90 Awesome iOS Apps for Freelancers

Freelancers are constantly on the move. Not being tied to a specific office often leads to working anywhere we have an Internet connection. What better way to manage your freelance business on the move than with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Below you’ll find over 90 apps that will empower you as a freelancer to get more done when you’re away from your computer. Whether you’re a designer, writer, consultant or anything else, you’ll find tons of helpful tools.

iPhone & Universal Apps

Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner – “Digitize business cards and auto-share your contact information with your new contacts. Simply snap pictures of business cards with your iPhone and Shoeboxed does the rest. Important contact details are extracted with OCR and human-verified for accuracy.”


Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner

iSlips – “Are you a Timeslips user who needs a fast and simple way to track your time and expenses on your iPhone? Then iSlips is the solution for you. iSlips is a stand-alone iPhone application that allows you to take your key Timeslips data with you while on the go.”

Freelancer Mobile – “Take benefit from mobility! Freelancer provides main functionality to work with world-famous freelancer.com service (formerly GetAFreelancer).”

iFreelancer – “Get freelancer jobs on your iOS device with push notification now.”



Freewallet – “Freewallet is a very simple app to make monitoring your income very easy, intuitive and most importantly, FAST. Take your iPhone out of your pocket, add your new job and you are done in less than 10 seconds. Despite being a very simple app, it can make an impact on your wallet by seeing detailed statistics and this way making it easy to plan your expenses.”

Time Tracking & Invoicing:

GetPaid! – PDF Invoice & Time Sheet – “Instantly produce professional invoices and time sheets, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. With the GetPaid! – PDF Invoice & Time Sheet app, you’ll save time, money and work as you speedily bill your customer and move on to the next job. You can even track your time, inventory and the payments that come in.”


GetPaid! - PDF Invoice & Time Sheet

Omni Invoice – “No more downtime spent writing up quotes back at the office, or catching up with your backlog of invoicing causing delays in payment. Omni Invoice enables you to create quotes whilst on site, delivering them by email in seconds. Generating invoices from your quotes is an equally simple process.”

Invoice Robot – “Invoice Robot was developed for small businesses, non-profits and innovative people that want to create invoices, proposals, receipts and quotations better and faster than large teams of strategic consultants and administrative staff. Get paid sooner by creating and sending PDF documents with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Your accounts receivable department is in your pocket.”

Invoice2go – “Invoice2go is the fast and easy way to invoice, estimate, bill, collect and report. With 10 built-in invoice styles to choose from it’s actually fun going through and choosing your template and designing your invoice. Even better if you install the Desktop Version all these templates can be customized to your own needs. Add logo’s, move fields you can even create your very own business forms. No other solution available gives you this flexibility. ”

Quick Invoice – “If you freelance or own a business, you have probably faced the tedious task of creating and sending invoices while away from the office. Now, with Quick Invoice that nightmare is over. Quick Invoice allows you to easily generate and send invoices. You only have to choose your customer, the service, tax, numbering and pay option and, in less than 5 seconds, your customer will be able to receive the invoice via e-mail.”

MiniBooks for FreshBooks – “MiniBooks puts the popular web invoicing software FreshBooks in the palm of your hand. Manage your clients, send invoices, run timers, and record payments, all while on the go. Plus, MiniBooks fully synchronizes with your FreshBooks account, so you have access to your account even when you’re off the grid. All this for less than FreshBooks’ monthly subscription fee.”


MiniBooks for FreshBooks

Billings Pro Touch – “This application is part of a unique time tracking and invoicing solution called Billings Pro and requires Billings Pro Server. Billings Pro consists of native Mac and iPhone applications for managers, a web interface for staff, and a server component to enable synchronization.”

TimeTracking – An extremely simple time tracking utility.

HoursTracker – Time Sheet – “HoursTracker is perfect for hourly workers that need to turn in a time card or time sheet, contractors who bill for jobs or projects separately, or those who simply just want to keep track of the hours they have worked. Features a streamlined, easy-to-use interface great for use on the go!”

Time Master + Billing – “The best, most powerful, comprehensive, easy to use time keeping app on the Apple Store is now even better. Time Master has the highest average rating of all the time management apps. And the other apps don’t come close to our new optional billing module. Our invoices are totally professional.”

Time Flies – “Time Flies is designed with simplicity and purpose: use it to keep track of how long it has been since you did something. When did you last clean the house? Wash the dog? Call your parents? Buy flowers for your girlfriend? Time Flies has all the answers.”


