Decide team will track prices for that item and pay you the difference if a lower price becomes available within the next two weeks. Seems pretty generous, if you ask me.

Set price alerts, use the barcode and QR scanners while shopping in-store, browse products reviews and technical specs, and more with this app, which can help you search across thousands of shopping sites and retailers.

Price: Free
Developer: Decide Inc.
Download: iTunes

Google Shopper

You probably already use Google all the time when you’re online shopping. Here the search engine makes things even easier for you by gathering information on millions, if not bazillions, of products.

If you’re unsure of exactly what it is you’re looking for, you can browse according to some select subject areas, for example, home wares, gadgets, sales, etc. Or, you can search (of course) for an item and peruse a list of results.

But you’re not limited to just text searches; the app also recognizes products by cover art, barcode and voice search. Find the best prices for an item, including the best local and online prices, as well as read reviews, view specifications and watch product-related videos. Don’t forget to save items to your shopping list, or share your wish-list-worthy items with your family and friends.

Price: Free
Developer: Google Inc.
Download: iTunes

Milo: Local Shopping

With Milo the focus is on finding the best local price on whatever it is you need. It scans real-time availability for you, too, so that you don’t arrive at your local retailer only to discover that the last one was just sold (horrifying!).

Scan barcodes, view product descriptions and read reviews. Also, the map is a handy feature, which shows you all nearby stores that carry a certain product. You can view how different stores’ prices compare to one another and, in some cases, even pay for the item on your phone via PayPal, and then go pick it up. How’s that for convenience?

The bottom line is about saving you time and saving you money. In that regard, Milo is a lot like your personal shopper, pointing you in the right direction so you don’t waste a day driving all over town only to turn up emtpy-handed. (That would be no way to win a Best Uncle of the Year award.)

Price: Free
Developer: Milo.com
Download: iTunes

RedLaser – Barcode Scanner, Shopping Assistant and QR Code Reader

This app does it all. Scan UPC codes and QR codes to learn more about a product; search hundreds of retailers (local and online) to compare prices or find the item in your area; browse deals and retailers’ coupons; scan and store your loyalty cards; and even buy directly from select retailers.

Read reviews and pore over product descriptions, or view the most popular products purchased by other RedLaser users to help you make a decision. RedLaser also shows you products similar to and related to the item you just viewed, so you can see what else is out there.

Share loyalty cards with friends and family through the app, plus create your wish lists or gift lists so you have all your information in one convenient place.

Price: Free
Developer: Ebay Inc.
Download: iTunes

Price Check by Amazon

It’s a jungle out there. But Amazon can help you find what you want. Use the app to compare prices instantly with Amazon’s website and its affiliated merchants using text, voice, barcode and picture search.

In addition to viewing product descriptions and customer reviews, you can also make immediate purchases using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system, as well as Amazon Prime. All prices are in U.S. dollars, and all products are from the U.S. Amazon store.

The app also supports sharing products via Twitter, Facebook, text message or email. Best of all, you can notify Amazon of an in-store price using the app if you find a better deal, since the online retailer says it’s committed to keeping prices competitive for its customers.

Price: Free
Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
Download: iTunes

How Do You Shop on the Go?

Which mobile shopping app takes up all of your time (and money)? Is there a great one we should have included? Let us know about it in the comments section below!