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Not so long ago,  I ranted about the dilution of the concept of social networks. They are everywhere, and there are just way too many of them. Finding a niche to create a social network around is fast becoming an art form.

We have all seen social networks built on top of photos. Instagram made a billion dollars and now we have developers trying to emulate that success. Some try by adding a little twist to the original idea. Sphere is a social network built around panoramic images. Yes, panoramic images.

Is Sphere just a spit and polish act of a once novel idea or is it genuinely interesting? Let’s check it out. (more…)

The iPhone’s camera has been getting better and better with time, and taking pictures with it is getting increasingly popular. I’m no professional photographer, but I really enjoy taking panoramic photos. The idea of capturing a very wide area inside of one picture fascinates me.

In this article, I’ll compare 3 very good and popular apps currently on the App Store that do exactly that: take panoramic pictures. I’ll be taking a look at 360 Panorama, Microsoft’s Photosynth and Dermandar. I want to look for the best of the three, considering 2 main aspects: the ease of use and the quality of the panoramas they take.