Time Flies

Tick (Time & Budget Tracking) – “This application integrates seamlessly with your free or paid tickspot.com account, allowing you to log new time entries and check on the status of existing projects. If you don’t have a tickspot.com account, don’t worry. You can create a FREE account from within the application. You’ll be up and running in minutes.”

Easy TimeSheet – “Easy Time Sheet is an application designed for anyone that needs to track time against projects, track billable hours for clients, or simply needs to fill out a time sheet. Easy Time Sheet supports both real-time and after-the-fact time tracking, automatically calculating the billable amount for your projects and time entries. At any point you can email the current project data in CSV format (easily saved and opened in Excel or Google Docs) to any email address. Additionally, any timer started will continue to track time for its project even when the application is closed.”

TimeTracker – “TimeTracker helps you keep track of your time everywhere and everytime right on your iPhone or iPod touch. It is a powerful yet easy to use application for everyone who wants to see how much time is spent on certain tasks and projects. It contains a rich set of features like organization of tasks into projects, filtering tasks by time frames, exporting the tracked data via email, and many more.”

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker – “Track time and log expenses on-the-go with Harvest, whether you’re online or offline. A beautiful flip-clock counts the number of billable hours and minutes you’ve been working. The expense tracker allows you to upload photos of your receipts as you enter expenses so you keep all your records organized.”


Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

Freelancer – Time Tracking – “Freelancer is a powerful time tracking application. If you are working for several customers or simply be on a lookout for an easy way to survey your fulfilled hours, Freelancer should be your choice.”

TSheets Time Tracker with GPS – “Add tasks, track time and view history with maps. Time tracker for business or freelance use. Seamlessly syncs your data to TSheets.com.”

aTimeLogger – “Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage you time.”

Toggl Timer – “Toggl is a web application that provides an easy way to track time spent on projects. It works well for both teams and freelancers.”

Paymo.biz – “Paymo – The popular free time tracking app is now available on your iPhone. The Paymo app allows you to easily track your time while on the go. You can use it during client meetings or while working on tasks when you’re away from the office.”



WorkTRAKR – “WorkTRAKR is a revolutionary product that allows legal professionals to create billable time entries, make low cost international calls, manage GPS location, calendar, contacts, and much more. WorkTRAKR seamlessly integrates with many of the top legal practice management and billing systems.”

Cube Time & Expense Tracker Pro – “Time is money – so we built an app where you can start tracking your time and expenses in less than 15 seconds!”

Database Apps

FileMaker Go – “View, edit and search your FileMaker Pro 7 (or later) records on your iPhone with FileMaker Go. Whether you’re checking inventory in the warehouse, managing event registration on-site, or updating project status while traveling, you can do it all while you’re on the go.”

Bento – “It’s never been easier to organize all the details of your busy life – in one iPhone application! Manage contacts and club members, coordinate projects and parties – even track vet bills and vehicle maintenance in one, easy-to-use application. Bento for iPhone is the portable version of the popular personal database from FileMaker that’s as easy to use as your iPhone!”



HanDBase Database Manager – “Powerful relational database manager for mobile devices. Track almost anything. Examples: Shopping Lists, DVD Collections, Passwords, Prayer Lists, To Dos, Workouts, Recipes, Checkbook, Weight Loss, Auto Mileage”

Customer Manager – “Need a customer management system that works the way you do? Save time and stay productive while away from the office with Customer Manager for Mobile. Quickly search for contact info, map a location, see past due balances and add/view notes on-the-go.”

StoreIt Database Application – “StoreIt is a simple and easy to use database tool built for the iPhone and iPod Touch. StoreIt allows you use your iPhone to create, amend and populate table definitions to build a database for whatever you like.”


StoreIt Database Application

Tap Forms Database – “Securely keep your life organized like never before with the most powerful iPhone database app yet! Customizable up the wazoo and with the newly added Dropbox integration for sharing files you’ll wonder what took you so long to get this app!”


Awesome Note (+Todo) – “Awesome Note is an innovative note taking application and to-do manager that allow you to combine notes with to-do flexibility. Awesome Note enables you to customize its look with themes the way you want it to be displayed with different folder icons, colors, fonts and paper backgrounds.”

2Do: Tasks Done in Style – “Leave it to the “Best User Interface 2009″ App Awards winners to make THE ToDo List you’ve been waiting for: Zero complications. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use.”


