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Many people view iOS games as stop-gaps — small entertainment for when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or have a few minutes to kill. These casual games are fun to be sure, but they don’t take advantage of the power offered by the iPhone.

Why is it, then, that I’ve played one game on my iPhone more than I’ve played any game on the PS3 for the last three months? The answer is simple: I found a game that is deep, challenging and capable of providing hours of entertainment. That game is Mage Gauntlet.


If the iPhone has done anything for established game developers, it’s been to offer a place where classic titles can be ported and played not only by the original players, but also an entirely new generation (or, in some cases, generations) of gamer. Sega has done this with Shining Force, a classic strategy-RPG that follows a group of inexperienced fighters as they battle to protect their land.

Is this classic reborn on the iPhone, or is this a half-baked port that doesn’t do the original game justice? Read on to find out.