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I’ve been buying new iPhones on launch day since the iPhone 3G, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. But in my purchasing time, I’ve bought two phones that looked pretty much identical, and one that really stood out from the crowd. For this next iPhone – what I assume will be called the iPhone 5 – I need something different than the Leica-esque look of the iPhone 4. And I think we all do too.

Why? The iPhone 4, despite its faults, has been hugely popular for Apple since day one. Why fix what isn’t broke? Well there are a few reasons, and I’ll get into them after the jump.

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Data Counter ↕ – Data usage for all carriers. The developer describes Data Counter ↕ – Data usage for all carriers as follows:

Do you have a data plan with limited traffic through GPRS\EDGE\3G network? Data Counter↕ is what you need to keep under control the traffic produced by surfing, YouTube, Facebook or any other apps! The app will monitor traffic usage for you and show a notification when thresholds are approaching! Try it now to avoid any unexpected additional charge! Works both with iPhone and iPad 3G.

Read on for more information and screenshots!

With the release of the new iPhone, many people flocked to upgrade at the earliest possible opportunity. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who either don’t want to upgrade, or can’t afford to just at the moment.

It would be cruel to leave our wonderful iPhone 3G/3GS users out in the cold, so today we’re offering a roundup of some really gorgeous cases and covers for your iPhone. Some are budget-friendly, others are incredibly sophisticated and extravagant. There’s something for everyone!