2Do: Tasks Done in Style

OmniFocus – “Winner of the 2008 Apple Design Award for Best iPhone Productivity Application, OmniFocus brings task management to your fingertips. Keep track of tasks by project, place, person, or date. Bring up a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, things to do at home, and any other lists you need.”

Pocket Informant (Calendar & Tasks) – “Pocket Informant is an integrated calendaring and GTD-based tasks solution for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Our purpose is to fuse together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks into one great solution.”

Things – “Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager. Other todo applications either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Things instead offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features. Effortlessly manage to-dos, notes, due dates, and projects. A smart today list and the scheduling feature allow you to work as effectively as possible – every day.”



JotNot Scanner Pro – “JotNot converts your iPhone into a portable multipage scanner. You can use JotNot to scan multipage documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards and notes into PDF files; email scans directly; fax scans to US fax numbers; or upload them to iDisk/WebDAV, Evernote, Box.net, Dropbox, or Google Docs where they can be shared with others.”

Calendars – Google Calendar client – “Google Calendar application of your dream is here. Calendars is the most elegant and easy to use Google calendar client available on the App Store. Calendars easily manages your calendars online and offline. It has an unique interface that allows you to move events with simple drag & drop and navigate between days, weeks, months, pretty like in the Calendar application on the iPad.”

File Management

iFiles – “iFiles is a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and more for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and share them with your friends.”

Flash Drive (View/save with drag and drop/email documents) – “Flash Drive is a file management solution for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows you to use your iPhone and iPod Touch as a Wi-Fi flash drive from any Windows or Mac computers. Flash Drive has powerfull built-in file viewer that can be used to view your documents on the go.”


Flash Drive

Air Sharing Pro – “The most powerful way to view your documents on the go.”

Documents 2 – “Built on top of the acclaimed documents iPhone suite. Documents 2 is the most comprehensive mobile office suite and file management system for the iPhone. Now with R2.4 Documents 2 also gains native support for iPad making Documents 2 the first and only documents manager that runs universally on all iPhone, iPod, and iPad!”

Art & Design

Intaglio Sketchpad – “Intaglio Sketchpad is a full featured drawing application designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, based on Intaglio, the award winning Macintosh application. With most iPhone sketching apps you paint strokes or erase pixels on the screen. Intaglio Sketchpad is different because it allows you to create and edit shapes and text blocks. These “vector” graphic elements retain their shape and attributes and can be edited at any time. For example, you can adjust color, line thickness, or fix spelling mistakes at any time. To erase an element you simply select it and delete it without affecting whatever might be behind it.

SketchBook Mobile – “SketchBook Mobile offers a full set of sketching tools and delivers them through a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Use it to digitally capture your ideas as napkin sketches or produce artwork on-the-go. With the same paint engine as the renowned SketchBook® Pro software, SketchBook® Mobile delivers sophisticated brushes and fluid pencils.”


SketchBook Mobile

The Typography Manual – “The Typography Manual is a pocket resource for graphic designers and anyone that works with type. It provides all the essentials of a book reference on your iPhone or iPod Touch! The Type Manual features a 60+ page book covering the history of type, type basics, how to properly set text and special characters, typography on the web, graphic design topics, and more.”

Color Oven – “Color Oven is a great tool for designers out there, especially designers working with CSS. With it you can calculate color schemes based on an initial color and a scheme type. Then you can preview these schemes on different mediums, including a web page. You can also save the color schemes, and e-mail them, as well as their CSS code in case you’re a web designer.”


Color Oven

ColorToy – “Whether you’re a web designer, interior decorator, artist or just a lover of colors, ColorToy can help you find your ideal color scheme. This simple, flexible app lets you generate, modify and store complementary color palettes.”

Access and Control Your Computer

iTeleport: Jaadu VNC for iPhone / iPad – “Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and AMX Touchscreen Interfaces. See your computer screen and control its keyboard and mouse from wherever: a few feet away, or even halfway around the world.”


iTeleport: Jaadu VNC for iPhone / iPad

Mocha VNC – “Mocha VNC provides access to a VNC Server. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to a Windows PC or Mac OS X and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen. ”

RemoteTap – “RemoteTap is the first and only “Mac Style” remote desktop management solution for Mac’s. Watch the screen, control keyboard and mouse, listen to audio of any Mac in your local network.”

HippoRemote Pro ~ Mac / PC Remote Control & Game Controller – “HippoRemote Pro turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a universal remote for all your favorite Mac & PC apps. Pause iTunes. Fast forward commercials in Media Center. Advance PowerPoint/Keynote slides. Even control web apps like Pandora & Gmail!”


HippoRemote Pro ~ Mac / PC Remote Control & Game Controller


Square – “Quickly and securely accept card and cash payments for your business, service, charity – even to sell your couch. A free Square card reader makes payments even faster. Generate email receipts. With Square for iPad, add sales tax and a beautiful list of items sold. Sign on to squareup.com to manage your sales and receipts with an intuitive web-based interface.”

Venmo – “The official Venmo, Inc iPhone Application. Use the Venmo App to settle up with friends on things like rent, dinners, meals, trips, and tickets. Link a credit card and a bank account to your phone through the App and instantly pay or charge any contact in your phone or any friend you have on Venmo.”



PayPal – “Send money to your friends, manage your account, and more, with the PayPal app. It’s free, secure and more convenient than going to the ATM, writing checks, or sending gifts the traditional way. ”

PayMobile – PayPal Manager – “If you depend on PayPal to run your business, put PayMobile into action and see just how easy tracking all of your accounts can be. With every balance listed right on the home screen, in the proper currency, you can keep track of your finances at a glance. And with two levels of password protection, it’s super-secure.”

iPad Apps

Time Tracking & Invoicing

Invoice Robot – “Invoice Robot was developed for small businesses, non-profits and innovative people that want to create invoices, proposals, receipts and quotations better and faster than large teams of strategic consultants and administrative staff. Get paid sooner by creating and sending PDF documents with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Your accounts receivable department is in your pocket.”

Ring It Up HD: Invoicing POS – “Ring it Up HD makes the job of tracking your sales and expenses a snap. The simple yet intuitive user interface allows you to easily create a catalog of goods and services which are then added to a sales ticket or invoice with only a few taps on the screen. Collecting payment is just as simple whether you are accepting cash, checks or integrating Ring it Up with one of the 5 supported Credit Card processing apps (see below).”


Ring It Up HD: Invoicing POS

TimeTrackerHD – “If you are looking to quickly and easily track your time spent on various projects or aspects of your life, TimeTrackerHD is for you. Many time tracking solutions are overly complex and add significant overhead to your life. TimeTrackerHD is designed from the ground up to track time for you and stay out of your way the rest of the day.”

TAPINVOICE – Invoicing Software – “Our company has a long history of developing invoicing software, producing programs since PCs to Internet era, however, iPad emergence, which made quite a challenge for our developers, has shown itself harsher and more stimulating than that we could imagine.”

TimeLogger App – “Timelogger App allows you to track your work times. You can create custom rates for projects, clients and tasks. Great app if you are self-employed or a freelancer.”


Dovetail for iPad – “Dovetail is an easy, mobile and stunning invoicing and task management application.”

Pomodoro App for iPad – “Pomodoro App is a beautiful and easy companion for the popular Pomodoro Technique. Use your iPad to stay focussed throughout the work day!”

OmniFocus for iPad – “OmniFocus for iPad combines the in-depth task management functionality of a desktop app with the advanced mobile experience of the iPad. With flexible viewing options, location-aware task lists, and on-the-fly task entry with voice notes and image attachments, OmniFocus for iPad is the trusted system you need for managing everything in your busy life.”


OmniFocus for iPad

iA Writer – “Simple, efficient and beautiful writing app for iPad.”

Jot! – “Sketch. Share. Innovate. Jot! makes quick sketches and diagrams easy. Take notes in meetings and share them via email or save them as photos. Visualize your thoughts and express your ideas. Stop wasting energy on complex applications. Tap less and jot more.”

PDF Expert for iPad – Annotate, review PDFs – “PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. It lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat!”

Things for iPad – “Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager. Other todo applications either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Things instead offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features.”

Bento for iPad – “Organize all the details of your busy life in one iPad app! Bento for iPad comes with 25 ready-to-use database templates that can be easily customized to organize virtually any type of information you have. Manage contacts, track projects, plan events and so much more. Bento for iPad is a new version of Bento, the popular personal database from FileMaker – use standalone or synchronize with Bento 3 for Mac!”

OmniGraffle – “OmniGraffle knows what makes a diagram different from a drawing, so it knows how to help you make superior documents quickly: it keeps lines connected to shapes even when they’re moved, it provides stencils full of objects for you to drag and drop, and it can magically organize diagrams so your ideas come to life.”

Penultimate – “The best handwriting app for iPad. Stylish, powerful, and easy to use, Penultimate encourages you to take notes, keep sketches, or share your next breakthrough idea — whether you’re in the office, on the go, or home on the couch. ”

Noteshelf – with Dropbox & Evernote support – “Noteshelf is a powerful note taking app that provides extremely smooth handwriting and a comprehensive set of notebook templates.”



ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) – “It can catch documents from any source you can imagine: PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online file storages and even iPhones. All files are saved to your iPad locally so you can enjoy reading them anywhere!”


TouchDraw – “TouchDraw gives you everything you need to create structured 2D vector graphics such as charts, graphs, floor plans, architecture drawings, and logos just to name a few. What makes TouchDraw especially valuable is that it allows you to not only create complex graphics, but to change them easily as well.”

CSS3Machine – “Put the future of web design at your fingertips. CSS3Machine makes the most advanced CSS3 styles simple to implement and fun to experiment with. Easily create stunning gradients, drop-shadows, and 2D- and 3D-transforms. CSS3Machine even builds WebKit animations in seconds!”



SketchPad – Vector Drawing – “You can just draw with your fingers, it’s that simple. Sketchpad is designed to look as a sketchbook and can be treated as such; draw with your fingers and swipe left and right to flip pages. Sketchpad is a pure vector drawing application and this gives you a lot flexibility.”

Freeform – The Vector Drawing App – “Freeform is a vector drawing tool for your iPad. Create quick sketches, mockups, or diagrams with this powerful tool. Export your drawings via email in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats, or save to your photo library. Create new designs whenever or wherever inspiration strikes!”

iDraw – “iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad”



iDesign – “Create vector graphic designs and illustrations with ease using iDesign’s rich set of features.
iDesign fully leverages the large screen size and power of the iPad with the portability of the iPhone/iPod touch, available as one universal app for both iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch – share designs between your iPad and iPhone/iPod on the go and with other iDesign users.”

Air Sketch – “Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF documents and images live.”


Pages – “Pages, the powerful word processor for Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad. It’s the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. Documents look stunning on the bright, vivid iPad display. Use Multi-Touch gestures to lay out letters, flyers, brochures, reports, and more. You can start with a template or import an existing Pages or Microsoft Word document from Mail, your MobileMe iDisk, or a WebDAV service.”

Numbers – “Numbers, the powerful spreadsheet application made for the Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad. Tap the bright Multi-Touch display to create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets in minutes. With over 250 easy-to-use functions, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and eye-catching charts, all the answers are at your fingertips.”

Keynote – “Keynote, the powerful presentation application for Mac, has been completely redesigned for iPad. It makes creating a world-class presentation, complete with animated charts and transitions, as simple as touching and tapping. ”



2Screens – Presentation Expert – “Best companion for presentation: a full-featured document manager, file viewer, web browser and whiteboard with VGA-out to external projector or LCD monitor. Perfect if you want to show presentation materials stored on local folders of your iPad or on Internet or private web sites. With multi-tab support, you can switch among screens with web content, PDF files, spreadsheets and photos/image files all within this app easily during a presentation.”

Present Pad – “Present Pad is a presentation application that lets you give one-on-one presentations in a nonlinear way. Don’t know what slides you’re going to need? Not a problem.”


Minimal Folio – “Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images, pdf and video on your iPad. The app is unbranded so your folio can do the talking”

UNPRINTED – “Your portfolio is not a static document. It’s a living, breathing, fluid representation of you and your work. At any given moment, it’s a reflection of the best you’ve got to offer. And that can change with the next photo you shoot, website you design, or ad you create.”



Portfolio for iPad – “Portfolio offers a self-contained, brandable presentation tool for your business. Once set up, it will look like a custom app developed exclusively for your business. Lock the interface with a PIN when you’re done and it’s safe for any client meeting without the worry of exposing the management interface underneath.”

LookBook Portfolio – “Have you been waiting for a great way to show off your projects? LookBook Portfolio is the ideal application for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, artists, businessmen or anyone else who has a collection of items to display. Lookbook Portfolio allows you to assemble both pictures and websites resulting in a collection or project. Other apps let you add items, but there’s not a ton or organization or too little information for your items. Lookbook Portfolio allows you to add meta tags, descriptions and titles”

FolioBook – “Foliobook is the clean and minimal portfolio for photographers, designers, models, architects, and anyone who wants a clean, slick way to present their work. ”

What Did We Miss?

The 90 apps above should be enough for just about anyone to work from the road, but there are still plenty of amazing potentials that we didn’t mention. Leave a comment below and let us know what apps are indispensable to you as a freelancer.